Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - October 2009

The Angels have shared that October brings about Opportunity, Creativity and Trust. It is a creator energy month and with mercury retrograde over at the end of September and the photon levels in the 6's most of the month, now is the time to cease the energy and create, create, create!

Angel Reading of the month:

"We are all presented with opportunities and expected to flow with the currents that come our way. Something now is being made available to you and it is up to you to use it to your greatest advantage. Be alert, be aware, and be prepared.

Use your creative potential now. Creativity is an energy for adventure and change. It may herald a new idea, inspiration for a book, an artistic vision or a new project. Let your imagination flow. If you do not know how to channel the force, you may feel restless or dispirited.

So ask your Angels to help you direct your creative energy towards something worthwhile to you. Use common sense and discernment and never give your power to another. Instead put your trust in yourself and the higher energies around you.

So, you are reminded to persevere, for it may be that a door which was previously closed has now been opened. Quiet your mind, your Angel guidance is to increase your trust in the infinite and use your power with joy and wisdom.

Affirmation: "I have trust in the support of the Universe and all that is."

As many of you know I am moving up to Williams Lake this month. I have a wonderful home in town that is waiting for Bella and I. I am very much looking forward to using all the tools and techniques I have learned over the past 20 years - since my last move. I am looking forward to being in the country and away from all of the energy that is around the city at this moment. Living next to Olympic Village has been an interesting experiencing in working with energy over the past year as they are preparing the site. I am looking forward to connecting with new friends and old friends & learning to warm myself during the winter.

I have a couple of special programs coming up in October.

October 24th 1100pm eastern/8pm pacific - Decoding the Parable of your Dreams
Join Sharon and her guest, Florence Ellen, author of Decoding the Parable of your Dreams, Let it Flow & owner of Mystic Dreams, as we take calls and questions from the chat about better understanding and using your dream time.
October 31st 11pm eastern/8pm Pacific - All Hallows Eve Special - An Adventure into the Parapsychic World
Join Sharon and her guest Theresa F. Koch author, photographer, freelance writer. Theresa has a Masters in Parapsychic Science and will share many of her ghostly experiences and information with working and contacting entities, as well as share some of their personal paranormal experiences.
Stay tuned to our Calendar page for Sharon's show schedule as she is moving in October and will be without internet for some time (hopefully not long) and she will add her shows as she connects once again with the world from the Great White North.

Enjoy the adventures of the month and each moment in your and blessings, Sharon