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Be Your True Self - a Beliefnet article

Be Your True Self

Your prayers are always heard, it is often that you are not listening for the signs, or expect them to appear in certain ways.

BY: Sharon Taphorn

Each one of you is a powerful being of light. It is time to let your inner light shine. It is safe for you to be your real self. It is safe for you to be powerful and to use your power in loving ways. When you take your power, and feel empowered, your life changes in positive ways. This is not the same as aggression; it is an energy of inspiration, support and co-operation. Release the mental energy and let the old energy forces that surround your planet go; instead, hold thoughts of the world you are creating. Ground yourself in the energy of love and let that be the basis for all that you are creating with your focused intent.

Use the power of prayer with your steadfast focus and ask that your angels carry these messages to heaven on the wings of a chariot and then pay attention as your angels provide you signs and opportunities to help you mark your way. Your prayers are always heard, it is often that you are not listening for the signs, or expect them to appear in certain ways. This is perfectly fine; however it will then take you longer to see the manifestations that you seek. Be open to all the possibilities and trust that it must be so and make the most of your day each day.

"I am a powerful, loving being of light and use my power to make my world a better place for all."
It is always good to take some time at regular intervals to review and contemplate your life and your path. Reflect upon your life. Reflect upon the path ahead and recall your oneness with all that is around you. Angel Guidance reminds you that taking time out of your busy day to reflect upon all that did, how you were feeling and what you can do to make tomorrow a better day, and the one after that better than the one before. It is through taking a deeper look at things and events that one gains better understanding and knowledge from which to draw.
As you contemplate parts of your life, your inner wisdom will emerge and taking a deeper look helps you to sort out all of your thoughts and feelings and helps you put everything into perspective so that you can take your next steps with confidence and know that the wise sage within you will help to guide your way. You will do what is right and best for you.
Put down your burdens, it is time for you to call a time out and nurture yourself for there has indeed been much upon your shoulders and it is time to delegate and let others do their part too. It can be hard to say no to others, however it is a lesson worth learning as it helps to not only empower you, but also helps to empower those around you, giving you time to contemplate and understand the meaning of your life.
"I trust my inner guidance; through contemplation of my life I am able to move forward unencumbered by the past."
It is really a wonderful world. Celebrate all the wonders and beauty that surround you and keep that your focus. See all the good that goes on in your world, regardless to what your news and TV would have you believe, or even perhaps what you see out your window. Close your eyes for a moment and feel love. Let that feeling well up within your heart and spread like a warm flow to your entire body, melding and melting your resistance to anything. Bathe in the light of love and know that you can always choose to be in this energy.

Surround yourself with beautiful music, set the stage and offer ceremony in all that you do for it is indeed sacred, and where you are is sacred space. Honour the sacredness of others and cherish your friendships as well, these are most honoured contracts of friendship and support and should be treated as such.

Release anything from your world that no longer fits you and know that it has served you well and you are free to move forward unencumbered by the past. Ask your angels to help you, know you are supported and celebrate each step you take for it is a beautiful journey.
"I see beauty and goodness all around me; I celebrate each step I take."
Speak your truth. Your angel guidance is to ask your angels to help you lovingly speak your truth. Ask them to help you come from that place within you that knows only love. It is the spark of Creator light that is a part of you and is also connected to all that is. Take the time to feel that love so that when you are called upon to speak your truth, you can do so while remembering that spark and speak your truth with love.

We would also like to remind you that those whom you are speaking with also have that spark, even if they are not aware of it. When you look at them, see that spark, no matter how dim, and send it your love and remind them that you know who they truly are, just a spark of Creator Light, trying to find their way.
"I speak my inner truth with love and wisdom."
Let the real you come forth. Nurture and support yourself and know that if feels far better to be in your truth than in other energy and it helps you create the now and the future you desire. Know you are safe and trust yourself, trust in your world and boldly go forward.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding Your Peace with Archangel Uriel


He helps to brings us strength and compassion as we reach for peace within and our own spiritual understanding.

BY: Sharon Taphorn

Working with Archangel Uriel
Uriel’s name means “Fire of God”, or “Light of God”, or “God is Light” and since their names describe their mission and position, Uriel’s is to help light our way. He carries the supreme knowledge of all that is. He is a wonderful teacher and guide with much wisdom, love and spiritual development and growth to share. He has much to offer the aspirant on the path to a better way and assists us in experiencing the totality of a journey. He brings a higher dimensional aspect to the journey of being human. Ask him to be your mentor and your guide, and overlight your life lessons. He can offer you great wisdom and additional information so that you can make informed and confident decisions. His colours are Red, Purple and Gold; as well I usually feel a bright light like a sun emanating from his energy. I call him in when I am doing any spiritual writing or work as he is a master alchemist, wizard of spiritual wisdom and understanding. He readily works with those who are seeking the path of enlightenment. He helps to brings us strength and compassion as we reach for peace within and our own spiritual understanding. Invite archangel Uriel to overlight your thoughts and your actions to be in integrity with your beliefs.

Finding your Peace with Archangel Uriel

Peace is not just a global goal, but an inner goal as well; for it is when you find peace that you can create peace in your world. When all aspects of your being are in harmony with each other, this is when you are at peace. When your mind, your body, and your soul are working together as one, then you are one with the Universe, and you are at peace. And oh how you long to always be in this state of bliss that you occasionally find at your spiritual gatherings and in moments of your life, and why is it that is so hard to keep this state when you back to ‘regular’ world and jobs, facing the responsibilities of everyday life. We say that this is not how it has to be or stay, the choice is entirely yours. For within each of you is the power to alter the course of your history and how you live your life.

Find your peace in where you are right now, regardless what that scene looks like or the characters that are playing their part. In the midst of all the chaos and darkness are beautiful shining lights that let no one stop them or deter them from their mission of making the world a better place. Oh at first others told them they were ‘crazy’ and they wouldn’t change the world and they did. These are often those that are admired and revered in your texts and hearts, like the Dali Lama, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela as it is easy to see the contributions they have made. However there are also many that are not known by the masses that make great contributions to each day without fame or fortune coming their way. They have found their peace in where they are and help others who are seekers find it for themselves. It is a journey that must be undertaken by the self, for it comes from within. No one can take it for you; they can however help to light the way. There are no magic wands that someone can place upon your head and make things magically transform for you. It is about the journey of discovering the magi within you and awakening your memories of who you truly are.

As you take steps forward on your pathway to a better way, you are making leaps in your growth that include becoming more sensitive to the energies of others and that are around you, this includes the presence of the many guides and angels that are in service to the evolution of humankind. Ask your angels to support you to have a more joyous experience and process for yourself. Find joy in your life regardless the circumstance, and know that through this you are ascending to higher levels of understanding, joy, and the freedom your soul longs to feel. Each and every one of you plays a valuable and vital role in the Universal pattern of life. It is therefore important to remember to nurture and support one another along the way. Listen to others with your heart open and without judgement. There is no need to correct them or show them a better path. Just listen and empower them to discover the answers for themselves. Your friendship and unconditional support is one of the greatest gifts you can offer your fellow humans.

Offer the best of your talents each day for the greater good of all and help to shape reality with the power of your creativity, the resources of your heart and the knowingness that you are one with all your family, all humanity, and all that is.

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Hot off the Press - Sedona Journal's Predictions 2013 & Beyond

Hot off the Press - Sedona Journal's Predictions 2013 & Beyond

Another tick off my bucket list as they unveiled the special Predictions issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence! 

I really didn't think my picture would make it in this years editions, so when this arrived in my inbox it was pretty exciting. I have been singing the mantra "I'm gonna see my picture on the cover of the Sedona Journal" to the tune of "Cover of the Rolling Stones" by Doctor Hook for a few months and was not really concerned about when it would happen, I just trusted that it would and so when this came in my inbox announcing its availability, I was so thrilled to see my smiling face, yeah!...

There ain't no thrill that get ya like to see your picture on the cover of the Sedona Journal lol....
Affirmations really do work!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Walking In Mastery 11/08 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

This week's show is about working with Archangel Sandalphon, and living our life in mastery. Mastery is the energy of 2013 and now is the time to plant the seeds that you desire to be the fruits of your labour. We will have a meditation and then some mini angel sessions.

We are also celebrating our 4th aniversary this week on working with the angels on the daily messages.

Join Sharon each week as she shares messages of love, transformation and healing from the Angels, Masters and other Beings of Lights. 6pm pacific/9pm eastern
Each week features a guide or angel. How they can assist us and working with their energy. Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. Mini Angel Sessions are offered in the last segment of the show

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El Morya ~ Spreading Higher Truths

El Morya ~ Spreading Higher Truths


Working with El Morya: El Morya is the ascended master that works closely with Archangel Michael and is the ascended master of the first ray along with Michael. He offers us strength, courage and the knowledge that we are protected. He helps us to work with our own energy fields and is a master teacher here to assist us in ensuring we are meeting our basic needs and basic level of spiritual practice. Any area that you relate to with Archangel Michael is an area of expertise with El Morya as well. He was a master on earth and sought to make great change in the injustices of his world. As a Kashmir prince he was able to see his changes implemented and continues his work from the other side to assist all of humanity through these shifting and awakening times. He became known as a spiritual master of the New Age movement through the Theosophical Society, and many have since brought forth messages of love and support from Master El Morya. He has a wonderful energy filled with love and support; I encourage you to spend at least a week or two working with this beloved master. Gemstones to help you connect with El Morya are Diamond, Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli. He helps us speak our truth and come from the perspective of higher wisdom and compassion.

El Morya is Chohan (Lord) of the First Ray (Archangel Michaels Ray), the blue ray, of power, goodwill and faith. He also exemplifies the blue-ray qualities of leadership, proper use of power and speech, and ultimate surrender to the divine will. He can assist all students who desire to embody these virtues, he helps us master the throat chakra and receive the gift of the words of wisdom and faith in the divine will for the good of All.

El Morya ~ Spreading Higher Truths

Allow me to merge with your light and become one. Allow that energy to be the recognition of my energy and intent to share with you and be a part of you. Since we are all really a part of the One, we are truly a part of each other anyway. When you blend with another master or angel, it should always feel good and have the remembrance of home and you know this energy well and carry it within you. If you feel anything less than a melting of love, release it. Ask that I or Archangel Michael come and sweep away the energy around you and begin again. Do not be hard on yourself if at first you do not feel the connection, you will. You must always keep yourself open to the possibilities and it will come. So many of you fight and resist and do not trust. It is time for you to trust so that you can move forward as you intended. It is my intention to give you some insights and ideas to help you get clarity, feel safe and guided to make the courageous steps necessary to fulfill your most important purpose and goals for this lifetime.

Learning to work with your own energy field is of vital importance to the awakening ones and those of you who are particularly sensitive to the energies around you. Understanding your outer (and of course) inner layers and ensuring they are clear is something that will assist the spiritual aspirant in many ways. There should be no doubt by now that there is more to you than meets the eye and during these next few months of your time many of you will be or perhaps already are, experiencing an enhancement of your spiritual senses. It is a normal part of your evolution and there is nothing to be alarmed about. It does however often take a bit of work and time to adjust to this new you. And even some of the older teachers and souls who have been doing this awhile will be experiencing symptoms from these new levels.

Never before on your planet in modern times (recent few thousand years) has there been this much technology on your planet and as a species you are still adjusting to it. As you make things bigger, better and faster, they are also more energetically outputting and for some of you this has become overwhelming, and at times very much so. It is during these times that understanding and working with your energy fields and bodies will help you the most. We would not want you to step backwards and cut off these new sensitivities out of the sheer necessity to survive, however you can ask for us to dial them down a notch or two while you learn how to work with them.

First begin with a purification of your four bodies. It is time for a cleansing and detoxification of your body, heart, mind and spirit. Doing this regularly allows for an increase in your intuition, energy, and your ability to receive and give to others. Cleanse yourself and your energy each day and more often if you are in a toxic environment or as you feel you need. As lightworkers awakening, you have a tendency to absorb the energy, emotions, and or feelings of those around you. It can be overwhelming in the moment and so remember to cleanse your energy before you shield yourself in particularly harsh situations as it often gets locked in with you when you feel you need times of protection. Learning to understand what is happening around you energetically is an important step in your development.

When you are clear of others, it is far easier to deal with what is yours. Sometimes it is hard to tell when you are clouded by the energy of all those that are around you, especially those who live in the densely populated areas. Be sure to have your auric field close to yourself unless you want it out there for a particular reason. On the whole, it should be keep within 45 cm or 18 inches from your person.

When you are clear, balanced and focused on your journey, it then that you have time and the energy to look into your heart and decide what your true desires really are and begin to work on them. This is for you and only you to decide. Following your divine passion is truly a magical experience and one worth pursuing. As you expand your sensitivities to your world and learn to be in your world, as that is part of having a physical journey, you are experiencing the totality of all of your journeys.

Find the balance and harmony in each body, the physical, emotional, mental, and be sure to have some kind of spiritual practise that fits into your life. You may have to get up 15 minutes earlier each day, however you are worth it.

See the world through angel eyes. This means to see with love and without judgement. Each and every one of you is learning and growing, some at very different rates. The details are truly unimportant and it matters not who and what they are. Release any need to be right and control what is happening around you. Learn to be in the moment and work on your personal stuff. Let us open up your spiritual center and help you to see the world from a new light. Let us enhance your ability to radiate your light in all that you do. Begin to offer the best of yourself always and in doing so you are working in service to yourself, all that is and those around you. As you begin to see and act compassionately, you become a guide for love, and you become an integral part of the crystalline grid that helps to feed and nourish your world.

Take some time each day to help shape your reality. Use your creativity to help you bring out the best of yourself and bring out the warmth and joy from within you and paint your day. Ask that you be inspired today with ideas and inspirations that you did not expect and thank spirit for bringing them to you. In this way, you are consciously creating more and your day.

“I have my inner peace and courage to protect my being, and the strength to behave compassionately with everyone and all that I do."

Support is available to you. You do not have to go it alone. Yet, we see so many of you struggle, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of shame, and sometimes it is just because you are so used to relying on yourself, yet not fully trusting yourself either. Know that you are supported in many ways. Let your angel’s and guides’ offer you comfort when you need it and know that they can also help support your desires and plans. You are never alone and you are dearly loved. Make this your knowingness, for it is when you truly know, that you feel enough freedom and peace to trust that all things are possible and move forward in spiritual confidence. Boost your positivity and trust that it is so.

When you believe in yourself and think positive thoughts, you will increase the universal flow of energy that is sent your way. Watch for any signs, pay attention to the people around you who are offering you support and beneficial situations that lead you closer to you plans and dreams. These practices will help you connect, receive insights and stay in the flow of universal energy, and bring your crystal clear intentions to life.

"I trust my abilities; I trust my insight as I open myself up to the support of the Universe."

Wisdom is powerful. Wisdom comes from deep within you. Wisdom involves understanding how all your life experiences have come to shape the person and soul that you have become. It involves understanding how your life experiences have shaped the very fabric of your Universe, as you are an important part of the whole. This is also vital for your spiritual growth. Ask your angels and guides to help you trust your inner wisdom and use it every day in your life.

Let your true power emerge. It is time for you to use your inner strength and might to make the changes that you desire and to be living your life more in your purpose. True power is grounded in spiritual awareness, and it all has to do with trusting and using your inner wisdom, standing your ground, and speaking your truth. Use your power with love and it will always guide you where you want to go in life's journey.

"I connect and trust my inner wisdom more each day; I am therefore connected to the Universal wisdom of all that is."

Understanding brings knowledge. Knowledge brings understanding. It is not always what you learn from a book, it is also about trusting that when you need something, and it is available to you. Discernment is the key when you are seeking understanding outside of yourself. Trusting is the key when you are seeking understanding from within. Ask the questions and you will find an answer that is right for you at that time. Remember to be neutral in the outcome, or you will not always trust in the answers you receive. Ask the question again to a later you and you will find that again the answer has changed. It is not that the truth has changed; it is that your understanding becomes greater as you grow. As you grow, your understanding of life, the universe and everything changes.

Knowing that you can always find what you need when you need it frees you up to pursue your dreams. You always have the freedom of choice. Ask the guides and angels to help you see alternatives and to help you act in love. To give you courage to follow your heart, freedom from restrictions, and to soar as high as you can. Choose to be free, and to be yourself. Take the knowledge that you are amazing and can create anything you desire and run free with it.

"Understanding and knowledge are always available to me, bringing me freedom to pursue my desires."

Find your peace in your world. As you do this, your spirit begins to shine forth for others to see and feel and for you to help them to light there way by your shining example.

Take a deep breath and release any energy that does not serve you and take a few more of these breaths. Sink into that beautiful and loving energy that dwells within you and spread that light all around you and through you. When you feel completely relaxed and feel at one with all that is, hold this feeling of love and balance within you, within your very DNA and let it be your intent that at any time you find yourself out of balance with your world, you can close your eyes, take a deep breath and be in this energy. Then, when you open your eyes, you will be seeing your world from the perspective of being connected with everything and filled with compassion. This is how you can see your world, regardless as to what is going on around you.

Seek out each day to find harmony with where you are at and what you are doing. Start your morning by setting the intent for what you expect to experience and hold that thought within you as you go about your day. The clearer you are, the more likely you will see the creations you desire. Enrich yourself and your life with people, places and things that bring harmony to you and your world.

"When my mind, body, and spirit are in harmony, I am at one with all that is."

Yours in expanding light, El Morya

Q: I am actually in need of help. I am unable to get out of a circle. I guess that you probably know about telepathic manipulation. Do you know how this could be ended? When someone is pressuring so hard to get their way and my no doesn't matter...they still keep pushing. THANK YOU ..BLESSINGS TO YOU : )

A: This happens and even in your metaphysical circles where you think it is safe to trust and be a part of the group as you each assume that other spiritualists are of the same thought process as you have, which is to first do no harm, and to be in your truth in your word, thought and deed. These are very noble qualities and ones that many of you aspire to in all that you do. However there are still others that are either of old energy and not keeping up for the purpose of helping others see what is good and right and learn to trust that for themselves. In other words, they are a teacher with something to share with you that when you learn, they will change or disappear from your experience.

So very often many of you get stuck in the energy of trust. We ask that you try to stretch your understanding and see that it is not about trusting in another, it is about trusting in yourself, and when you learn to trust yourself, you will no longer be in the energy of untrustworthy people. It is that simple.

Now, back to the question at hand, take the time each day and night to see that your energy is clear of psychic debris and the energy of others. This should be a part of your spiritual practice and done every day when you are in contact with others, even if it is through email or the phone. Create a vortex of spiritual fire and ask it to swirl around you and clear your energy from your crown through to your root chakra and into the earth, clearing the energy into the earth chakras beneath you. Then ask the spiritual fire of the mother earth to come up and give you healing and love, and exit through your crown up into your I AM PRESENCE. And in this energy, ask for Archangel Michael and myself to cut any cords that bind you to any lower energy or anything that is less that love. We will go to work ensuring that you are clear. Then, ask to be encircled in a cloak of white light for protection as you go about your day. Do this every day and as many times as it takes for you to feel free of this energy or that it has been transformed.

Remember that no one can manipulate you telepathically unless you let them in. If it is still happening, look hard at your thoughts and practices and keep at it. This person has agreed to play the role of teacher for you and part of your life lessons are to understand definition which is about understanding what is yours and what belongs to others, learning where ‘you’ leave off and others begin, and as you master this energy, you will not encounter it as often or to such a degree, unless you stop your spiritual practice.

It might seem like work at first, however it will be such a tremendous relief to anyone who is energy sensitive when it becomes an unconscious act and you know that you are always safe and it is okay for you to use your power as you know how to use it with love and compassion.

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

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The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain through Sharon Taphorn

The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain through Sharon Taphorn

Working with Saint Germain:  

Saint Germain was one of the first masters that I can remember consciously working with as I remember having a reading with Archangel Metatron (that was the first time I had heard of this angel) in the 80’s and he told me that I was from the Great White Brotherhood under the direction of Saint Germain. While I did not particularly like the name of this group, I did check them out and understand that it means a vibration of light. I do however still think there is too much separation of race upon the earth plan for us to assume that name and therefore just chose to explore Saint Germain on my own.  


He has an interesting history as well as many different encounters with this master, as it seems he was adapt at transformation and is consider a master of alchemy. He is said to have not aged and to have discovered the elixir of life, the fountain of youth. There were many accounts of his not aging as well as being in different areas. The one thing that everyone seems to agree upon is that he was at home in whatever arena he played. He fit in with the noblemen as well as with every other class and was fluent in many languages. When I asked him about this he gave me this Cheshire cat like smile and said that he was able to shape shift into any environment and that is why there are so many different descriptions and accounts of his actual life.


Saint Germain’s colour and vibration are a vivid violet tinged with platinum and the stone that resonates and helps you to connect with him is amethyst. Use his violet flame to slow down or cool the energy around you or a client during a healing session. Use the platinum flame to raise the spiritual vibration and open your centers of higher learning. Ask for Saint Germain and the guardians of the violet flame to initiate you and attune you to the higher energies of the violet flame and then to attune you to the higher wisdom offered through the platinum flame.


Saint Germain is the Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray along with Archangel Zadkiel and therefore embodies the virtues and power of the crown chakra and connecting to your higher dimensional self.


The Platinum Flame of Saint Germain


Previously we have spoken of the power of the Violet flame and how it can help to transform your life. Today I wish to take your teachings to another level of understanding and invite you to join with me and the angels of the platinum flame. It will add to you a spiritual fire and essence that will help you create and manifest faster, better and easier.


Allow me to assist you upon your path of awakening. If it is transformation you seek, then working with me will delight you. Let me be your guide as I share with you the secrets of the Magi which can help you in transforming any aspect of your life, including living a longer, happier, and richer life. Let us help you remember your passion for your life and why you chose to do a human journey at this time. If it is direction and courage that challenges you, protection and strength are your allies and together we will persevere as the principles of the magi become yours.


This is not a journey for the faint of heart so let there be no doubt that you would not be here right now hearing or reading these words in your now. They are timeless and come to you when you are ready, regardless upon when they stumbled across your path.


It is truly a magical place you live upon and regardless as to what you currently see for there is so much love, beauty and joy surrounding you. Believe that you can create magical solutions to all of your challenges and trust that it is so. This is key to creating the abundant solutions you desire. Release your worried thoughts, as they only stand in your away, attracting more of those thoughts into your life. Focus on the positive, desired aspects, and what you want the most to create in your life. Feel the essence within you of what it will feel like when you get there and use that energy to create the drive that you need to proceed.


Welcome the transformations that you seek with open arms and an open heart, let us be your support and your cheering section as you pass each marker, and know that you are always supported and never alone. So many times we hear you ask for more and yet when it comes, you say, ‘wait, slow it down, I am not ready,’ and then you ask again for more. Do you see the cycle of confusion that is being created in those thoughts? At first it is work to train your thoughts and mind, however once you master it, it becomes your first nature and you will begin creating the path of your desires.


To increase your personal power, let us talk about the Platinum flame. In the past we have taught you how to use the violet flame of transmutation, which is a very important part of your healing and transformation process. Now we wish to share the higher vibrating Platinum flame to help you with your infinite creations.  The platinum flame adds a spiritual essence that will help to elevate you and your desires to a new level of understanding as well as assisting you in the evolution and growth you desire.


The more you love and trust yourself, the more your personal power increases. It is time to utilize and step into your role as the ambassador of Love and Light.


You are a powerful co-creator of Divine energy, and it is safe for you to be that powerful being once again. Ask the angels to assist you in realising and releasing any thoughts, feelings, and situations that hold you back from taking your role in creating that which you desire. This allows for new thoughts, ideas and inspirations to come your way.


Angel wisdom suggests that you take a moment each day and focus on your strengths, then focus on clearing and stabilizing your energy fields, then focus on the characteristics you want to foster and grow. When you feel strong, powerful and balanced, it is easier to focus on the goals and dreams you would like to create right now. Imagine them as if you already have what you desire and that they are a part of your vibration. Use your power with wisdom and joy.

Then, enjoy the shifts you see around, and use your power to create a better world for yourself, and others.

"I am a powerful creator force in the service to Light and Love."


Which way to go from here? It often doesn't matter so much which way you choose, it is most important to just choose. You can always change your path, take a new one or go back the way you came. The most important choice is the one you make today. Indecision and no action are your greatest blocks and by the nature of the law of attraction, brings to you more of what you don't want coming your way. Regardless which way you go, you are on the right path for the now, and that is really the most important part.


Let go of any unfulfilled expectations, regrets and wish I hads. Ask your angels to help you keep your thoughts and ideas forward thinking and your actions in alignment with your heart. Take some quiet time and feel the healing your beautiful group of angel lights have to share and when you come back, refreshed and rejuvenated, you will feel more comfortable and confident in the decisions you make and the steps you take. We are with you, beside you, behind you and in front of you, so you can take each step with the knowledge that you are safe, loved and supported. Go forth and prosper in ways you did not imagine, for there is such greatness yet to come.

"I release the regrets of the past, with love and see the gift in what I have chosen and eagerly look forward to what is next."

Appreciate the Divine within you. Appreciate the Divine within each other and everything. Ask your angels to awaken within you the memories that remember that it is you who shape your reality. Let us illuminate you with this divine knowledge and trust that what you need to know will come to you when you are ready to re-remember and you will come to know what you need when you need it.


Develop your vision to see beyond your perceived reality. Expand your understanding and see the beauty and light that is all around you. You are surrounded by such illumination and love, feel it and then beam it into every project you tackle. This brings to you a spiritual peace and contentment regardless what is happening around you. Sometimes when you experience unpleasant situations and people on your path, it is to show you how far you have come in finding that balance and spiritual peace. It comes from within you and is a part of your authentic self. Ask your angels to surround you in the light of peace and balance and know you can achieve all that you set out to do.


"I accept the gift of spiritual peace."

Let your light shine. Share your presence with those around you. It is safe for you to be your true, authentic self for you are protected by a league of angels who are supporting you every step of the way. If you should feel like you stumbled, we are here to catch you. Call upon us at any time to offer you strength and courage to assist you along the way. Trust that it is so and believe that all is possible, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. Keep your unwavering thoughts and focus on all the beauty and the love that is around you.


Trust the insights that you receive, as you have asked for a clearer understanding of your undertakings. We can share with you all sorts of clarity and information upon which to build and grow. As you do, your aura becomes clear and bright, drawing to you that which you desire at a faster, finer rate. Let that light within you shine and be so bright, it cannot miss. Wear your cloak of purple for wisdom and understanding and you’re Armour of light for strength and courage and you will go far indeed.


"I am light and it shines from my heart for all to see and feel and be calmed by my light."

Allow your spiritual transformations to take place. Work at the transformations of your thoughts and your feelings and always remember to nourish your soul. Remember the joy of celebration and celebrating, remember the happy times when you need to, and know that what lies ahead on the road is paved by your intentions of making your world and your life a better place. Wrap up all that you do in the fire and the essence of the platinum flame.  

I AM yours I AM  Saint Germain

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

You are your ancestors with Archangel Azrael, by Sharon Taphorn

You are your ancestors with Archangel Azrael, through Sharon Taphorn

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael means ‘Whom God helps,’ as it is his responsibility to bring you to the party when it is time for you to return home. He also helps the people of earth to connect with their deceased loved ones as he and his angels can act like a rainbow bridge to help with this connection. The colour associated with Azrael is a vanilla cream, and the stone is a creamy yellow calcite. I also find that Selenite helps me connect with those crossed over or any other dimension you wish to explore as it raises your vibration and you become aware of so much more. I actually can’t speak while I am holding my Selenite Tower, I have to put it down and then share the message. It is rather a strange feeling.


You are your ancestors


Greetings dear hearts, we are honoured for being invited into your experience. We so love to work with the earth realm as we are usually those who escort you back the energy of Creator Love and not often are we called upon to work with you while you are still in human form. Call upon me or my legions of helper angels who are filled with great love to assist and share with anyone who is experiencing the illusion of being separate from those they love. Let down your guard, let down your barriers and open up to the love of your ancestors and let that love help to support you at any time on your journey.


Your ancestors are part of you always. Just as every tree on earth is connected to each other, you are connected to your ancestors and their light. Family reincarnates with family, and so many of those who you think are no longer with you, truly are. For not only are they a part of you, they are also you and of you. When you heal, you heal with your ancestors, and those yet to come. As well, when they decide to re-enter the cycle of life and birth once again, they will free to choose new challenges and opportunities that previous to your incarnation had not been possible. It is that way for every subsequent generation that follows. You affect your genetic line as well as your energetic line.


Your loved ones are never truly gone, they are a part of you and if at any time you want to create a rainbow bridge to feel their love once again, call upon my light and league of angels to help raise your vibration so that you can connect with your beloveds on the other side. Most often communication is in your dreams, as that is when you are usually the most open to our energy. You can also connect with them in meditation and we will guide the way. Be prepared for a huge insurgence of love when you connect and let it surround you and you will know that we are with you. Share with them anything you wish you had said when they were with you in physicality and listen as they say the things that they could not while in physicality. It is truly a magical experience of love when you connect, and if it feels anything less than love, know that it is a message from your ego or lower energy and ask to be cleared of all the energy and begin again. This time, ask Archangel Michael to keep you safe and protected, entering into the energy in a state of balance and peace and see if you get different results. Let love be your guide.


You family and friends on the other side await your return to the love of All That Is. They are a part of your cheering section, and your support, so call upon them at any time you want to re-remember love in its purest form and let the tears of love flow. Think not of missing them, remember the love and the beauty they shared with you then, and share with you now, for this next step could be one of the most important steps you take on your path. Let them love and support you and know that you are never alone.


Strength and courage are yours.  Everyone has an inner strength they can draw upon, although it is sometimes nice to be reminded in loving ways instead of remembering it in times of strife. Sometimes when the energy around you is filled with chaos and confusion, it is easy to forget you are a beautiful, strong and courageous sparks of Creator Light; after all, you are here now doing this earth journey and that says so very much about your strength and courage, your energy and your light.



If you are feeling vulnerable for any reason at all, ask your angels to surround you in their loving light and feel their strength and love. Sit quietly for a few minutes; out in nature if you can, and let yourself feel your angel entourage as they surround you in love. Ask them to help you with any project you need assistance with. Then, when you return back to your world, notice the people, places and words that you are drawn to as these are the answers that you seek. Be open to receive them and completely trust that it is so. Keep yourself open to all the possibilities and know that you are indeed stronger and more powerful than you think.


 "I am strengthened by the knowledge that I am protected and safe always."


Surround yourself with that which you love so that you can easily remember and have this energy as a focus of your thought. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. It helps to keep your focus and your spirits high when you do things that bring you joy and happiness and avoid negativity or negative energy and environments, thoughts and things; this includes friends and family, TV and movies, or any other distraction that takes you away from your mission.



When you are in a situation that is less than desirable and you feel you cannot change it in that moment, then put yourself in an orb of protective light filled with love. Ask your angels to help strengthen you while you are there and believe in yourself and buoy your strength to get through. You are not alone and you are supported, even if you feel like you are floating in an immense sea all by yourself. Breath in trust with each in breathe and expel any doubt or fear with your out breath and keep doing this until you feel you are once again balanced and in control of yourself.



There is always someone in your life who wants to help and support you, so open your heart and let them in. You make many contracts of friendship and support so there are always ones available on your physical plane to help you along the way. Think of who it might be and initiate contact if you can. If you are not sure who this might be, than ask the angels to line up assistance and they will go to work on your behalf. The key is to trust and believe and know that you are worthy of creating a happy, safe, loved, balanced life for yourself and others and keep marching forward from there. Seek joy and harmony in all that you do and keep taking that next step that leads you to a better way. As you keep this thought next to your heart, it cannot help but materialize for you and around you.



"I am safe and protected from lower energy and am surrounded by positive and supportive people, places and things. I am open to receive."


See the blessings and the gifts. Change is inevitable, just like the trees and the stars, it is a sign that you are evolving to yet another level. Do not be afraid of the unknown; trust that you are being helped and that it is okay to ask for more. Your angels and higher self are always working for you and with you to create a journey filled with all sorts of opportunities to grow and expand your light. By doing this you change your world and the world around you. Major life changes bring to you the greatest blessings and reward. Embrace the newness that is coming your way as it is indeed evolving to something grander than you imagine.



Increase your standards of expectation and dream as big as you can imagine and even bigger. See yourself as succeeding in completing your current projects and know that grander things await you when you are done. Do not settle for less than your beautiful heart can imagine, and you will go far indeed. Refresh your outlook and you will have fresh new experiences from which to draw.



If you should feel as though you have failed at any point on your journey, it is time to release that energy for it in no way serves you or your growth. Look within to see what you have learned and know that you are indeed the wiser from going through this experience. It has helped to expand your understanding and growth, creating an entire aspect of yourself that you had previous not thought possible and have learned to better trust yourself.



"I see the gift of change happening all around me and move forward with the new opportunities that are coming my way."


Cultivate playful, joyous energy whenever you can. This helps you to be in higher vibrating energy, perfect for co-creating. It is so very easy to get caught up in the mental energy that prevails all around so many of you right now, however the best way for you to make use of all this excess energy is to take a few deep breaths and release any lower or unproductive energy from you and then channel your energy into joyous energy that is created when you take the time to be creative or play. This helps you create miracles and manifestations, and lets you takes a time out from any heavy thoughts that have been weighting you down. Do your best to find a way to take a mini vacation from any strife or worry and just have some fun, at least for a little while. Use the remembrance of this energy to feed you whenever you need to refresh your thoughts and your outlook.


As you take more time away from thoughts that bog you down, you are then able to tap into the manifestation energy and you are better able to pick up new thoughts and ideas when your mind is free and open. This high energy is the perfect energy to create windfalls of opportunities. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly. You will be glad you did.


"I am open to all the abundant thoughts and ideas that are available to me now. I release any stress or worry to the angels."

It is a time to learn, a time to gather new information to assist you and help you evolve your light. Enjoy the process as it will lead you where you want to go. As the seasons change, it signifies more changes in your lives. Taking the time to gather what you need for the next part of your journey lets you feel more prepared for what lies ahead and lets you have more trust in your own decisions. Change is always happening and as evolving beings, this is important. Take the time to let yourself feel comfortable with the new you and to make those changes with clarity, intent and wisdom.



When you are ready and feel secure in your choices, this movement ushers in desired new energy in which you can grow and prosper. Your unique talents will blend with this wisdom, and synthesize it into new and important ways to bring peace and love to your journey. You (along with everyone else) deserve to have life experiences that bring you joy, balance and happiness, trust that this is so.


"The more I learn and know, the more I trust in my choices and I know that when everything is right and in place, it will happen."


I am Archangel Azrael, blessings to you always dear lights. You are the ones you have been waiting for and it is you who will change your world and how you see life, death and everything inbetween. Blessings and love.

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.