Friday, May 28, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

This week I sent out Bella as the image...I think I drove her a little crazy when I would focus on her barking on the turquoise beam lol...

love and blessings, Sharon and Bella *as a puppy*

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

This is the image and sound (of biting an apple) that I projected over the past week...hope that some of you are picking up a sound, feeling or image!

Love and blessings, Sharon

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Message from Archangel Jeremiel

Messages and questions for Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel May 13, 2010 through Sharon Taphorn

Archangel Jeremiel, we ask for you to join with us this day and give us a message and share your wisdom. How can we better work with you to enhance our physical journey and open up our senses more? Thank you!

We are so honoured to be called upon this day, and yes indeed, you have been working with my energy for several weeks, all be it not consciously. I am always honoured to be asked to be in service to those who are on their physical journey. You all know me well as you have crossed over many times before and each time, it is I who meets you at the gate. Once again I am at your service. I am honoured to have so many questions ready to assist in understanding, for that allows us to deliver a more concise and helpful message. So my first message to you is to utilize our services more yourself. Each one of you can connect with your entourage of angelic helpers and guides. There is a group of wonderful light beings who is working with each one of you who is in a physical process, and we are here, waiting to work with you. We know that trust is a big issue with the human as you experience your awakening to a broader perspective, and therefore we are honoured with your questions for validation that you ask the ones who are channeling messages for you as Sharon does. When you ask for clarity and greater understanding in a concise and focused way, we are able to provide you with more precise answers, when you ask a broad, unclear question; we give you a broad answer. Do you see? We can only provide you with what you ask for.

Many of you who are on this spiritual path of awakening while awake have begun to look at and analyze your current incarnation as you surrender and release that which no longer serves you, and therefore have already been working with me. And, I encourage regular reviews as you go along; this accelerates and expands your experience. In the past as you see it, it took life times to learn and evolve the things many you have experienced in the past decade. Is it no wonder that some of you feel so tired? Each time you review and release on this side of the veil, the more profound you will find your journey. This is a great tool for the accession process. Having a meditation practice is also an essential tool. Not only does it enhance your communication with us, it also provides your physical vehicle with healing and energizing energy. Each time you call upon and work with us, you receive a healing. You can specifically ask for healing if you feel that you require more, however, every time you call us into your experience, our love for you gives your physical body our healing light. Meditation will also assist you in having clearer visions, prophetic visions, psychic dreams and understanding them. The more we work with you, the clearer our messages to you will get as it helps to bring your vibration closer to our realm. So, our next advice is to practice, practice, and practice. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes and the more comfortable you are with sharing the information you receive.

Can you please expound on - "for the good of all" I understand the greater picture; however as a human doing this journey, this aspect doesn't always feel good? Thank You! Sarah B, BC

We thank you for this question and shower you with love, for we know that it is not always easy to do this path called human - this is why you are called a Lightworker - no? For yes indeed, it can feel like work. As you progress along in your quest of expansion, has it not gotten easier as you learn to see only love and forgive? Most of you would say, well, yes, but and we say, you are dearly loved for doing this process as your expansion into more love and greater understanding does shift all universes and dimensions beyond your human understanding, and we know that you can't always see or feel that. Those of you who have experienced much hardship and difficult life lessons early in your physical experiences are the teachers and healers that will help the many. You are the ones who work more closely with my energy for the life reviews you do are what assist you most often in quickly clearing old energy from your system. The more you do these, the quicker they are released and the love is allowed to enter in and transform the situations. From here, you begin to feel better. We, on the other side of the veil do not see things as good or bad as the 3D world does, we only see the love and opportunity that these experiences can bring to all of you, so if you are not experiencing 'a good time' in your current experience, do a review and transform it into a better feeling experience. We hope that this helps to answer your question.

I was wondering, as I walk this path I have been on for the past 2 years, if somehow I made a mis-step? From RBW, Wisconsin

We love your chosen name, as it exemplifies the beautiful energy that you are. Honour yourself for the journey you have chosen. There is no such thing as miss-step, as you are always in the right the place for yourself. Is there something you have not seen as the gift or is there another path that will take you to where you want to go? The answer is yes! The answer is always yes and that you are perfect and took exactly the right path to lead you to where you are at right now. There are many roads that will lead you to the destination you want to go. The more precise you are on where you want to go, the clearer the road before you becomes. And, it is that path which makes the entire experience. Review with me where you have been and share with me where you want to go next. These life reviews are healing and cathartic in so many ways. You are dearly loved for the journey to be the shaman that you are. Trust in the inner wisdom that you carry, work on your thoughts and expand your love. Heal and release the past, and know that all that you have been through and go through is the footprints you leave for others to follow.

Thank you for calling me forward and asking to hear the wisdom of the angels. AA Ramiel
COPYRIGHT © 2010... Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the Angel wisdom  on the condition that the content
remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that

it is distributed freely.

thank you

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exercising your psychic muscles from the Calling All Angels Show

This is the image and sound that I projected over the past week... a beautiful Siamese kitty Kat... hope that some of you are picking up a sound, feeling or image!

Love and blessings, Sharon

Friday, May 7, 2010

White Buffalo Calf Woman thru Sharon Taphorn

Working with White Buffalo Calf Woman is a pleasure, I encourage each of you to spend a week with her. She is filled with wisdom and love. Fill yourself with love and light. Quiet your mind and body, check in to see that your energy is balanced and in alignment, and then call in White Buffalo Calf Woman:

"I ask for an audience with the most beautiful and wise White Buffalo Calf Woman to join with me this day. I come to you with an open heart and wish the wise council of your wisdom." And then be open to the messages and images that come to you and journal them for yourself.

White Buffalo Calf Woman taught the Lakota people seven sacred ceremonies called her Sacred Bundle, they are:

"One of them was the sweat lodge, or the purification ceremony. One of them was the naming ceremony, child naming. The third was the healing ceremony. The fourth one was the making of relatives or the adoption ceremony. The fifth one was the marriage ceremony. The sixth was the vision quest. And the seventh was the sundance ceremony, the people's ceremony for all of the nation.

She brought us these seven sacred ceremonies and taught our people the songs and the traditional ways. And she instructed our people that as long as we performed these ceremonies we would always remain caretakers and guardians of sacred land. She told us that as long as we took care of it and respected it that our people would never die and would always live."

From Joseph Chasing Horse

Message through Sharon Taphorn, May 6, 2010

I am here and with you always. I am here to assist anyone on the earth who chooses to live for peace and harmony with each other and our beloved mother earth. I have shared with you tools that will assist anyone who chooses to practice them for they are still good medicine.

Practice the ceremony of adoption with all your brothers and sisters, that will lead to harmony and compassion between all the tribes of earth. Dance with each other, heal with each other and love one and all. As you expand your understanding of family and grow to love each other, each of you will then in turn find more family and the circle grows. That is how to begin to share your peace with each other.

Call upon me to assist in your journey to find that peace within yourself, and then I will share with you how to share your peace with others. I am always willing to come to share with those who want to listen and use the lessons that I teach. I shall bring you wisdom that is balanced and in harmony with mother earth, as you are so much a part of her. Realize your connection to the earth and this will greatly aid in your healing. Trust that mother earth will help to take care of you in return. Follow the rays of the sun and the moon and all that they have to teach you, for you will notice new signs of how to utilize their power in your realm as well.

Engage the nature spirits and work with them from your intuition, and ask us to work with you to enhance your understanding. Share with others what you learn when they ask, and only when they ask, as that is when they are receptive to the gifts that you offer. It is the same for us when we share with you. We have so much wisdom and love to share, however we cannot share until we are invited and asked. This is one of the Universal Laws that govern most realms, and a great one to practice as you learn of grace and humility.

Each of you has the ability and the knowledge to work with the realms that are around you. It is just a matter of remembrance and trust. Oh yes, and to practice the skills that you learn. The wise teacher is so because he has walk the path of which he teaches. Therefore walk your path oh wise ones, and use the tools that you are being given, and then walk the path of the wisdom keepers that you are.

I am honoured and grateful for the opportunity to share with you this day. Peace to you all, White Buffalo Calf Woman.

COPYRIGHT ©  2010... Permission is granted to copy
and redistribute the channeled message on the condition that the content
remains complete, full credit is  given to the author(s), and that it is
 distributed freely.
thank  you

Working with your Clairvoyance from last nights Calling All Angels Show

This was the image I was broadcasting across the etherworlds over the past week.

For this week's exercise, I am adding in sound with the image I have picked for those who may be clairaudient, as well as using my other senses when I am tuning into the image.

Also, for those of you who would like to play along and are too shy to send me an email, I've placed the image on a turquoise beacon of light above me so you can sharpen you skills of looking for things out there too.

Enjoy and let me know how you did, and if taping into a different sense helps you pick up the image.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sharon's Take May 2010

We had wonderful April weather here, which meant that I had the opportunity to enjoy some meditations outside near the beautifully blooming Mountain Ash in my yard with the sun streaming down. A very energizing experience indeed!

I received lots of emails from listeners who had to work extra hard at keeping there energy up during the past month, part of the challenge of the lower energy and being sensitive - A meditation under a tree will always do wonders in assisting with finding your balance and getting grounded again.

May seems have the energy of fluctuation.  The Photon energy (see the newsletter) is going from low at the beginning of the month, to high at the end, giving us a smorgasbord of up and down in between. An absolutely perfect way to work with this energy is Join the Munay Ki workshop here in Williams Lake at the end of the month. And, explore the vortex energy that is available here as a bonus. I have some bedrooms available at Sharon's Bed and Breakfast for anyone who wants to join us from out of town. This will be a fantastic weekend retreat... Check out my site for more information For those of you not attending the workshop, remember your meditation practice and keeping yourself balanced, then it doesn't matter what the energy is around you, you are in the vibration for you.

I am now offering the daily Angel Wisdom messages through this email program directly into peoples in box, so if you would like to receive them, just scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says update profile/email and tick off the boxes of the information you would like to receive. I have had a tremendous growth in the newsletter and other information I share and am honoured to welcome those who are receiving this for the first time. As well, when others leave, I am honoured for the time they have spent with us and am thankful as well. If anyone has an article they would like to share with others, please send me an email and will work at adding it in. It is always wonderful to share your work as well.

Mercury Retro ends on the 11th, for those of you who have had issues with communication and your computers... soon it too shall pass....

Since I am already behind for the month and need to finish preparing hand outs for a talk I am giving tonight, I will keep this brief and wish everyone a month of loving creations as each of us lives in our truth, trust and passion.

As a way to thank you, I am offering a contest to my readers for a 30 minute reading session. If you would like to have your name entered in the draw, send an email with contest in the subject line and include the email address you would like me to contact you through if you are the winner.This is open until the end of May. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love and blessings, Sharon