Thursday, October 29, 2015

You always have a Choice

You always have a Choice

Last week we had the opportunity to vote for our federal government here in Canada. I feel it is important to vote and make my voice count. Countless men and women throughout history fought for that right and to me it is not only a way to honour them and what they did for us, but also a responsibility as a citizen of this great country. The entire process took me less than 5 minutes. I was thrilled as I had set aside an hour for the process. As I was leaving the polling station feeling very chipper and happy that I had fulfilled my civic duty  in record time. A gentlemen was leaving with me. I gave him a big smile and said, “That was fantastic, no wait and I am done, couldn’t have picked a better time to vote.” He grumbled some words I won’t repeat and said “I am sick of all this BS.”  I told him I was sorry he didn’t have a good experience and then he went on to complain that he was told he had to wait his turn and stand behind the line until the voter before him had finished and who did they think they were. I gave him a big smile again and wished him a better rest of his day and got in my car and drove off to deliver Meals on Wheels and share more sunshine and love with the world.
I was reminded by my angels to send this man some love as he was clearly not enjoying his day so far and to continue on sharing my smile with the world. We always have a choice on how we react or respond to others and I am thankful to be aware of the love I feel and can share with the others. It isn’t always easy to stay positive in a sometimes chaotic world, but that we always have a choice and I choose Love.
I love this song by Shawn Gallaway.  Sometime just watching it can shift me back to what is important and that I choose Love.

Your angel guidance for today is to remember that you can choose to be happy right now and that is truly all that you have, it is a choice.
Tons of love, Sharon and the Angels

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sharon's Take ~ Newest of Beginnings

I've stopped dating my Sharon's Takes since they have been sporadic this year and only a few have been done.

It has certainly been a year of Mach5 with your hair on fire kind of year for me and with it some wonderful new beginnings which of course also means a few ending too.

Today is a big day in my life. One I have been working, hoping, praying, dreaming of for a very long time and while I almost felt it come together before in the past...this time it truly is happening in a most beautiful form and I do beleive that what will transform from this over the next few months will become extraordinary.

Today October 4, 2015 marks the day of our first Love/Healing/Meditation Service. We have chosen the name, Centre for Awakening and Enlightenment for our 'place' that for now is starting out of The Hobbit House here in Williams Lake. Soon we feel it will blossom and grow into its own place with space to become what it is meant to the mean time it has begun...which the angels always like to tell me is what is just start somewhere and do it now.

Numerically speaking in Lemurian Numerology this is a good date to begin our community centre. It is 1-4-8=4 - It has the right balance of the four bodies with spirit and creation and infinity...Perfect for a date to start the centre.

Mercury retro ends October 9th and it is the last one of the year. I hear a collective sigh of relief from many, but I do truly like this time of the year. It helps work out the bugs of projects as you can be guaranteed that you will find them during this phase.  I do however have to say that I spent more time off line with my cable company than usual and began to find that a bit annoying as a few times I didn't get the angel messages done or lost them because the internet went down. It was however a good practice in the art of patience lol.

I called this Newest of Beginnings because for many of us this is a new beginning of something began a long time ago and is coming about full circle. It may have some different characters playing the part, but they are in a good way and important and it is at a new level than was previously accessible and those that are there will understand completely what I am trying to say. lol !!

Bahahah...I even just lost sereral paragraphs of this share and now must decide if I wish to remember what they were and try to write it again. It was good and something about drama's and karma's and what we are creating as we go off into the new year and planning ahead to be proactive instead of reactive...but this is just the readers digest condensed version lol. Oh well...that has been so typical of this past month anyway.. go with the flow and laugh along the way!  

It is an exciting time...thanks for sharing some of it with me, with us and with all that is! 

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