Saturday, June 26, 2010

Exercising your psychic muscles from the Calling All Angels Show

The image I sent out this week was of a circle, the sound of the drum, and the words, as well as the image of a medicine wheel.

I enjoyed dancing around beating the drum lol...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Merlin – Tap into your Divine Magic through Sharon Taphorn

Merlin – Tap into your Divine Magic through Sharon Taphorn June 17, 2010

Invocation: I call upon the wonderful energy of Merlin to be with me this day and that I am a willing conduit for any message that you wish to share with us this day. I am thankful and grateful for all the wisdom that you have always been willing to share with me and that together we can assist others in their journey.

It is indeed a pleasure to work with you again this day. I gift you with the sword of truth that you carry within yourself and ignite its power. As each of you begins to explore and use your own magic, I am always happy to come and work with this realm. I do so only by request as it is time for each of you to know your own truth and what you would like clarity and further understanding on. It is an honour to work with those who are ready to expand and evolve. I do expect that the student is ready and willing when they choose to work with my energies and have much to share and teach. I have indeed been a part of many times on your earth and many of you who were from the times of Camelot will recall working with me then. Oh, it is not as it was portrayed on your movies, there are some not too far off stories. Those of you who were there know deep within you what is truth and what is added for entertainment. I will download to each of you who ask me this night with your memories of that time, so you can discern what is the truth for you. If you visit the place called Glastonbury, you will indeed feel as if you have been there before and it will feel like home. Take the magical trip within your hearts and feel the energy of that once magical time and place. It is time once again for the magic of Camelot to dwell in your hearts.

Begin working more with the magic of the crystal world. Many of you have these precious stones within your homes and lives, yet have not touched the great power and wisdom that are carried within. Use them regularly and thoroughly. Use them with healing work; use them in your meditations. Work with them and they will share much back with you. Create your own wands of magic and use them to create that which you desire and watch how fast you can manifest with them. Within each of you is the knowledge of how to work with the stones, it is only a matter of re-remember it once again. Learn to trust in the magic that is within you. Each of you has the power to channel the universal energy through your hands if you set your intent to do so and can be used in healing and as a spiritual practice in your lives. This is not giving away of your own energy, it is tapping into the column of universal energy that is available to all who seek it. Set your intention to do so and let the healing begin, for yourself and others.

Most of the time when a human begins to work with masters such as I, you do not trust the wisdom that is within you. That is indeed one of the biggest hurdles to jump across. Once you make that leap into faith, you are indeed emerging into the magic as you did in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, in the time of ancient Egypt and Camelot. It is within your cellular memory once you get past the fear that that powerful you of the past has left within. Thank you for wanting to learn more about me and ways I wish to work with your realm. When you are ready to study with me once again, call upon me and I will be there. I do expect that you are a serious student and do your part of the journey when are ready to do so. Merlin

Question: I have a numb hip and does this have something to do with a past life experience and is it connected with seed fear?

A: The numbness in your hip is indeed partially from a past life. You were pierced there with an arrow and as you grow and expand who you are, the vow you made that day upon your death needs to be cleared as you are reaching the same level of power now that you had at that time. It is also telling you to pay attention to your physical body and be sure to take care of it as well. Some gentle movement or dance will assist it in passing through as you do the work to process the vow. Strengthen the muscles that support you, and release as you have carried this with you for many lifetimes, and it no longer serves the new you that you are creating.

Question: I keep getting the Relationship and Love cards and yet I am not in a relationship nor do I have even a potential for one on the horizon, can you lend me some clarity to this?

A: You have been going through tremendous change and growth and with that your relationships are all changing so will go and new ones will come. Be open and know that you are in a time of new beginnings and are indeed attracting to you some potential new love interests, in both what you are doing and who you are doing things with. The message from the spirit world is to keep working on falling in love with you and what you do, laugh often and release that which doesn’t feel right to your new vibration. Follow what is in your heart, let go of the ego and the expectations and just be open to what happens ahead or around the corner. Trust that you have assistance in bringing to you that which you desire and just be love.

Question: I am in a relationship again with a person that I had a previous relationship with. Is it going to work out this time?

A: Enjoy the love and the romance that is your life now. Enjoy the moments of it. You are truly a romantic at heart and you love deeply, deeper than most and this often scares people from your life. One of the ways for you to work with your energy is to learn to love yourself. Know that you are a beautiful and loving being, and just be okay with who you are. That is enough. If you are in a partnership where the other person does not appreciate who you are, trust that you are better off alone or without them. And enjoy spending some time with you. Balance who you are and trust that you deserve all the wonders you want to create in your life.

Question: Could you please help me to know my element and symbol, along with the divine angels to pray with and the right colours for me. I really want to connect with my divine self and would appreciate if there is any special chants or prayers you can recommend for me.

A: What a beautiful question you have asked us this day. Begin by working with Archangel Raziel who can teach you of esoteric information and symbols. Begin using the star tetrahedron and as you prefect that, we will begin to teach you how to use the dodecahedron as well. Work with your group of guides and angels as well as your connection to your higher self. Spend time in meditation and work with clear quartz crystals and from there you will be guided further. Call upon the energy of St. Germain for he is a master who has much to share with you. As you expand your spiritual practice, you will be given information on working with all the colours in your spectrum and some that are not of this current plane. The clear quartz will assist you with this as well as it contains many colours and how they can work in your life.

COPYRIGHT © 2010... Permission is granted to copy and redistribute the Angel Wisdom on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.
thank you


Exercising your psychic muscles from the Calling All Angels Show

The image and sound that shared this week was a conch shell.

The sound and the spiral have been reported by a few people participating in the experiment. Also transmitted the spiral image that is on the other side of the shell.

I enjoyed the opportunity to play my shell all week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharon's Take June 2010

I've been trying to get my newsletter out and finished for a few days. I have a new baby in the house and he is taking up my time, climbing all over my desk and reprogramming my keyboard lol...

Welcome to mid June! It really is taking a while to get things done with this delightful ball of light in my house. Right now he has decided to play with my feet... yesterday it was my fingers as I tried to type... so here I am again trying to get things done and out. Pepè and Bella are playing together and I seem to be in the way lol.
With June well underway, many of you already are experiencing the energy of the month. Many are faced with issues leading to big transitions in their lives, with a solidity of grounding happening with the change. Others are making or desiring to make big shifts in their vibrational self and emerging into a deeper understanding of the self and the connection to each other and all that is.This is a month to hone and perfect some of your skills. Take a course in enhancing who you, are becoming while also completing some of the things the past, or undone projects. This is a time to prepare to move forward...onward and upward to the next phase. You might notice a big of tension in the air, especially with those who aren't doing the same heart centered process that most of us reading this are. Still, I've noticed a bit of tension at normal peace-loving spiritual sites too. It seems that the ego-3D world is trying to be processed and cleared in a few places. The universal energy says to meditate and feel your own centeredness and share your light. Use the power of your third eye to share energy of love to those situations you witness or are within through particles of light. Let your heart be your guide with colour and light and just be love. Trust in what your heart want so use, and infuse the area with that light.

I've started doing random morning meditations on The Shift Radio, based on my schedule and the radio schedule. Stay tuned to by checking the schedule at or on Playing with the Universe Spiritual Online Community, or find me on face book (or The Shift Radio on facebook) 

As well, I am getting some awesome questions to ask the Angelic/Guidance realms Master of the week and am happy to answer questions on the show of a more global aspect...meaning not really personal readings, however we do get some pretty amazing 'general answers' to reading requests. Spirit likes to answer questions to the benefit of all, not necessarily the one.  I welcome your letters and suggestions, as this helps me share topics that will assist us each on our journey and evolution.

I am offering a day of Developing your 6th Senses Workshop here in Williams Lake on Saturday June 26th. Send me an email if you are interested in attending.

Hope you are all staying centered in love and light, and remember

"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections." ~Unknown

and remember to smile... love Sharon, Bella, and Pepé

Here is my sweet little Pepé wielding the cards on desk
He is quite the ball of light.

As a way to thank you, I am again offering a contest to my readers for a 30 minute reading session. If you would like to have your name entered in the draw, send an email with contest in the subject line and include the email address you would like me to contact you through if you are the winner.This is open until the end of September. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

The Image I sent out last week was of a Heart... I sent out the words heart and love as well as the sound of a heart beating and the feelings of love...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goddess Nemetona- The Keepers of Sacred Spaces by Sharon Taphorn

Goddess Nemetona- The Keepers of Sacred Spaces by Sharon Taphorn June 3, 2010
Q: Do you have a message you would like to share with ‘we the people’ of earth.  

When I connected with Nemetona the energy of love was palpable. She connected through my heart chakra just as the beautiful trees in my yard do. I had not realized her connections with the labyrinth (a workshop I often teach) and am guided to build one here to use at my mothers and then she said to build one in the park for others to use as well. The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for transformation she shared, and is more powerful than we realize and that is why they are still around today.

I greet you this day with thanks and appreciation. Your love and connection to the beauty of earth pleases us greatly. You (pointing to me, Sharon) have great respect and honour your mother well. You are indeed a guardian of mother earth, that is why you can so easily feel and sense our connection. Many others can feel the connection and desire to be a part of your beautiful planet also; they feel her, and the destruction that is upon her in their hearts. WE say to you all to treat all levels of your earth with the love you do your own children – be they human, plant or animal. For many of you see the connection to all her beings.  Invoking me can raise the vibration within your gardens, the forests and creates more sacred spaces and yes, doing sacred ceremony helps the human make a stronger connection.

I am honoured to be called forth at any time when you are out in nature. I am the protector of sacred spaces, and these can be as large as a forest or as small as a balcony or even a window box. Invoke me before you enter into the beautiful meditative process of the labyrinth as well as building them for yourself. A labyrinth is a wonderful tool that can be created with rocks, sand and gravel, grass, tree cones and just about anything that allows you to make the pathway for you to follow. They can be as elaborate as you choose or as simple as you choose, what is most important is that you use them. Calling me into the experience will raise it to a new vibrational level for the user. The more one uses the gifts of the sacred spaces, the more powerful each experience becomes for you. Call me in anytime you are walking in the forests or pathways, as this will assist in making a stronger connection with your earth and will assist in your always feeling this connection. I am a part of it, whether you call upon me or not and I will always continue to send my healing light.

Begin each day with ceremony, I will guide and protect you. This too will enhance your daily experience and make your journey here a more enjoyable experience. Treat each day as you would a sacred workshop and watch how your life begins to be more of what you imagined it to be.

For those who live near sacred sites and power centers you are already in a higher vibrating frequency and so our connection is automatically stronger when you set your intent. I am always available to help in the healing of the people and ask that you connect to this part of your purpose. For those in these areas are indeed the one who chose to be guardians of the sacred spaces.  There are many places on your earth plane that are sacred that are not in your history books. If you feel the sacredness of an area, trust in that. Do a meditation and feel what the area has to share with
you. Speak with the indigenous people of the area and find out where their ancestors gathered for sacred ceremony and do your own research. It will amaze you as to how many of you are keepers of sacred spaces, but then, you know within your hearts, it is your heads that need the convincing.
Q: I live in a place that has high vibrating energy, and yet there is a lot of crime and anger against each other here. Can you help us better understand this and how we can help?

A: Oftentimes the ignorance of the energy in a highly vibrating space like Williams Lake can cause an adverse effect to those who are sensitive and they cut themselves off from the energy. That is what is experienced by many around this area. They have become so disconnected from the earth and the years of bad medicine within the communities has taken its toll on the children. These beloved children are so very sensitive that disconnecting is the only way they know how to survive, until someone teaches them a better way. Teach them by example, as they will only trust you if you walk the talk yourselves. Meditation and healing circles can help in the healing. As will love and respect for all and this means everyone and every living thing...and everything is living. When the people of earth begin to wake up to this connection, the true healing will then begin. Each one of you who is making a difference with your love is assisting with that healing.

Closing statement:

It is not mother earth who needs your healing so much as it is the people who are a part of her, however in your attempts to send her love and healing you are indeed helping each other, so carry on.  Remember the sacredness in each experience that you choose to have. And start each day with ceremony. I am honoured to be called forth and to share with you on creating heaven on earth. Thank you, Nemetona.

After working consciously with Nemetona this week, I can feel the energy in my yard differently. I am more connected and feel wonderful waves of love when I go outside as soon as I go out the door. I can sense the energy from my office when I connect with my trees and love the feelings that are created. I am also being called to explore some of the sites around here and to make more connections with some of the areas. Love Sharon

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

The Image I sent out last week was of a door opening.

It is interesting how many of you picked up a similar image...some a rectangle some many doors... keep up the good work.

I am also sending out the word of the image too for those of you who work better with words...Enjoy!