Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - March 2009

To spice things up...I decided to do a Lemurian Oracle Card Reading for the month of March...

Many of us will continue our path of personal and spiritual growth as the energy leads to wards the Spring Equinox (March 21st ish). Many of us will continue to reflect on our past life - looking at the choices we have made, did we do them for all the right reasons? Was this my career choice, or did I do what others expected of me? Am I happy with my life? How can I make this life I have now happy?

Many are needing to move from areas of personal bondage, issues of control and begin living our lives with the freedom of choice. As time passes each of us will continue to release and process energy, old thoughts and ideas which no longer serve us. If you are not releasing and transforming, you probably are not having a particularly fun time. The Mental energy around many of us will be transforming as the dreams of change that many of us have been longing for will begin to manifest within the mass consciousness, as people begin to transition into living their lives with truth, trust and passion.

Huge spiritual growth is happening and available for so many that a time of pause and observation will be paramount as our spirit selves emerging require the catch up of our physical selves. Treat yourself to some much needed energy healing work to assist with the physical shifts, drink plenty of water and meditate, meditate,

The photon energy is in the low range most of the month...concentrate on the thoughts you want to create...hold thoughts of love and peace and enjoy the solar wave of the Equinox.

I am off for a vacation this month, back to the healing temples of Lemuria... I shall be making my first visit to Kauai and am looking forward to recording some meditations inspired by the land, ocean, whales and dolphins.... Enjoy!