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Nine Steps to Finding a Better Way

Nine Steps to Finding a Better Way
We can’t always change or choose what is happening around, however we can always choose how we feel about it and how we respond to it.

“How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now. And that there will never be a time when it is not now.”  Gerald G. Jampolsky 

Here are some simple and yet complex suggestions to help you find a better way and have a better day.
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Choose to be happy right now, regardless. Create a happy environment for yourself as this helps to lighten your load and keep your mind open to the exciting new opportunities that are available to you. As you surround yourself in positive energy and keep an optimistic point of view, it opens up the gates of manifestation and can bring about something new. The key is to be happy with what you have now and set positive expectations of where you want to go from here and know that it will get better here with every step you take.
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Have patience and faith, let things unfold naturally and they will. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take a breath. This really is an exciting time filled with opportunities that are available to everyone. Embrace the changes, embrace your passions and find the joy and see all the beauty that surrounds you everywhere in the world, focus on your wonderful dreams and desires and see it as your future. Choose well, and choose wisely for yourself. 

Affirmation: "I choose to be happy right now."  

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Be okay with where you are right now, regardless. It is not about settling for less than what you can imagine, it is about being okay with where you are right now, working with the tools you have right now, and also knowing that without a doubt, things are getting better from here. Trust that it is so. 

Sometimes there are things that you cannot change, or would not change in your life and these can feel like restrictions holding you back and yet they are not. There are always ways to make things work in your life so that you feel the joy right now and be in your passion Just as things always do, so too will this one day change, and until then, you can choose to be happy right now, and there isn’t a time when it isn’t now. 

Affirmations: "I unconditionally accept all aspects of myself and all areas of my life and also I unconditionally accept others as they are.”

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 Surround yourself with positive people and situations as much as possible. Focus your intention with a flow of positive energy as often as you can to assist you in creating that which you desire. Focused intention is very powerful and when you are consciously choosing where you put your attention, your intentions will manifest for you quickly and easily. Remember that energy flows where you attention goes, so choose wisely what thoughts and beliefs you carry within you.

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This works in all areas of your life. If it is more spiritually based relationships, work, or perhaps even more adventure in your life, it is entirely up to you. Tune into the natural wisdom of your soul and connect with your still, wise center and focus your mind, heart and your entire being on the area of your life that you wish to bring about this great change and envision what you will feel and how your life will look when you attain this and hold those thoughts and feelings as long as you can with no other thoughts at all expect you succeeding in that area of your life.

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 Ask your angels to help guide you and put all the right people on your path and that you are always in the perfect place to make this happen. Detach from the how’s and let your angels do their work and most importantly, trust that it will be so.

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Say your prayer. Consciously set your intention each day to notice the signs that let you know that you are on the best path to (state your intentions) and that is also the path of least resistance, and take the action steps that inspire you. Offer your gratitude and it is done.

Affirmation: "I surround myself and my life with positive, free flowing energy to assist me in creating my intentions each day and that I am always in the right place at the right time to be fully in my purpose and my passions."

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You are almost there. Don't give up. You have been planting important seeds and they need time to germinate and grow and so use this time to get really clear and stay focused. Work on yourself and your spiritual growth. This will help you in the times ahead and helps you learn to trust yourself and that is the most important relationship you have, you with you and you with your Creator.

Sometimes a temporary pause in action is just to allow everyone and everything to get lined up and to fall into place. Worry is unnecessary and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if it becomes your dominant focus, so choose your thoughts wisely.

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Have courage and believe in yourself. You would not be here right now, doing what you are doing and being what you are being if you were not meant to be. Trust in your ability to know what to do when the time is right and be the best you can be. Trust that all things are as they should be. Take some time to laugh and have some fun while you are being prepared for this next part of your journey. It really is a beautiful world and you can choose to happy right now, regardless.

Affirmation: "I believe in myself and my abilities to create and live my life fulfilling my purpose; I am strong and have what I need to create my dreams and desires and bring them into manifestation in the world."

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Archangel Raphael ~ Trust, Love and Healing by Sharon Taphorn

 Archangel Raphael ~ Trust, Love and Healing
by Sharon Taphorn
Blessings to you dear ones, it is a great honour to once again share a message of love and healing to those who are growing exponentially at this time of great change. It is not always an easy journey when your world is changing so, however it is one of the greatest experiences a spirit can participate in and that is why there are so many of you here right now. When you return to the world of spirit, you will wear beautiful new colours that you have earned while you are here. 

An important aspect of this human journey is that of growth and expansion. This can often require a bit of trust on behalf of the aspirant and a quality that will assist you in creating and focusing on the changes you desire to create for yourself and your world. It is not always easy for a human to trust, especially those who have felt they have been let down by others. However, it is time now for you to look within for your trust and not look for it in another. When you can march forward with resolute trust in yourself, then you will know you are walking in mastery of one of life's lessons. 

As you begin to learn to trust yourself once again, one of the first areas to work on is self-acceptance.  Unconditionally loving yourself and who you are right now is a great gift. Be happy and love who you are right Now! Love all of your perfections and imperfections, for you are absolutely perfect just as you are to help you accomplish your goals. You will know when you are accepting yourself because you will feel great just as you are. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings, so focus on the beauty within you. Focus upon your wonderful qualities, your hope, your kindness, your talents and the gifts that you offer.

It is also important to pay attention to your physical self. Oftentimes when you are doing so much spiritual development, you can forget to take care and nourish your physical body. Have you been feeling the urge to try a more healthful life style which includes physical activities, eating well and nourishing your soul? When you are going through these times of expansion, the requirements for your physical body can change; as well it is also important to remember to ground yourself regularly as a part of your spiritual practice. 

Treat your body like the finely tuned instrument that it is and notice how much better you can perform when you are detoxified and nourished. When you are finally tuned, you are in harmony with all that is around you.

Ask you angels to guide you to a more healthful lifestyle that fits into your life. As you follow this guidance, you will notice that your sensitivities and expansion are greatly enhanced and you have more energy and stamina to do the activities that are most important to you. 
To ground yourself, take time to visualize your connection to the earth through your root chakra and the bottoms of your feet. It does not matter if you are able to touch ground, just visualize it and it will happen.

Sometimes when you spend a lot of time on your spiritual pursuits you can become disconnected from your earth or earthy journey. You are here to have a physical experience as well as your spiritual unfolding. Take time to visualize your connection with your earth as a part of your daily practice. Imagine your root chakra (at the base of your spine) is extended downward and into mother earth. Spend a few minutes imagining you are walking barefoot along a beach or a path in the forest and just be in that moment if cannot go outside and walk barefoot upon the grass.

Some of the other ways you can ground yourself are to spend time gardening or working with flower essences. Adjust your diet to include more root vegetables and make other lifestyle choices that they support your mental and physical awareness. Make sure the words you speak or write are practical, grounded, and understandable. Be down to earth and authentic in your relationships and actions.

As you master the steps and challenges that are part of your expansion you will find that your view of life is expanding and you are seeing yourself and others from a different light. This is a time of accelerated growth and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Seek out some expert advice or a spiritual group that can help you grow. This will give you the resources you need to assist you with processing through some of the more difficult issues. You don't need to do it all by yourself, there is help and assistance available to you. 

Spend some time having fun. Release the need to be in control of every aspect and trust that it will be so. Take a trip and enjoy yourself. This does not need to be far, it could be to the next town, the country, or the ocean. Be in that moment and the energy of and enjoy yourself. This helps to balance the emotional body and that is often a challenge during these shifting times. Relax, take stock and enjoy! 

We wish to remind you there is something for everyone in this magnificent Universe and you are just as deserving as anyone else, trust that this is so. Take the time to feel the peace and serenity that comes from within and lets you know that you are safe and protected, with love always, Archangel Raphael.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Angels, Guides and Other Realms by Sharon Taphorn

Book number 2 is now finished and has been sent to the editor. How exciting, so now it shall all unfold 

A Handbook for these Shifting Times

I have the vision that the cover will be something like this, we shall see. With Angel Guidance the artist completely captured what I wanted that I did not know I wanted, so I am always open. I have learned a few things from the first experience as well and will watch to see if they unfold as they should as we go along. 

It feels so good to finally have this done as this book as been years in the making and different in its outcome than the original design. I do of course hope you all like it and that it serves its purpose of assisting the wandering soul finds it way. 

Just wanted to share and give you update, now I must go and finish the newsletter I started in June lol. 

love and blessings, Sharon 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sharon's Take November 2013 ~ Better Late than Never

 Sharon's Take November 2013

This is the latest I think I have ever got out my Sharon's Take in 10 years, which is pretty amazing. Mercury retro ends tomorrow so I don't have an excuse to not finish it. I started in October so what more can I say. I think it was one of the Kryon messages that said 2013 is like a mercury retro all year and I think that puts it in perspective for many of us.

Solar flares last month as well as geomagnetic activity was quite something. When they (my entourage of light beings) said that I expected some activity, however I checked the site often that shares information on them and it was a wow, the entire month had activity, and several m class and x class flares. Every time I checked, there was another one. Someone told me that the sun is reversing its poles, which felt right with the increased activity. I did read on the site that the flares used to be rare, every few years and now they are happening daily. I thought that was interesting. My guys said it should settle down at the end of the month a little. If you want to check out the  Solar X-ray status monitor, I added it to one of the groups in the Shifting Times community or at the site . 

What does this mean to us? It means that it has been a little extra crazy on the earth plane. People are short tempered, bothered by things that they normally wouldn't be and compounded with a mercury retrograde, is like lighting a fire cracker at both ends and waiting to see what happens when they meet up. What can you do? This is when a good meditation practice and shields and filters come in handy or escape to somewhere off the grid while you get your bearings and your balance. There have been days where I decided to stay home in my sacred space sanctuary and write and be with my beloved four-legged's. Even if you haven't had to interact with others, you unfinished business has probably come up and needs transformation and releasing. I am thankful  for all the work I have done over the past 10 years as this has given me some great tools for processing. 

November 4th was the 5th anniversary of the daily angel wisdom that I share. Hard to believe it has been that long. I am so grateful for the work and the messages they share with us.   I always post it here, the community and try to share it on facebook as well as well as sending out through the newsletter program. I do try to share it elsewhere and would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who share the messages with your groups, friends, and community forums. I am deeply touched by some of the emails that I get about how much of a difference the messages have made in their lives and I am humbled and honoured to receive them.

I called this message 'Better Late than Never' since not only is the message late getting out, it is also a theme as we are getting close to starting a new cycle (a new year) globally as well as personally for many of us. Get done as much as you can so that you can enter the next cycle with less baggage or perhaps none at all. That sounds good to me. I have been trying to get things done and in order so that the changes I experience next year are the ones that I want.

As you prepare for what is happening next, have patience with yourself and your projects. Set your intention and use desired affirmations to help you. Look at your self talk and how you speak about yourself. If you start a sentence with "I am afraid...", or any other unwanted pattern that you are trying to release, then it is time to revise your thoughts and feelings as you are cutting off the manifestation of what you truly desire. This might take a little practice at first, however you are worthy and deserving, and changing that around a bit can make a world of difference in your life.

Try to find the balance in your life so that you don't always feel like you are a juggler who keeps dropping the ball. It isn't always easy, but it is what makes the difference in how you feel about your life and life in general. Have confidence in yourself and know that just showing up is a good place to start. There are days when I truly don't want to leave the energy of my sacred space and go out and be in the world, yet I also know that it is an important part. I think we could all use a 'Courage to get UP' award some days. If you need one and can't find it, send me a message. I still love that Ziggy messages that says "Some days it is Mind offer Mattress" and well if the mattress wins a few times, honour that as you probably need the rest. Just don't let it be your mindset for everyday.

Make some plans and set some goals for what you want to create. Clear away what no longer serves you and try to always see the gift in the experience. Take some time each day to work on your gratitude as that sets you in the mindset of receiving and above all else - Keep your sense of humour. It is a key to living a life worth living.

I have a new online class starting soon on Monday's for those who want to increase their 6th Senses, opening your third eye, trusting your thoughts and feelings and receiving the messages from your entourage of guides and angels. It should be up on website in the next week. If you have any questions please send me an email at

Also, stay tuned over the next week for Angels, Guides and Other Realms sales package announcements, as it is just about ready to go to my wonderful friend and editor,   and will have some nice packages to help pay for the publishing. I am really excited about this book as it enthralls me and I learn new things when I am reading it.

I would love to come to your city and teach a workshop or two on expansion and these shifting times. Send me an email and we can chat about what you would like and how we can make it happen.

In the meantime, smile and keep at it. You have some important achievements to accomplish for yourself, it is just that sometimes you need that extra boost from your fellow human angels and entourage of light beings. Know that we are always here for you and you do not have to go it alone.

Love and blessings, Sharon et El.