Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sharon's Take ~ What's been going on?

It have been awhile since I have had time to sit down and write up a Sharon's Take. Life has been busy, in good ways, and sometimes things just have to give.
I do miss taking the time to write up the information I get when I do my check ins to see what is happening on this wonderful planet we are inhabiting, and if you could read my mind, you would get the information as I do lol. We are getting there, but are not ready yet for that lol. We (and I mean 'we the people' not personal we's) haven't cleaned up our thoughts enough yet for that kind of connection on a regular basis yet. We are getting there, just not quite yet. 

I have started this blog a few over the years since I did them monthly, but never quite got it finished so I have kept adding on to it and updating it each time I had the time to write something from my heart. This has been partly due to time, and partly due to my lack of interest in the 'no change' in the past. What does that mean lol? I felt like I just kept repeating myself. More solar flares, more storms, more stuff coming up, release and let go, stop resisting the shifts...yadda, yadda,  yadda. Things were pretty much the same month after month after month. 

And well, slowly but surely things did begin to change. The changes weren't always easy, but we are in new energy now! And things kept right on shifting and we are in newer energy now lol.

I actually thought I wrote about it here on my blog, but as I look back I see that my last post was days before we evacuated from the wild fires of 2017. After we were able to return home, that is when I noticed how much things have changed and keep changing.

Now I know I don't see the world in the same way as most folks, and I am used to that, but, things have gotten a bit wilder as I learn to work in this new energy. I absolutely love it as things certainly are more magical, but there are days I have no idea what dimension I am experiencing and how to keep them all together in some sort of order so it makes sense. In a nut shell, It is a crazy, exhilarating, occasionally frustrating, and magical time to be alive in physicality trying to figure it all out. Pop me a message at the end to let me know how this past year has been for you.

One of the most remarkable things about this past year cosmically speaking is that we have not had a solar flare since September of 2017. Remarkable after the past 10 years of flare upon flare upon flare! We were getting more than 3 a week - sometimes even a day and then last year I notice them subsiding. The went down to 3 a month, then less, then nothing. I should say nothing, there has been activity, just not high enough for a flare. I actually miss them as I like the higher energy and although we are living in higher energy anyway now. The last ones we had were in September for an X class and October for an M Class.

The other remarkable thing I noticed was the increase in the Geomagnetic storms. Less or no flares but more and more frequent storms. The message from my guidance was that we were now moved further into the photon belt and things have changed. The lessening of the storms in 2018 lets me think that we are trying to settle in right now from this last summers big shift. Have you been feeling it?

Leading up to 2017 great shift, one of the messages that we repeated in my session was, "Swift Decisions, Trial by Fire, and Relationships Changing!" This started a few months before we had to run from the fires, and came up over and over again. When I landed in Vancouver after our 16 hour drive in a truck with my mother, 5 dogs and a cat and a few belongings when the wildfires were too close, I said to my guides, "You didn't tell me this 'trial by fire' I have been seeing wasn't a metaphor! they said that while we felt this shift in a big physical way, everyone was feeling like they were running through fire and that the shift was on.

Now here we are almost at the end of 2018 and we have been going through another shift and starting to see how things are working and doing in this new energy. One of the messages that I am feeling and one of the reasons it is so important to get this out there right now is things might be a little harried as we acclimatize to the energy. In other words, it might feel a bit overwhelming as not everyone is ready to embrace the changed and resistance emerges.

This is when many of the Lightworkers who weren't even sure what they came here for are needed to shine their light. It is time for us each to step up. The teachers and healers are needed to help others master their magic. No more dilly dallying, the time is now here. It's time to get on with this next wave.

I am still here, I am still working, writing more for paid assignments so less time to just write. I have been teaching workshops locally more, and less online over the past two years. I do miss my online groups and doing radio, but the right space and time haven't come back up.

I would love to start up a spiritual radio station again, just need the right human angels to step up and join me.

There is lots of changes going on right now. Be open the possibilities but don't get caught up in only one way working for you right now. Be open and trust.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Power of Thoughts and Feelings

When you master the power of thoughts, life begins to change in dramatic ways. The key is in understanding your feelings. The fastest way to get you there is to lighten up, chill out, and have some fun. 

The reason you feel emotions is because of the chemicals that are released into your body. The reason these chemicals are released in your body is because of the thoughts you think. Once you master the thoughts you carry, you are better able to master the world of feelings. If you aren't thinking negative thoughts, your vibration is higher, and you naturally find yourself in a positive space.
When you criticize yourself, feel unworthy, or put yourself down in some way, you are disconnected from your true self, your inner being, your higher self. When this happens, it is harder to find inspiration, feel connected to others, or even feel love. You literally create a barrier between you and source energy and it becomes harder and harder to be in this world.
Remember, no matter how justified you are in that negative emotion, it is what is stopping you from moving forward. You are literally messing up your future. Begin by finding moments that feel good and draw from them. Take the Angel Challenge and start the next 30 off with positive thoughts and feelings and don't miss a day. Watch how the magic and the light come back into your life. 

Your Angel Guidance is a Challenge to spend at least ten minutes each morning for the next 30 days learning about the Power of Thoughts and Feelings. In this book, write only wonderful thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life. 

Get yourself a journal or notebook to begin to journal. Only write wonderful thoughts and feelings about yourself and your life. When you spend time every day on wonderful thoughts and feelings, you will manifest the biggest dreams you have every had.

A great way work with your angels is to get Sharon's wonderful book at  Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing or get a kindle and read a page everyday!