Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I miss you

Its been a year since you left us
It seems like yesterday
You touched so many lives
You are truly missed
There is an emptiness in our lives,
Which words cannot express,
So we try to focus on the love,
we try to make the best
We miss your smile, yet can remember it in our hearts,
We hear you tell a joke that makes us laugh, and know that you are near
Forever in our hearts
We Miss You!

I love you Dad

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Good bye my sweet angel

Today our precious Gabby went to heaven to join the Angels....

I am so thankful for the love that you shared and taught me....

I will miss you...and I know that you are off playing with Ruby once again...

love Mom

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - August 2009

Welcome to the energy of the '8'.

On the west coast we have been experiencing a heat wave, seems appropriate to represent the energy of transition we have all been going through as we search for our clarity and balance.

August energies will bring about a juggling act between the infinite and the finite with the ebbs and flows of the energy. Waves of ups and downs, yet not the extremes many of us have been experiencing over the last 3 months. Be conscious of the the lows and use them as constructive times of placing loving thoughts within the mass consciousness. Always remember, you can choose to be centered in love at all time, regardless of the circumstances of your surroundings.

Overall, this month will bring about he changes many of you have been working towards as you see your concrete and clear goals manifesting in the physical. It is now time to enjoy the outcome of all the hard work, however be cautious of over indulgence, especially in nutritious intake, as out physical bodies are wishing to better taken care of. Many will continue to see transitions in the beginning of the month in their physical surroundings, at work, in relationships, in the home, with some unexpected revelations. Step back and look a the gift and bigger picture to see that these revelations and changes are indeed blessed.

Changes in relationships and the depth of these relationships will also change for many, as the vibration of the individual raises - those that vibrate to differently will drift apart and many will be attracting that healthy, balanced relationship they have been waiting so long for.

Also during this time these will be much personal shifting as each one opens and expands to becoming a being of Love. Trust and tune into your inner guidance. Spend that time in inner retreat with your higher self - your beautiful inner being that is always connected to you, and all that is simultaneously - you have the talents and the skills.

Follow your dreams, seek conscious balance in your relationships with all, Now is the time to create these opportunities you have been longing for in your heart and soul. Blessed be to you all in each step in your journey of recalling your magnificence.

Check out the Wise Women's Festival in September. There is plenty of wonderful events and great people gathering together in Love. See and hope to see many of you there.

Enjoy the energy of August, and your enhanced connection to the Divine, as well keep your focus on your creations, keep your thoughts positive and if you find yourself feeling the effects of the shifting energy levels, take a few moments and focus on your breath, focus on your heart, focus on something or someone you absolutely love and connect with mother earth.

Have a blessed month, Love Sharon and the guys