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Calling All Angels ~ Healers Unite 08/23 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Tonight our Archangel is Raphael and he will overlight the evening with a beautiful message of healing. Meditation is Nurture Your Inner Child with Cathy Gordichuk, and some angel sessions with Archangel Raphael.

Calling All Angels ~ Healers Unite 08/23 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Greetings from the Arcturians 08/16 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Friday, August 17, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Greetings from the Arcturians 08/16 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

This weeks includes a message and experience with the Arcturians, Archangel Gabriel and more. Meditation journey to a star world and more. mini angel sessions and questions after the meditation

Calling All Angels ~ Greetings from the Arcturians 08/16 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Friday, August 10, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Awakening the Wisdom Keepers 08/09 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Archangel Jophiel will share with us this week a message of love and hope. She reminds us to be patient with ourselves during these periods of great change and to see love in all that is. Includes a message from Kryon - The recalibration of Free Choice, a wonderful meditation from Archangel Jophiel with an attunment to awaken the wisdom keepers and amazing readings for several of the wisdom keepers. Please Enjoy!

Calling All Angels ~ Awakening the Wisdom Keepers 08/09 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

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Through your journey of life, reach out to your angels for guidance and strength.

BY: Sharon Taphorn
Ways to Recognize Archangel Michael
Are your affirmations hindering your progress, or helping you along?

An affirmation is a thought you believe to be true. We have many and use them all of the time. However, some of these thoughts are outdated or don’t even have a basis in reality. Our realities are shaped everyday by the thoughts we keep on thinking, about ourselves, others and the universe. There was a time when saying the world was not flat was blasphemy and yet now we know it is not because some brave soul was thinking outside the box.

Take a look at your thoughts about yourself. Are they empowering and filled with love? Take some time and write some simple, positive statements about who you are and who you are becoming, feel the words and say them from your heart:

“I am beautiful.”

“I am worthy.”

“I am worth loving.”

“I am loved and supported.”

Archangel Chamuel, whose name means "he who sees god “or “he who seeks god, helps us see the love and godliness in each other. He works on the pink ray of divine love and light. He shares this message:

“Affirmations are powerful and used every day, whether you realise it or not, and not all of them are positive or lead to the desired results you seek. Let your words and thoughts be gentle and filled with love for yourself and others always and then you know you are living in the light. Remember that only Love is real and so let your thoughts and affirmations for yourself and others be based in the light of love.”

Here are some examples to help you shift your life and use these magic words every day, until they vibrate in your being and ripple out into the world:

“I have a dynamic spiritual basis to all of my relationships. I am loved and supported by my spiritual family and I love and support them unconditionally. My heart is full.”

Read more:

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Archangel Chamuel ~ Open your Heart

Archangel Chamuel ~ Open your Heart

by Sharon Taphorn July 19, 2012

Just before I sat down to receive a message from Archangel Chamuel; I took my beautiful Bella for a walk. For various reasons, I did not take my intended route as I like to walk at least a mile every morning. Instead we were led to the park. Bella insisted (it is amazing how strong a 11lb dog is when she grounds herself) I go the other direction and I was led again to a grove of wonderful trees I love to enjoy. The tree that draws me in particular is a beautiful silver birch that is surrounded by lots of different trees and a beautiful garden. As I stood in the flow of energy of the trees, I was engulfed in this beautiful love and peace, and Archangel Chamuel said,

“I wanted you to feel the love and beauty and connection of all that is before we sit together today and let it soothe your heart and bring you peace.”
It had been a turbulent morning and it was such a wonderful feeling as this wave of love permeated my being and feeling peaceful and grounded was once again mine.  As I walked up the hill away from the trees, I turned around to thank them for their gifts and right above where I had been standing was an angel in the sky overlooking us. I wished I had brought my camera, however was so grateful for the sign and the thanked Archangel Chamuel for the gifts that were bestowed upon me. xox Sharon
Love and Compassion

There is so much beauty and love that surrounds your world. Take a moment and look to see it all around you, in everything and everyone and all that is. Each of you carries within you a particle of god light which no one can ever take away from you. It is a part of your soul and is connected to your higher self, and therefore all that is, just as we are, so too are you. We are all connected through your hearts.

I wish to work with you through the pink ray of love and compassion. If at any time on your journey you need to feel more love, we are here. Anytime you see another being on the journey that needs a little love, ask for our loving assistance and surround that being with soft pink energy and lots of loving light from your heart. It only takes but a moment to change another life. Imagine everyone involved in this soft pink light, and have no other agenda in your heart and mind other than that of love for them and to them. This is a great service you can offer each other anytime; it is free and always available. It matters not what the sadness or discord is all about, it only matters that you beam them love. This is a most powerful healing energy that you need not have any special training to perform. Just take a moment, call in the angels of love and power to help you send some healing love to whomever needs it at that moment, and send it off. It is up to the others to choose what path they take and whether they accept the gift of love that is being offered to them this day. All paths are honoured and it is not up to us to choose what is best and right for them, only for yourself, and no other. It is only your responsibility to choose to hold love within your sacred heart for yourself, regardless of what is happening all around you.

Opening your heart is a most important task, for it is the filter of the new energy and the new Earth. This is an age of empowerment and awakening to a more cosmically oriented consciousness ‘for the good of all,’ from a materially based consciousness of the singular.

We ask you to remember in the energy of now, that what you wish for another is what you wish for yourself. Seek the godliness in others and see them as a beautiful part of creator light. God dwells within each being whether you can see it or not, it is there. I can help you to see the god particle in every living thing and show you how truly connected you are with each other and that love is truly the heart of the matter.

You are in a time of great spiritual awakening and that brings with it much change. How you love and see one another is changing at its very core. Open yourself up to the grand possibilities and know that love indeed does heal all things. Love one another with your hearts open and let that be your guiding force in all that you do.

Opening your Heart

Be Open to love. Every answer you seek is within your very heart. Invite me and my angel entourage of helpers into your heart and together we will embark upon a healing journey like no other. Feel love and know that is safe to once again feel vulnerable and feel love. For once you invite my legions of angels, known as the’ Powers’, into your life, to overlight the way, you will know ways to quickly find rebalancing, direction and love. The ‘Powers’ know that only love is real and that is where the true power in each of you resides.

As you expand your spiritual awareness, you learn that true power is about love, about trusting yourself, your inner wisdom and speaking your truth with confidence. True power comes with your spiritual confidence and that is growing by leaps and bounds each day. When you use your power with love, it is felt by those around you as it speaks of truth and integrity. As spiritual awareness expands, the ability to sense the truth in others and the goodness of their heart will be worn upon your sleeves. There will no longer be the secret’s held by the one, for all will develop this powerful empathic sensitivity that will show each other who you all really are.

Part of the shift that is occurring for humanity is becoming beings whose basis is in Love. By this I mean that your base motivations will be of love, a universal love that begins to open up and understand. A quiet, empowering and joyful love that shows you how interconnected you are with all that is. As you hurt another, so too are you hurting yourself, for each and every one of you is a part of each other and All that Is. I know that oftentimes you cannot wrap your heads around the concept of each being a part of the other and so we ask that you not use your mind but your heart. Feel the words and then let them resonate within you and your mind, then blossom like a rose, unfurling with each expanded thought when it is time. Lift up and face the sun and let the ray’s soothe your soul and replenish your light, and know that you have only just begun dear ones.

Take a moment now and close your eyes, ask your angels to help you to feel more love. To open up your heart chakra and heal any parts that you have been protecting for so long, some for many years and some for many lifetimes now is the time to let that go. Be open now to giving and receiving love. It is a wonderful experience when you heal your heart, and allow it fully open once again.

So let us now address an area of great focus and concern. The state of peace upon your world seems a challenge at this time to many. That is why you are the lightworkers, the chosen ones who have come to light the way, and you are the ones you have been waiting for. Know that we are here; holding the light of love along with you, for the world and all that is from any lower energies, and that you can put those fears to rest. We wish you to remember that only love is real and see that those who often task you are offering you the grandest opportunities to be of love and light. Global peace is one day possible and there will come a time, but first you must re-remember love. Seek this quality within yourself, your life, your love, and that is how you spread the light.  For love and peace come from within the ONE and then are spread out to the many.

Beloved Ones we hear your pleas for love and a partner in your life. We are here and helping you to attract a spiritually based relationship for which so many of you have asked. We will happily guide you on the steps you need to take and the transformations that will open you up to this new way of light. Begin by loving and treating yourself and the true twin flame and soul mate within you with unconditional love and support. For as you find that balance within yourself, you will automatically draw to you, via the Law of Attraction, those who vibrate with a similar ray of light. Set your intent today to find the love within yourself that offers no agenda than that of Love.

For those of you who wish to add a spiritual dimension to an existing relationship are also encouraged to call on us. For it is our mission to help with the transition of humanity to a higher awareness of love. Those relationships of old energy will naturally fall away as they choose no further growth. Let them go with love and ease and thank them for the many gifts and know that sometimes there will be a grieving as the old light slips away for it is truly like a death upon your plane. Thank it for the gifts it gave you and trust within your heart, that as you open up and heal, far grander things await you than any you have left behind when you choose to love again. If both of you are growing and expanding your light, greater possibilities lay ahead, you don’t need to be the same vibration, just moving in the same direction for new levels to be reached. Spend some time each day, sharing specials acts and deeds that show the other of your love. Ask the angels to surround your home and life with love and bask in the glow of its everlasting light.

Oftentimes in the midst of change, as your vibration shifts, your life purpose triggers a blessed change upon your path. It may be your career or how you make your living that no longer fits. Take a fresh look at the options that are available to you, and ask your angels to help you see all the alternatives that are available to you right now. Ensure that all that needs to be complete is, so that you can be open to all the new possibilities that are coming to your way. Also, see if there are parts of your life that you would like to change, know that now is the perfect opportunity to be open to new relationships, or new challenges that speaks to and from your heart. It is when you are in your passions that you are of the greatest service to humanity and all that is.

The angels wish to remind you to always make space within your heart for the new to enter. Yesterday is gone; let it go with love and gratitude for all the gifts it has given you. For it was yesterday that helped to form the ‘you’ that you are today. Remember there is still more to do, for you are not yet finished. The sun will rise again tomorrow and bring with it a brand new day, with fresh ideas, options and opportunities. Spend a few minutes in meditation each day and ask your angels to help to guide you on the next best steps to take. And, embrace the new adventures that are before you.
At any time upon your journey you need to feel our love and light, just call upon your angels in my name. Ask them to shower you with love and blessings from above and to stand beside you, giving you strength, love and courage to speak your truth. Remember that we are always with you and dwell within your heart, trust that you are safe, loved and protected always and that we are joyful and honoured for our part. Call upon us at any time, day or night for we are working with you to spread the light.
Working with Archangel Chamuel
Chamuel's name means "he who sees god" or “he who seeks god” and it is his purpose to help us see the love and godliness in each other. He works on the pink ray of divine love and light. Rose Quarts is the stone that works to open up your heart, and together with Chamuel's energy and fluorite crystals of green, pink, and/or purple you become a warrior of light. Use pink to opening your heart and your mind to more unconditional love and compassion. Use green fluorite to help your heart to heal as well as helping others. Use purple fluorite to help yourself connect with a soul mate, to invoke great passion within yourself or rekindle the memories of your soul love with your current mate.
The scent of Roses and its essence will also help your heart to heal and open. Chamuel can help with love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, creativity and finding your passion, or career path. He can assist you in overcoming any thoughts of less than you hold about yourself and/others and he is very useful in helping with all relationships, being in your life purpose, finding peace for yourself and the world, and finding lost objects. Just ask for him to connect with you and speak from your heart. That is all that is required and he will help to light the way. Trust with love and an open heart for yourself and all that is, for you are becoming a human angel of Chamuel’s loving light.
Some affirmations from Archangel Chamuel

Affirmations are powerful and used every day, whether you realise it or not, and not all of them are positive or lead to the desired results you seek. Let your words and thoughts be gentle and filled with love for yourself and others always and then you know you are living in the light. Remember that only Love is real and so let your thoughts and affirmations for yourself and others be based in the light of love. Here are some examples to help you shift your life and use these magic words every day, until they vibrate in your being and ripple out into the world.

“I have a dynamic spiritual basis to all of my relationships. I am loved and supported by my spiritual family and I love and support them unconditionally. My heart is full.”
"I am opening my heart to giving and receiving love. It is safe for me to love and be loved."
“I am at peace with myself, my life and all that is.”
“I choose to live in inner peace regardless. I am at peace because I remember that only love is real.”
“I am experiencing a smooth transition into making a living supported by my life purpose and my desire to be of service to others and am so joyful and grateful to be in the energy of my passions.”
"I trust myself and my ability to choose what is right and best for me in my thoughts, words and deeds and in my heart."
"I offer the best of myself and my talents for the greater good of all."
"I acknowledge the love and beauty within me and the love and beauty within all that I meet."
“I am energized by the power of Love.”
Use the tools we have given you and trust that things will turn out right. Choose the ones that feel right within your heart. Trust that there is love for all. Empower and support each other and be the beacons of light and love by living it within your very life. All the angels are here for you and waiting to share their light and help to usher in the new era that is built upon your hearts as Love is the building block of all life.

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.
It may be shared with acknowledgement to the writer and as long as there is no change in the written word and it is shared in its entirety. Any other requests can be made to the author.

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Calling All Angels ~ Working with your Sensitivities 08/02 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

This weeks show our goddess Tara will share with us tips on working with becoming more senstive in a world that is not. Includes a meditation and then some mini angel sesions and a message from Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael

Calling All Angels ~ Working with your Sensitivities 08/02 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sharon's Take August 2012 ~ Enjoying moments

There is a lot of old energy reeking havoc and chaos on the planet right now. It rears its ugly head in a last hurrah and then is extinguished by the light. And I said, "I don't usually start a message with that tone", and they said, "Yet it is the source of much stress and anxiety on your planet at this time and we wish to discuss it so the lightworker can focus on beaming about love instead." And to that I said....
There is a necessary transition of our mental bodies taking place. It is time for this change and many of you have been working towards this by becoming conscious of your words and thoughts and how you use them with yourself and others. Keep charging ahead. The mind is really the undiscovered country and we are only on the tip of the iceberg with its capabilities and power. Embrace the changes as these are indeed what you have been working towards. Focus on your journey and what you need to do. Let others do their own thing and know that it is most important for you to find that peace, harmony and balance for yourself first. Nurture yourself and and find what makes you whole within yourself and do not look for this outside of yourself or with another. Wholeness comes from within. Keep moving towards the mastery of your thoughts. Avoid negative people, places and things. Turn off the TV and enjoy your world, look for things that stimulate and excite you, not distract you or make you feel less than. There is much beauty in the world, look for it in all that you do.

If you find yourself receiving so unexpected news or something that disappoints you, send love to all involved and take the time out to put your thoughts in order. See the gifts and let the rest go, let it unravel, and let each person come for the 'I' and you can do the same. Spend time healing your heart to let it expand and love openly, without fear of vulnerability. It is time to heal so that you can move forward without being encumbered by your past. It is time to create anew and there is no better time than the present.

Follow your dreams for they are worthy as are you. You have fought the good fight, so now it is time to charge ahead and use your power with confidence and love. Be inspired, be courageous and be confident in yourself. You have the tools and skills necessary, it is just a little more work and determination and you will get there. Keep your thoughts positive, use affirmations and meditation to keep yourself motivated and focused. Your higher self, guides and angels want nothing more that success and joy for you and are always ready and willing to help light the way. Ask others to help you, instead of trying to do everything by yourself.

Don't be nervous about the changes that are happening. The old energy doesn't always go away easily, therefore trusting yourself and developing and honouring your sensitivities and intuition is of vital importance. Take care of yourself on all levels, and you will be just fine. By ensure your needs are met physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you are making the progress and steps that you desire. When you are at your best, you are then of the highest and best use to life, the Universe and everything. And remember, it is all about having a joyous life experience, not about completing assignments as fast as you can. You came forth to experience love, to flow and enjoy life and all its aspects.

Think of any problems as your catalyst or opportunity to change anything you are not happy about in your life and remember, the main event is the joyous journey of life. Listen to your heart... deep within, you know the answers that you seek. 
It has been a lovely hot summer here with enough rain to keep it pretty green. I have lovely herbs, vegetables and flowers growing all around. I am enjoying my summer booth in the park on Saturdays too. It is wonderful to meet people and re-meet some old friends. As well, the family of other vendor at the park is wonderful. I love hearing their stories and getting to know everyone. I really miss it during the winter. Bella loves it too, however she has to stay home on the really hot days in the A/C.

My first two articles have been published on Beliefnet and have received a wonderful response. Here are the links to them:

Celebrate Life

Healing, spiritual and inner-growth specialist Sharon Taphorn shares how to celebrate life and connect with your angel

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Sharon Taphorn explains the some of the experiences and symptoms of ascension.

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It is wonderful to be paid for writing assignments and I am honoured to be a part of the site and its desire to offer something for everyone, regardless of the path they choose. Check it out, become a member and enjoy all the information and assistance available.

I also have some upcoming workshops. The first one is on Sunday August 19th in Williams Lake - Working with your Angels. Join me for an interactive workshop where you will receive an attunment from the Angels and Meet at least one of your Guardian Angels. If you interesting in opening or expanding your connection with your angels, this ones for you. Also an 8 month is the perfect time to work on your spiritual practice and connection with your angels. Also I will be starting my next online gathering on Monday evenings. This time we will explore The Vortex by Abraham-Hicks. If you don't have your copy yet, here is a link: It will start on August 20th at 6pm pacific. By Donation. I am looking forward to exploring the book and meditations on 'Where the Law of attraction assembles all cooperative relationships. I should have my home page updated this week with links to everything.
Also check out the Wise Woman's Festival for September at Issues Magazine. It will be another wonderful event on the beautiful Okanagon Lake for all the information and workshops. There is also a store and healing oasis. Come join in and gather together with like minded, beautiful and dynamic women. September 21st to 23rd. I am honoured to be presenting 2 workshops and a morning meditation. They are also looking for healers/readers who would like to work in exchange for the workshop fee and it is a wonderful experience to participate this way (and economical too!).

Mecury Retro will be over on the 7th or 8th, depending on where you live. It might take a few days for you feel its effects, however you should feel a bit of lightening in the communications department, however it is always good to be careful and pay attention to the details on contracts, finish reorganizing and recycling etc.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy this beautiful month of infinite possibilities. xoxox Sharon ♥♥♥