Friday, November 1, 2019

Sharon's Take - November 2019

Even though we are in a Mercury Retrograde this November, it is also a good time for forward movement. Mercury does slow things down, but it also shows you how things are going too. It is one of the things I love about mercury retro, it shows me what needs to be revised. It also shows me patience as oftentimes things have to be redone too. Oh well, practice makes perfect, someone who makes a lot of mistakes must have said lol. 

I know not everyone love mercury retro like I do. I continually hear people cursing this wonderful time instead of learning how to make it the most productive time you get to work with. Here is a wonderful take from someone else who knows that you just need to start looking at mercury from a different perspective: 
If you must shop on black Friday and you must by techy things on the Monday, remember to buy the extended warranty!

Doing some reflection or a life review is always good during this phase. I always like to take a deeper look to make sure I am on course with my goals and plans. Sometimes it is a bit of an eye opener as we can get off course or even find a new path that is more appealing. Some of you may find a love from the past coming back around or even a new project or path that is more in keeping with this new you that has been emerging. One thing is for sure, if you have been doing your work you will find you are having more synchronistic events and intuitive understandings happening for you. 

When the wheel of fortune is on your side it is important to take action. Even though this is a usually a slower time or a time to slow down, taking chances right now will help you in many ways. The rewards will feel like a wave once it starts moving, so don't delay in making choices that speak to your heart, and following your intuition when it speaks to your soul. 

There is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for, and much more going on than often meets the eye. Trust that you are on the right and best path for you. If you weren't another one would be lit up to show you the way. Trust in the wisdom of your experiences to guide you. Pause and observe when you feel inclined to do so and take time out for what matters most to you. 

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Sharon's Take ~ Getting your Shift Together and Letting Go Autumn 2019

This last quarter has been an amazing experience. I felt that this is a good time for an energy update. We just passed the autumn equinox and so it is a good time to look back, look forward, but most of all, be present in the now.

On my last update I was looking for a new home to practice when The Hobbit House closed down... I am still sad and really miss the place and the people, but things do move on. I am pleased to share my new sacred space 
complete with a faerie blessing my room (in this picture he is on my purple meditation shawl on the chair). I love my new space and love to see people in it. Great energy and great people in the shop to work with too. I love the story of  how this wonderful little space came into my life...

I had been out west sharing my work and came back needing a place to practice. I had not found anything affordable or with the right mix of energy. So when I got back I asked my guides to help me find a place to work. 2 hours later I had a bit of time to check my emails. There was an email from a friend on facebook talking about a new business she started up. I went to click on it to help promote her listing on facebook. When I got to the page, there was a note about also having a room to rent so I decided to check it out...I loved that the email came to me at 11:11. 24 hours later my room was set up for business and ready to go. 

I haven't really stopped going since then. I think it was my Mom who said "Be careful what you wish for" lol. I am thrilled to have a space to practice once again and love that this one is all mine. It feels good to have a place to practice once again. I also the synchronicity of it all too. If you are local, come down and check out my wonderful sacred space (or séance room as my dad used to call my space in Vancouver and I heard him say when I closed the door of putting it all together lol). 

So, here is my take on the energy over the next quarter...

We have a mercury retrograde coming up at the end of the month. Expect all hallows eve to be an interesting time lol. My guides had been talking with me about the importance of letting go of stuff, so that usually means it is time for a review, which also usually means we have a mercury retro period coming up and we do lol. I like to use this time wisely, so I am thankful for knowing they are coming. Remember, we are here to master these times, so learning to appreciate them is part of it. 

I find the shifts now are more subtle than they have been over the past decade. We are now getting used to this energy so we don't feel the shifts as much on a physical level, but need to step back a bit and take a look at the bigger picture. It really helps gain clarity. Using labyrinths can help us too. I am such an encourager of these kinds of tools. Sound Meditations are another great tool for letting go. Both these tools are fantastic accelerators of the process. 

More people are getting curious, opening up and seeking out alternatives in both healing, consciousness and life. It is what we lightworkers have been waiting for and many of you are stepping up to take your place in this great shift and we are thrilled with what we see in the young people. I have some amazing sessions over the past few months will traveling and seeing clients here. I feel the difference is the depth of the questions and the spirit of the awakening ones. It is an exciting time to be here for sure. 

There is a wave happening and it is bringing with it spiritual growth, transformation, and traditional viewpoints changing. Seek out mentors and groups of a similar vibration or start creating your own, the people are ready and it is time to step up into your contracts lightworkers, crystals, and indigos, you are needed to shine your light, even in the darkest of places. Remember that love is the most powerful force in the universe and don't let anyone dull your sparkle as you process. Some will try and it doesn't always feel good when you are living it, but know that these episodes will be shorter lived as you step more fully into your power. 

This is a good time to release the past. There is no point crying over spilled milk, see the gift, dust yourself off, and move on so that you can get the important things done you came here for. There are trustworthy people and situations for you to move towards, do it now, change your life, and know that some really exciting, life altering changes are happening. Get your shift together and change what isn't working for you now. Let nothing hold you back from your quest. 

Remember to hold the thoughts you want to create. Trust that your emotional and material needs will be met, you aren't alone and your angels have your back. Here is a great angel message from last week as reminder

Love Sharon and the guys 
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