Friday, August 8, 2008

the magic of 080808

Today holds the magic of the 8-8-8, even though it is truly an 8-8-1 as it is really 2008 which adds up to 10=1 Creator....anyway... that adds up to 17=8... so today is truly an 8 day and olds the vibration of 8 and x 3 in the energy, and therefore holds a powerful vibration. It also holds a powerful vibration in the thoughts of many lightworkers and muggles as well.

8 energy is all about the awareness of both the spiritual and physical realms at the same time... by spiritual I mean, any dimension other than the one that most of us humans are living in...some of us do live in different ones while still here tee hee... anyway...

Today is about realizing and connecting with all those other beings of light from other dimensions of time and space are here to assist us... here to help.. we need only ask.. we need not put limits on what we would like to create... we need not tell them how we want to create things here... we need only to ask that these things be created... get out of our own way and pay attention to the signs and people who might assist us that are put in our path... hold the focus of the outcome...not how we are getting there... work towards creating that as if it here, and keep moving toward that goal....

Today is about realizing our potential as spirit beings having a human experience... my meditations have been so filled with love and clarity over the last few has astounded me... I expect today to be a powerful vibrational shift for those who wish to feel the energy of this most beautiful day!


Love and Light... Sharon and her posse...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sharon's Take - That which no longer serves us

July was an interesting month of transitions for me, and a wonderful energetic experience.

I produced and hosted 2 - 3 hour specials for Utopia Radio. That was such an exhilarating experience. The second show came about from questions during the first show as a special request from the listeners. This was such a great honour for me to do and I thank all of you who requested it and had me stretch myself even more. I truly love these challenges and know that they accelerate my understanding of the life the universe and everything...For those of you who didn't read my Specials announcements, I did one on Working with the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, and a Awakening your Lemurian Energy. The Lemurian Energy special has guest interviews, an Elven meditation given by David Bower, a meditation from me to awaken your lemurian energy, then Wilhelmina and Anja came in and gave some Lemurian Codes. It was an amazing experience. Archives are available at for these specials as well my other weekly shows and the rest of the Utopia family. There are some amazing shows to listen to, many of them give you readings with the guides and angels, cards and more.

I also became involved with a group of people who want to create a center for healing, we started The Shift Center for Healing and Awakening. This has always been one of my dreams to create a place for lightworkers to gather and heal and share. However, just as things were almost ready....things went a rye and now it exists in the heart of a few left and a thought and a website... so if you are out there and want to be part of such a creation... please send me an email at .

August is the 8th month, and holds the date of 080808, many lightworkers are celebrating on this day. I encourage you to join in a meditation (even if only with you and the etheric beings). I had planned events for that day, however with no physical place to hold them at this moment in time, I am unsure of the particular details and may be holding something online.

Eight turned on its side is the symbol for infinity, so the 8 reminds us of our connection to both the spirit or non physical world and the physical, 3d world. The key to working with 8 energy is to remain in the center of the loop, balance both worlds. I am of a 8 life path, therefore work in the 8 energy at all times. During the July we experienced high photon levels and start today with 7.75 - anything over 5 is high, we have spent the last few weeks in high levels, so if you noticed people fighting, yelling, strange or unusual behavior in those around you, it is because when the photon levels are high, things we have not dealt with surface... this is a forerunner of what will happen to those who haven't started processing things before the shift. When we are in the photon belt, the levels will be higher than we are currently experiencing, it is therefore important for us to transform our thought processes, release fear, and those energies which no longer serve us, the more we release and transform, the more we return to love and forgive ourselves, the more we awaken to the oneness of our interconnectedness to each other, the faster peace on Earth will be realized. We can't carry 'negative thoughts' into this new energy. I found that in the past few weeks many of us have experienced 'dark nights of the soul' (deep feelings of this journey worth it... family members bringing up perceived past wrongs... unfinished emotions....) this is the stuff we need to process, if you did not complete it this time, it will probably be a tad more dramatic the next time.... however... you should feel less intense energy by the middle of August and dropping a wee bit to the 4's for the rest of the month, should give most of us the break we need...especially the empaths. August is a fantastic month to start a new mediation practice, as in this month of infinite you should notice an intensity in your meditations this month. I have a Meditation Cd and Book - Mediations for the Awakening Spirit that should be out this month...stay tuned to my site or emails as I will be sending out a notice when it is available. I also have an MP3 available now of a Memory/Brain rewiring enhancement techniques and meditation available now on my articles and products page. Please check out my site for more information.

Enjoy the month of Evolution, of infinite potentials, and expanded awakenings within....

From my heart....Sharon