Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million individuals and more than 2,000 businesses turned their lights off for one hour to take a stand against climate change. Only a year later and Earth Hour had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries/territories participating.  

In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Over 4000 cities in 88 countries/territories officially switched off to pledge their support for the planet, making Earth Hour 2009 the world's largest global climate change initiative.

On Saturday 27 March, Earth Hour 2010 became the biggest Earth Hour ever. A record 128 countries and territories joined the global display of climate action. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Asia Pacific to Europe and Africa to the Americas switched off. People across the world from all walks of life turned off their lights and came together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common - our planet.

Earth Hour 2011 will take place on Saturday 26 March at 8.30PM (local time). This Earth Hour we want you to go beyond the hour, so after the lights go back on think about what else you can do to make a difference. Together our actions add up.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sharon's Take - Winter/Spring 2011 ~ What a Journey

In the 8 years that I have been putting out a newsletter, this is the first time that I have missed a month, and perhaps by the time I finish this one another one will have gone by. I guess that is the my energy for the new year...not sure what is happening next.

As most of you know I was hurt by a resident at the nursing home I work part-time at last summer and have been on an interesting healing journey. I have been traveling most of this year to Kamloops (3.5 hours away on a good, clear sunny road) every week for therapy. That in itself has been quite the journey...I must share the picture of the blizzard I had to drive in, it was truly the most treacherous trip I have ever driven and I have been through several white outs before. There were often  no tracks to follow... you get the picture, and when the snow finally stopped  (or I left the storm), we hit dense fog. Needless to say, I did a lot of talking with my angels. Then the most remarkable thing happened,  they told me to focus on what I wanted. I said, 'clear, safe and dry' and so I began to repeat this mantra over and over out loud when suddenly I was able to see the road in front of me, not that far ahead, however enough that I knew I was actually on the road (there where times when I wasn't), and it was dry and safe. After an hour or two of this I began to let my mind wander elsewhere and sure enough, I suddenly couldn't see and the road was not clear, so I began the mantra this time I had actually made it into a rhyming song lol. Anyway, I thought I would share that little part of the journey with you so that if you get into bad weather or anything...Focus on what you want  and keep repeating the mantra to yourself...Anyway, I digress...on with the rest of the journey I wish to share... Through this healing journey, I have been unable to sit long at the computer and type, very limited... what should take me 30 minutes to type takes several hours. As well as the aphasic like symptoms of all this, I also struggle with saying/typing what is in my head... it has been interesting, and has gotten better each day.

It has been weeks since I actually started this message, and I actually have several half started ones that seem no longer relative or whatever, so now I want to call this message...

Spring 2011 ~ There is no place like home!

So, after 2 months of traveling each week, I am finally home. I do have to drive back one night next week, however that feels more tolerable. Hopefully I can actually finish this one and get out a newsletter this weekend. I have decided that I need to take a few days and get some sense of order in my life. First, I am not where I need to be to go back to work. Dealing with 'WorkSafe' has its own brand of Tramatic Stress that deserves its own syndrome name, as about 90% of those who find themselves in a work place incident can attest to I am sad to say. So let me just say, This has been a less than positive experience, where I have had the opportunity to Accept the things i could not change, and make some peace with where I am/was at and how to move forward from here in MY highest and best interest, for it is only I who see this important so far in this journey. I am working on a series of articles about this experience and shares from some of the wonderful lights I met along the way including one called...'The Darth Vader Experience' lol... so, provided I can get some typing done, I hope to share that soon. Anyway...Back to... there is no place like home.

I am so grateful to know that I am home for a few days with my Bella and Pepe. And am taking a few days to just breath and settle in. I never did finish transcribing the message for 2011 and can't find where the recording was anymore or where the transcription was, so I am concluding that this year must be filled with 'Expect the Unexpected and find the balance no matter where you are or what you find, and the courage to move forward anyway. " At least for me anyway. And through out this journey I have met some extraordinary people from all different walks of life, received some wonderful gifts of love and support to assist me in accepting this journey. I have also met some really 3d people that I have really had to look deep within myself to see what this is mirroring and what could possibly be the gift they are mirroring back for me except perhaps that most people aren't there yet. And if that last sentence makes sense to you, you have joined me in dimensions colliding lol. So here I am today sitting looking at the mess around me to unpack and needing to clean everything before I unpack, and totally seeing the metaphor of this with the current state of affairs in physical dimension and knowing that I don't have any clarity on tomorrow. I hope that your new year has started off with a bit more structure and clarity than mine, however I think that a lot of you are experiencing much the same as me with perhaps a little less intense drama I hope for your sake. I laugh again.

March brings us spring in the northern hemisphere, which I am completely looking forward to. Mercury turns retrograde at the end of March so now is the time to get the new seeds planted everywhere to grow in the physical plane before the end of the month. so... since I am late this month, you have a couple of weeks to get things going. Then spend the first part of spring working on those unfinished projects, life reviews and clearing of clutter... your spring cleaning in the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual house.  Begin a spiritual practice or daily ritual  of taking some time to do a review and keep focused. Adjusting the course as you go along and see where your headed. This is the year for us to work on our higher dimensional unconditional compassion and understanding for each other and developing that within ourselves as well. Find a working path for yourself that brings you into a state of joy, regardless of where you are. There is a quickening energy and many people feel that they need to find this path very fast. Relax and enjoy the journey, breath and take a pause and let each moment unfold in all the craziness' has been the main message my guides seem to want me to share with you as we proceed through the next little while on the earth plane and to trust in our own individual journey and not get caught up in the moment...'at least for every long they said with a smile and love that can only come from the other side'.

That feels like enough sharing at the moment and at least I should get some things I want to share out with my newsletter this weekend, as I need to take a break from being at the computer and stretch my arms and neck which are now numb...Okay, so I did not get it out last weekend, nor this one. I might have this one except that I've had no internet most of the weekend, a wee bit on Saturday, and none on Sunday. Interesting how we become so accustom to having internet, and when it is off for an extended period we feel so disconnected from our spiritual community.

Anyway, here I am now, and really it is only the now that matters anyway, and what we choose to do with that now. I have an online workshop coming up on Wednesday evenings March 23rd and 30th on doing a 'Life Review' Archangel Jeremiel and I will walk you through a review. It is being recorded if you are unable to attend live and for use doing regular reviews as part of your spiritual practice. This includes several meditations on separate recordings, and all for the amazing price of $25.00 cad. Also a reminder of the Munay Ki - Foundation Rites Workshop in Las Vegas April 29th to May 1st. This is a powerful workshop on your journey of becoming 'homoluminous'.

I will be in Vancouver for 2 weeks in April and a week or two in May. If anyone would like to book a private session for healing, readings or both, as well as offer any workshops send me an email.

Hope you all enjoyed the Supermoon on Saturday (March 19th) bringing in the equinox. Happy Spring my light family and many blessings to all, love Sharon, Bella, and Pepe. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today is the New Moon

Today is the new moon... this is a time to set your intentions for the
next cycle, trim and transplant your plants and begin anything new that
you have been wanting to create or bring to the physical reality....
enjoy your creations... xoxox