Friday, June 29, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Ascension Everything 06/28 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Calling All Angels ~ Ascension Everything 06/28 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

On this weeks show we will be talking about Ascension and all things ascension related and practical tools you can use in your life right now to help you through these shifting times. Our Archangel is Raziel and he will overlight and guide us through the changes, including a meditation and then some mini angel sessions.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Assignment: Human Angel ~ Becoming your Higher Self

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…

You are a spiritual being and you are connected to spirit always, even when you don't beleive it yet. Take some time to begin trusting yourself. Quiet your mind and your body and connect with that higher place within you where spirit always dwells. It is here that you can receive the answers that you seek....

Most of my students, readers and regular listeners know that they are more than just a physical being. Even the newcomers are at the very least questioning life, the Universe, and everything. We are so much more than we can possibly imagine and as we each awaken to our own magnificence, and that of each others, we step more fully into our roles of human angels.

It is not always easy to be human. I guess that is why we call it light work. It is however beautiful and rewarding or we wouldn't be here, and trust me, there are days I wonder what I was thinking. Then, I see the beauty that surrounds me, not only in nature, also in the hearts of others and I know why I am here. When we are home, we feel that wonderful all of time, and it is beautiful, however it when we are 'away' and think ourselves separate that we feel the absence of that love and therefore look for it in others. When we truly feel the love of home here in a finite body, it is astounding. As you open up and begin to feel that love here, even in its most overwhelming state, it is but a piece of what we feel when we are not here. That being said, within you  a piece of yourself that is connected always to home. You are always connected to your higher self, who is always connected to you and home. Making a connection and developing that relationship is one of the greatest gifts and tools you do for yourself. It is in learning to communicate, translate and become one with that part of yourself that you begin walking your path with spirit, opening yourself up to wonderful personal shifts and changes in your 'physical' reality.

Trusting our connection with our higher self can sometimes be a challenge at first. It becomes stronger, like any muscle in our bodies, when we work with it and use it. To work this muscle, you must develop a consistant spiritual practice. I don't often us the 'must' word, however it takes time and taking risks to trust in what you receive as guidance from your higher self, guides or angels. After you practice communicating and trusting that connection with your higherself it then becomes an automatic part of your life and you won't leave home without them. The spiritual practice and the commitment to it is one of the steps that will help you stretch that muscle. If you don't already have a meditation practice, this is the best place to start. It need not be a long one, it just needs to happen. Again, as you practice quieting your mind and body, the time it takes to be in an alpha state of consciousness quickens and that is the place to go and work with yours 'elf''.

There are times you think you got it wrong when you ask your higher self something, and it didn't happen. When you are learning what voice is the higher self and what voice is the ego self, there will be times you think you have made a mistake. There are no mistakes and there are no wrong paths, some are just different and longer than others and these ones are usually the ones where we have the greatest gifts and 'ah-ha' moments, althought they don't always feel so at the time. Remember, spirit, or your higher self don't see things from the same linear perspective than we do, they don't see things as good or bad, they see them as opportunities to evolve your light and who you are. That is what they do, assist you in the evolution of your soul, all of you, that includes them. They want you to succeed and you are, even if you don't see it that way just yet. One day you will, be it here or there, you will see the gift, if you see it while still physical, it frees you up to move on to more, faster and sooner.

The best place to start is where you are at. Begin a meditation practice today. It will assist you in many ways. It can help you return to a balanced, peaceful, center when all around you seems to be falling apart (which is really just the dismantling the old energy, which does not go without resistance). It will help you to discern between your ego and your guide. Both are valuable, they just need to be understood in a different way. Learn to trust your inner guidance as this is your connection with your higher self, which is that part of you that is connected to all that is. And, be gentle with yourself. Rome was not made it day, nor or you. Remember that you are a beautiful particle of Creator Light, just as everyone else is. See that light and foster the unconditional love that goes with it.

Trust in yourself, you are beautiful, connected and wise.

Love and infinite light, Sharon
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Calling All Angels ~ Putting the Past to Rest 06/14 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

The topic of discussion for this show is Putting the past to rest, our meditation is "The Returning Home journey where we bring back parts of ourselves that we have left with others and give back any parts we have of others and some mini angel sessions. See you there!

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Each week features a guide or angel. How they can assist us and working with their energy. Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. Mini Angel Sessions are offered in the last segment of the show.

Calling All Angels ~ Putting the Past to Rest 06/14 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Assignment:Human Angel ~ Putting the Past to Rest

Your mission…
Should you choose to Remember is…  

You are an evolving light and the past is what has helped to shape who you are today, and what you do today shapes who you are becoming tomorrow. Yesterday is a gift, today is the present. Let us finally put the past where it rightfully belongs and see the opportunities that are now before us. 

Releasing judgement and how we feel about our past is an important task in the journey of awakening. When we harbour negative feelings it affects us on every level and blocks us from leading the life we know we should be leading. Remember the Law of Attraction, we get back that which we are vibrating to.  When we see the opportunities we have experienced because of these events, hopefully we can then see the gift and transform our feelings, which in turn transforms our mental attitude, the Law of Cause and Effect in action.

While it is your past that has helped to shape who you are, and in a way is a badge of honour for you have fought the good fight to get to where you are today, it does not need to define who you are. This is why it is so important to see it's completion,  you can then freely move forward without repeating the same cycle over and over with new actors playing the old roles.

The first step in this process is to release any judgement. This is the judgement you feel toward yourself for the choices that you made. You might hear echos of this letting go from those around you who have agreed to play the catalyst in your contracts by them offering your 'their' opinion, this is usually a good sign that you are indeed working on this energy currently.  In other words, there is usually at least one person in your family who has agreed to 'play' the roll of catalyst in your life lessons, sometimes a few will assume the roll. This catalyst  is the one who most often says comments that feel negative or unsupported, when in truth they love you very much, it is just they sense the energy and show you what you are feeling on some level. Most often if you asked other people to describe this person, they would be seen as positive and loving to the rest of the world. When you become empowered and walk in mastery with this life lesson, it will seem as if these people change overnight, when in reality it is you who has changed and they are just responding to your vibration. Judgement in itself is not a bad thing when you are referring to using it as a discernment tool, however I find that usually humans attach a darker, harsher meaning with judgement. In our religious upbringings most of us are taught that we will face a final judgement day when we die, so I am presuming we have distorted the meaning from this past experience. It is always good to look at how you personally feel about the word and how it is reflected in your life. Releasing judgment of right or wrong, or good or bad helps this process. See it from the point of view of spirit or your higher self, 'All is in love and is good or better.' There are times in my life where I wished I had tapped more into spirit and asked questions about what I was doing next, however there are some things I might have changed at the time if I had thought them through that I am grateful every day that I did not and just followed the path of spirit. Each choice that I have made has led me to this exact place and well, I guess there is no place like home.

Step two is to really take a good look at yourself. Look at all the talents and skills you currently have. These can be educational or personal growth classes you have taken as well as all of those life lessons you learned earning that badge of honour. Really look at these as I am sure it will actually amaze you when you see all that you have under your belt. As you create this list, think of how each of these steps have brought you something that is useful to you right now. I did this when I was first trying to figure out how I could be in passion of creating space for others to heal when I didn't have the physical means to create it on the physical plane. I was actually quite amazed at what I had done as I do have a great variety of training and experience from Marketing to Nursing, to healing and more. All of these things have come in very handy as I use it all in my life now. Recently I was looking at why I choose a certain path, I actually am finding myself returning to that time and have the opportunity to make a different choice this time around.

Lastly, we have the transition that takes place as you release the feelings of unworthiness, missed opportunities and regrets. Be willing to forgive yourself. These are the transformations that are so important for you to get everything flowing in the direction of your desired path. You will begin creating a more firm foundation in your physical world and therefore seeing the desired results manifest in your life. Each time you think of this person or incident, remember that the person is your family at work or at play and their true essence, just like yours and who each one of you is at the core, is Creator light. Think of this energy as a part of each of you, regardless of who they are, and not some higher power in the Universe. It is a part of you, each and everyone of you! You are each trying to find your way, sometimes in the dark, and doing the best you can at that time. Do not compare yourself to another, for each of you sees the world from different eyes, see the beauty and the gift that each of you has brought to the world and keep your focus on trying to the best you can for yourself. Remember that as you let go of this energy, there is also a grieving process. 

There is no more profound gift you can do for yourself than to change the energy of a troubled past. It will change your very life experience and the energy will start flowing to you, creating a more rewarding life. Take good care of yourself and your own consciousness. The light you shine today will never go away and it will light the path for others to follow by your example when they are ready to step into their contract of Human Angel.

Remember, you can always take a deep breath and choose again.

Love and infinite light, Sharon

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sharon's Take June 2012 ~ On with the show, this is it!

There is no time like the present and this is it. We are heading into the half way mark for the year, Get on with the show, this is it! This is the message that keeps repeating itself. I know that for me personally, it explains the last few weeks, perhaps months.

When I do up my monthly messages, I like to find a picture that matches, this month of course Looney Tunes came up. It made me laugh as there are times it could be the  name of my autobiography so I thought I would use it as I am sure I am not the only one who could use a good chuckle right now. And of course the video of the song came up and lightened my spirits so of course I had to also add in for your listening pleasure.

I also think the words have a message to share and since that seems to be the theme I have been sharing of late, here are the words...
 Overture, curtains, lights,
This is it, the night of nights
No more rehearsing and nursing a part
We know every part by heart
Overture, curtains, lights
This is it, you'll hit the heights
And oh what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it

Tonight what heights we'll hit
On with the show this is it!

And if you have been finding things a bit 'looney tunes' of late, my guides have said we should experience a bit of respite as we transition into the new few months. Things should soften up, however it is still very important to not procrastinate and get on with the show. You don't need to start tackling everything at once or you will get yourself into overload and feel like you have once again derailed from your path. (In fine looney tune spirit they gave me a vision of Willie Coyote standing on the tracks, an anvil hitting him on the head as the train exits the tunnel). We want to avoid that scenario I am sure so let us focus on the now  and all the possibilities that lie before us instead of repeating the same results each week like our coyote friend.

Coyote is the Trickster, so he therefore teaches us to pay attention to the bigger picture and not what we think is actually in front us. All is not as it appears to be. In the Medicine Cards by Sams and Carson, they share that " can be sure that some kind of medicine is on its way - and it may or may not be to your liking. Whatever the medicine is, good or bad, you can be sure it will make you laugh, maybe even painfully. You can also be sure that Coyote will teach you a lesson about yourself." 

When I looked at the energy of this month, I saw three paths or medicine of the Coyote as what most of us our experiencing and so we also have the the three choices of laughing at or with ourselves, view ourselves as having a painful experience or, seeing the lesson as the gift it is offering us. We each can choose which path we follow. There are opportunities for changes, either swift, complete or total destruction. Remember, they can be viewed as good or bad, wanted or unwanted, it is all a matter of how we choose to see it and experience it.

Regardless what you choose, each of us will experience some level of mastery. Choose to see it as a great adventure that will be filled with discovery,  change and adjustments and you will find you are creating a smoother ride as you follow your heart. Enjoy the outcome or the completions regardless of how you experienced them up to now for at least that cycle is complete and you can move on to something else with clarity, intent and a bit more balance for the next round.

And again I am guided to the Coyote and a message in the Medicine Cards book...
               You tricked me once more!
                       Must I sit and ponder,
                              What you did it for?

Enjoy the new energy we are in and take a moment to ponder and then keep moving forward, it is time.

Love and Blessings, Sharon

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All rights reserved.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Assignment: Human Angel ~ Listen to your Intuitve Feelings

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…  

Spend time this week paying attention to the signals and cues from your physical self. Ask your angels and guides to assist you in more accurately interpreting you natural barometer. 

We all receive signals and signs through our physical bodies, even when we are not aware of it. Try to tune in more to what your body signals are showing you. Much like the cute picture, your entourage of Light Beings are offering you signals, it is just that we don't always stop and take the time to understand them. You can always ask them to help you better understand by sending you messages that you can understand right now and they will keep trying until the message is received. When you understand or think you do, repeat it to your entourage, and they will signal you to let you know. I find that when I ask I get body shudders, the more energy in the shudder, the closer I am to hitting the mark. I will also get goose bumps, from light which means we are close, to shivering like I am frozen. These are some of the physical signs I receive. 

Just as when you are working with physical tools like crystals, rods or pendulums, the more you use them, the more they speak to you. This works the same with the unseen tools of enhancing your senses, to become more aware of what is happening in your environment use your tools. The physical tools, like crystals, can also help to make the energy more palpable for you. I am extremely energy sensitive. I feel the slightest disturbances in the force lol. I started working with this 'gift' consciously since I was a teenager more because I had to than I wanted to.  In my younger years I used to think my biography should be called 'The path of a reluctant warrior', as I learned much because I had to to keep some form of sanity in my World. I do completely see the gift in my sensitivities now, and still have those days when I wonder what  I could have possibly been thinking when I choose this lifetime, however my '3rd base coach' has helped be see the humour in all of this. I am still working on mastering this skill, and it has been awhile, so remember to be gentle with yourselves along the way, as we are all a work in progress. I almost always keep a pendulum in my purse or pocket. I can use it to quickly tap into the energy if I need to. Sometimes in public it can be a challenge to get into the zone, or if I am teaching and need to be present in both worlds, the tools help be to be super sensitive very quickly and I can tune in and teach and talk all at the same time. I have to say I still find it a challenge to do the physical world stuff when I am doing the reading part of my shows. I sometimes have to really think how to turn things off and on for a few minutes while I re-acclimatize to this dimension. Even after the show I try not to plan earth things that require alertness as I am usually in this wonderful love state and like to stay there. I forget to return phone calls or what I was doing, so usually I take Bella for a walk and play in the garden or just enjoy the energy until I go to bed. Regardless how my day was before the show began, I always feel amazing after. Anyway...

Some of the crystals that can help you be more sensitive to energies are Quartz crystals, Selenite,  Calcite, and purple amethyst are a few that come to mind. All my crystals have a story of how they came to be with me and love them. I let them tell me what they are for and how to work with them. They can help to magnify the energy and help you become more aware of the signals. They also are wonderful teachers. Take some time to quiet yourself and ask the crystal what it wants to share in a meditation and then be open to the images and feelings that you get. Journal about it. The more you use the muscles, the stronger and more accurate they become.

If at first you don't succeed, keep trying. You will develop a new level of trust with your own natural guidance system as you see desired results in your life. As you play more with this, you will also see creation time become faster and finer the more you trust in yourself. You will also experience less obstacles  and frustrations along the way when you learn to trust your feelings on what is the next best step to take. You are always getting thoughts and feelings, and these are two of the ways your higher self, guides and angels give you messages and cues to help you along the way. 

Trust your bodies wisdom and you will have a brighter day! 
Love and infinite Light, Sharon
PS. If you are new to these assignments and extremely energy sensitive or an empath, see the article on Shielding  
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Calling All Angels Radio ~ Law of Attraction

Archives from May 31sts Calling All Angels Radio show including discussion  about the Law of Attraction, how to make it work in your life, a reading from Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael, a meditation on setting your intent and some mini angel sessions.

Join Sharon each week as she shares messages of love, transformation and healing from the Angels, Masters and other Beings of Lights. 6pm pacific/9pm eastern

Each week features a guide or angel. How they can assist us and working with their energy. Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. Mini Angel Sessions are offered in the last segment of the show.