Sunday, January 27, 2013

6 Qualities & Virtues for 2013

I asked the angels for guidance to assist us in our development for the coming year. They offer to us, six qualities and virtues upon which we can focus to assist us in our personal and spiritual growth during the New Year.

We enter a new cycle each January 1st as we are attuned to the Gregorian calendar and have been following this cycle for quite some time. It is therefore a most auspicious time to do a bit of reflection upon what we would like to see happen for ourselves and setting our intent to make it so.  


What drives you to get things done? Keep your focus on activities that both excite your mind and inspire your spirit. By understanding and utilizing what motivates you into action, you are then working at your highest potential and growing as a spiritual being.

“I am motivated by my desire to seek new opportunities and expanding growth in the New Year.”
Sometimes the first step in the journey is the hardest. Trust that your angels will bring you opportunities that you cannot miss and to give you the courage to carry out your plans.



It is a time of personal and spiritual growth, A time to empower yourself with grace, wisdom and knowledge. Do not be afraid to exercise your rights in all situations that call upon you to be strong. You are not alone and are surrounded by angels who want nothing more than to support you as you become the powerful beings you are becoming.

"I feel the strength and love within me that is of Creator Light. If I am afraid or unsure, I remember that I am loved, I am surrounded by support and I draw my strength from this knowledge."

If things around you feel uncertain and you don't know where to go or what to do next, take a moment and call upon Archangel Michael to comfort you. Call upon the Master Jesus and ask to feel his strength and love, and call upon the Almighty Creator of all that IS to enlighten you with understanding and compassion. Let no one diminish you as you are all beautiful sparks of Creator inspired Lights and you are loved for walking the path of human.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Experience is your Teacher and Wisdom is your Guide with Mary Magdalene

Experience is your Teacher and Wisdom is your Guide with Mary Magdalene

January 13, 2013 with Sharon Taphorn

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to work with my light and trusting that there is so much more than you have been taught of the past. Those of you who journeyed with us know of what I speak for within you is the memories of that time. Anytime there is a huge event on the earth plane, those who choose to come forward and reincarnate on the planet carry the cellular memories of those momentous times. You do not always understand these feelings however you know that they are there. When you reach a similar advancement or situation in your time, these feelings become more palpable and oftentimes need to be healed so that you can move forward as you were meant to be and do.

There are significant life events happening on earth that have been a long time in coming and these powerful revelations will lead to the changes that you have been dreaming of. They are happening with each event you deem a disaster, with sadness and sometimes horror. They are happen for those of you who find love and forgiveness and seek greater knowledge and understanding. It is paramount that you each find this in yourselves as this is the path of the awakening ones. It is not a path outside of you, but an inner journey. Be sure to find ways to be of service to your fellow man as you are embarking on these changes. You, the lightworkers, are the ones who lead the way and are the way showers for those that follow.

Expect many wondrous things to happen and as you expect, you will receive. Be prepared to do the work that leads you where you want to go as that is also a part of a finite experience. Learning to work with your natural magic is truly a part of the human expression and all of you are magical creators waiting to take your power. Spend time nurturing and honing your skills and expanding your senses as that is what brings magic to your world, as you do this, the world around you changes and you will see things from a different view and light.

Decide now what it is you want or how you want your life to look or you might feel as if outside forces are conspiring against you. Trust that they are not; they are just trying to help you decide what it is you desire. We wish to remind you that you are always aware at a soul level what is transpiring for you and each night when you enter into your dream times, you can rewrite the scripts and begin again in morning. Each day is truly a new day in which to create. Should you find yourself in a sleepless night, dream of good thoughts and positive changes to begin to manifest them in your world and the longer and more often you can think of these, the closer they become.

Celebrate each victory, no matter how small you deem it. Feel the love and joy in all that you do and make room to have more fun no matter what is happening or what you are doing. It helps to add creativity and openness which brings in inspirations and ideas that will help you find alternatives that you had not previously thought of. It gives your guides and angels opportunities to connect and let you know they are near.

Find your childhood innocence and let it be an active part of you as you are seeing the world through new eyes as you awaken your sensitivities and learn to trust your intuition and your guidance. Have patience with yourselves as it a process that is unfolding as it should. Think carefully and consider what you are wanting and then begin the action steps that are necessary to create this in the your physical word and you will feel joy, contentment and gratitude for a job well done knowing that it will be.

A pause in action often means that you are needing to let the timing of everything to fall into place. Take this time to review everyone’s motives including your own and be sure to honour each other’s truth. Speak your truth with kindness and understanding as you deal with all challenges or obstacles, and use this time to discover the most sensible approach that works for you.

When your seeds are planted, nurture them and they will grow. Trust that when everything is just right, they will sprout forth and begin to grow. Such is the way with your life. Worry not, as that will bring you more of what you do not want. Trust that your garden will bear fruit and provide you with all that you need or desire. When the time is right to harvest your garden, you will know and then it will be time to move on once again, as there is something more that will follow. When you feel a temporary pause in what is happening in your life, it means things are getting ready for the next stage and all aspects are finding their place. Be prepared for action, it will come swiftly when the time is right.

Know that you are moving on to greater thing through your personal and spiritual growth. You will be drawn to new things and sometimes completely different paths than you had envisioned for yourself. Your likes, loves and even your dislikes will change. How you see yourself and your place in the world is shifting and so very soon how others see you will be anew. Keep up the good work and keep going. Job well done and so it is time to begin again at this wonderful level of love and understanding that is awakening within you.

Mastery is the path you seek and good news is on the way. The years of hard work and honing of your skills will bring about the recognition or awards that you seek. Do not rest upon your laurels as there is much more to be done. Expect the best and let that be your self-fulfilling prophecy. Heal what needs to be healed and take the time to find you footing and get right back up and assert your independence and creativity for the next project in your development.

You are each on a path to enlightenment of a great aspect and awareness of who you are. You are beautiful and powerful beings of God Light and a particle of this energy dwells within all of you. Nurture and feed that particle so that it begins to glow bright and brighter until it is visible all around you and as you do this, you will know great love, understanding, and wisdom. You will begin to understand there is so much more than you can possibly imagine and that indeed a transformation of conscious understanding is taking place and you are expanded your view of yourself and your world.
Many events happening right now are powerful opportunities that lead to change on mass and that is why they are put upon the path. Change your life to be in balance with your visions now and you will be making the most of those opportunities to advance your awakening and initiation into the higher levels of light and love.
The need for spiritual balance is important, so find the path that leads to moderation, co-operation and sometimes even compromise. Balance your emotional and mental energy so you can speak your truth with confidence and clarity. Do not let competing goals stand in the way of your progress as this will lead to tests of spirit that may require you to seek out professional advice or at the very least, time to recover to find your footing once again. Trust that love will help you find the answers and guide you where you need to be and let the experience be your teacher and your guide.
Finding that place of peace inside you is a most desired state. Especially when there seems like too much is going on all at once and you might perhaps lose your mind, if there was anything left to begin with. Consider a more playful approach that helps you view things from a different perspective. See the humour and the gift, as this vital for keeping your sanity and away from stress-related concerns or illnesses. Accept help from others, or delegate what needs to be done so that you can find the time to get your bearings and to feel safe and secure in the decisions you make. Finding your spiritual balance requires you to look at all four bodies, the physical, emotional, and mental to lead to the spiritual evolution you desire.
Let yourself find the balance that works with your integrity and your own moral compass. This is your truth and it is ever so important for you to find this place of peace within you. Be the spiritual aspirant, be the seeker of the light and with this comes the 'seers' initiation into higher realms of light, peace and balance. Renew your love of life and let all of your concerns fade away as your wishes, dreams, and desires come true.
The sun always rises again in the morning, regardless of the night, so have confidence that a new day is dawning. Let your brilliant new ideas be reflected all around you and lead you to the success that you seek. Trust the power of your creativity to help you end any difficult situations so that you can be up and off onto another journey at this new level of love, understanding and enlightenment. A new trip awaits your journey.
A need to Release that which no longer serves you will come with each cycle. You are nearing the end of a phase in your spiritual transformation and it is important for you to ensure that you have brought an end to a difficult situation so that you can move forward to this next phase that is ready for you now. It is just waiting for you to step up and do the completions at hand. It is time to move forward and every cell within your being knows and feels this and sometimes it even feels like there is a cellular revolution going on inside, and well, there is.
As you release any ties that bind you to the past, you will experience the freedom you have been longing for. You will find the magic in every little thing in your life as you expand your understanding and embrace the change that is happening all around you. This is what is helping you create the home life you desire and to see the manifestations of your dreams and desires. Expect things to get better now and they will. You are indeed creating heaven on earth.
Evaluate and review. It is time for an assessment of the facts, figures and feelings that have been created as you begin to move on in this new direction. There is a desire to search for something more meaningful for you in your spiritual and emotional work. This is the time to call upon your guides and angels that are part of your entourage of light beings to help you make objective decisions from the higher perspective of spirit. Clear away what no longer serves you as it is time to move in this new direction right now and we await your arrival.
Feeling as if you have too much work or any unnecessary worry about what you are creating or what is manifesting can lead to stress related illnesses and health concerns that are not a necessary part of your journey. When you feel these feelings, immediately release them and realize that there are others who can help you do the work and you can get your life back into balance. It is always most important for you to be in that place of peace, balance and harmony with your world so that you can know that you are at your best and highest use and service to the Creator, the Universe and all that is.
I am honoured to be called into service to and for the people. I offer you my wisdom with love, understanding and strength and to assist you in becoming the High Priest/Priestess's that you are each becoming on your path to creating you’re a brave new way. I thank thee my beloveds, Mary Magdalene
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights

Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Isis Awakening with Sharon Taphorn

Awakening with Isis
by Sharon Taphorn January 8th, 2013


Greetings my beloveds, we are so grateful for this opportunity to share and work with those who seek the higher path. For eons of time we have been in the mystery schools experiencing our awakenings under cloak and secret. It is such a fortunate time to be alive as we experience this energy openly and freely as it was meant to be. You are indeed powerful beings and as you learn how to use this power, with love, guidance and wisdom, you will see greater change happening at an even faster rate than ever before on this current realm of earth. 
Many of you have been experience great shifts over the past few weeks, months and for some years and it is now coming to a culmination and you are vibrating at a new level. It will be a learning process as you get to know how to work with your new talents and skills and it will be an interesting time indeed. 
Allow the process to unfold. For some it seems a time to regenerate and recuperate, for other this is a splendid time for expansion and growth. It is important for you to be yourself and explore your journey of self-discovery and expand your spiritual teachings and understandings for you. Make a commitment to yourself to embark on some kind of spiritual journey, as that is the best way for you to find a sense of balance in what can feel at times like a world gone mad. 
Seek understanding and you will find a direction for yourself. If you are unsure of which way to go, ask spirit to help light your way. Stretch you wings, for you are ready to fly and find your place within the stars. Try new adventures, experience new ideas and sensations and your place in your world. Dream big and do not underestimate yourself or your powers of creation. You are a creative and enterprising soul who is on earth to experience a journey of enlightenment and awakening to a grander aspect of yourselves. You are here to carry the light of your home, your ancestors and our love, to allow it to expand and transform your lives, your understandings and the weave of All that Is.
You are powerful. It is time to fully take your power. Each of you has the god strength and power within you and it is time to learn to work with it so you can better serve yourself and humanity, for how can it be of service to you and not for the better of humanity as the two go hand in hand. Recognize the creativity and love that dwells within you as these are the tools that will assist you on your journey. These are your resources and they are yours to utilize and expand to help you and others along your path.
Sometime you get bogged down by the trials and tribulations that are happening all around you and it distracts you from your chosen mission. Sometimes these feelings come from past lives and you are wanting to complete them in this cycle, yet don't know where to start. Begin by relaxing and thinking of a time when you did not have these thoughts and feeling and ask that it be shown to you why you made this commitment or agreement. And they when you have better understanding of its origins, you can transform it back to love, reassign it a new role or just let it go.
Find the balance in your world. Meditation can help to bring you peace and healing as well as clarity and understanding. Seek out mentors and like-minded friends to help you in your growth and understanding, and also to support you and for you to support them. New spiritually based friendships with a basis in love are what is important to develop and for you to build upon unity and co-operation and even sometimes compromise as you discover how to live within the new energy of earth.
I am always happy to assist anyone who is trying to find the balance in their home, family and spirit. This is often a challenge when your beliefs are not the same, and the energy of compromise and love are called upon to mediate and bring about healing to everyone involved. See that everyone has their own point of view.  You don’t necessarily have to agree with it, you just have to acknowledge and accept their truth. This helps you see the bigger picture or the grander plan. We can also help you see the bigger picture from the vantage point of a past life to help you heal in all dimensions of time and space, the past, the present and the future so that the scenario can  be complete and you are ready to move on to something more. 
Take a breath. Take a break. Events are occurring at great speed right now. If there seems to be too much work piling up for you, ask others to help you as your life is becoming out of balance with what needs to be done and what you think you should be doing. Take the time to really look at all your projects and commitments and be sure they include time for your growth, expansion and rejuvenation. If you do not do this for yourself, you often manifest stress-related health concerns and illnesses. Ask and Accept help from others as well as your guides and angels. 
If you feel uncertain about what is happening in your life regarding your jobs, careers, finances and perhaps the very location you live, take the time to carefully review all your options and ask your angels and guides to help to show you alternatives  and creative solutions. Be sure to not let fear get in your way or be your dominant thought as this is often the very hurdle that stands in your way. Take the time to really look deeply and make your choices and decisions for yourself from the broader perspective of you. 
This is the time to plan. This is the optimum time for you to explore what is coming your way so that if you choose to make corrections to your course, you can do so with ease. You know what you would like to create, it is just that the how often gets in the way. Or perhaps it’s your thoughts on the how’s that gets in the way. By this we mean, do not let your fears or past experiences cloud or intrude on the future ones that are coming your way. Regardless, this is a great time to venture forth with new ideas and inspirations and prepare to bring them into the physical world. Things look promising if you are brave enough to act and confidently accept the opportunities that are coming your way.
Clear away what no longer serves you or your growth. Oftentimes things are kept out of duty and obligation, be they thoughts, feelings or things, and it is time to let them go. See the gift and the humour from the experience and move on in a new direction. Let the memories of the past be that and keep the love. You are so ready for the next steps with this newness that you feel born within you, and know that it is finally time. Plan the garden that you wish to grow and then begin the planting, and nurturing and you will be rewarded with a great bounty and in many ways.
Tune into your intuition. You receive important insights about events you choose to focus upon. Release any fears that hold you back from trusting your intuitive side and developing your natural ability to know. It is safe for you to be powerful and part of your power comes from learning to trust yourself and your feelings. Think back to memories of the past where you trusted yourself and got the results you desired and remember that it can be yours again.
As you learn to trust yourself once again, you will look at your life and your world from a different perspective and it is important for you to see things from this vantage point as it gives you greater understanding into life the universe and everything.
If you feel there is a standstill or you are unable or unwilling to make a decision, it can be that things are lining up and finding their place for when you are ready to act and take those steps. Trust in the Universe, as it completely trusts in you.
Stay optimistic. Keep your focus. You are entering a time of creating your desires, and things are looking up. Visualize it as the end of a cycle and you are about to embark on a whole new beginning. This is a good time to take a trip or a time out from the world and get your focus and drive back and once again feel impassioned with your life and your world. Spend time alone in quiet meditation and continue your voyage of self-discovery as that is the most important trip.
Open yourself up to receive and allow for an inflow of abundance to come your way. Be open to new possibilities and new ways of thinking as you are in a new time and things that didn't work before just might now and the things that were working previously now aren't or no longer are important to you. As you shift and change so will your likes and dislikes. Listen to your body, listen to your heart and let them be your guide on what is right and best for this new you that is emerging. 
Do what you know is right and just and make decisions with spirit as your co-pilot and us as your guide. Stand up for your beliefs and do so with confidence and love. As you move on in a new direction, you know that you loved, and surrounded by support always. 
Journey with me to the mystery schools of old, as the time is right. Journey with me to ancient times, and together we will re-remember your significance and magnificence, it is time for this energy to return to the power of the people. I AM ISIS and I thank you

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights
Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Calling All Angels ~ Spiritual Transformation tonight

On this weeks show Sharon will share a message and working with Mary Magdalene, a meditation, Working with your guides and angels and receiving your own messages of love, and some mini angel sessions.

Join Sharon each week as she shares messages of love, transformation and healing from the Angels, Masters and other Beings of Lights. 6pm pacific/9pm eastern

Each week features a guide or angel. How they can assist us and working with their energy. Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. Mini Angel Sessions are offered in the last segment of the show

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Magic of Merlin

The Magic of Merlin

December 30, 2012
through Sharon Taphorn

This is a time for significant change for the people of earth and therefore a significant change for all realms and dimensions that interact and exist with your current earth experience. Camelot was one of those earth experiences that often is thought of as myth or folk lore, except in the minds and hearts of those who are re-remembering who they truly are.
Working with Master Merlin: Merlin is a delight for me to work with and is a master that I have worked with since childhood. I can remember as a child feeling dismayed by the stories of King Arthur, Merlin and Camelot of not being accurate, however when I do see a move or read a message that rings true to my memory of Camelot I am always thrilled. I have memories of that time and have always dreamed of Glastonbury and Camelot and that time of long ago.

There is some schools of thought that say Merlin was an earlier incarnation of Saint Germain, I however feel completely different energies with them apart from the fact that I feel that Saint Germain worked with Merlin’s teachings on Alchemy and transformation. Merlin is the quintessential wise sage wizard often portrayed in movies like Dumbledore or Gandalf the Grey, and that is often how I sense him, whereas with Saint Germain he is more the life of the party.

Call upon Merlin at any time you want to have greater understanding of crystals and stones, which are very powerful tools. I have some powerful wands or medicine sticks that I use to help me manifest and crystals I use in healing. Merlin will instruct you or guide you to the right stones and teacher as need be. Shape Shifting and Time warping are two areas that I love to experiment with under the guidance of Merlin and I particularly encourage the brave young ones (soul and earth aged) to ask for Merlin to oversee all of your activities when you are experimenting with energy, crystals and how powerful you truly are. I have witnessed, and worked with portals and other dimensional beings that have been opened or called in by humans ‘playing’ with the energy without realizing how powerful they really are.

Merlin can help you develop your sixth senses and hone your skills. He is wise, kind and loving as well as a dedicated teacher. Ask for him to assist your growth and he will guide you or help you find a Master to work with that is appropriate for you purpose.

A Magical Life Experience

I am most honoured to be called upon by those who wish to cultivate and develop their spiritual understanding and growth. The true seeker is always a welcome and willing student and I am happy to assist in your growth. Take a sensible approach to mastering the walk the life and remember to include a balanced approach to all aspects of your life. This means to understand your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds as they all need to find balance in order for you to be of your best and highest purpose to be in service to all that is.

First and foremost, open your heart and your mind to the possibilities that there is more. Focus your energy and talents on becoming a more compassionate, trustworthy and respected person and friend and you will naturally attract more of that to you. If you wish to create more clients and work, focus on being of service and being in the right place at the right time. It is time to spread your wings and fly. There are significant changes happening for many of you that are the catalyst for great change so ready yourself, for here it comes.

If it feels like there is too much going on all at once and you don't know what to do, or if you need to stop for a moment and take a breath, do so as this will help you gather your thoughts and your senses and then prepare to move forward from a better place and therefore get better results for yourself. Take some to play, have some fun and release any thoughts for a bit and you will find that new and trustworthy thoughts and ideas come your way.  You are connected to guidance always, even where you are unaware or believe and when you release your mental world and just play with all your heart, it is like taking a vacation from all of life’s challenges. This is exactly what we want you to do. It allows you to rejuvenate your senses and refresh your outlook on life itself.

If in the past you have not received the results you desired, it is important to release that energy too, as it can be the biggest obstacle on your path and what stands in the way of you seeing the kind of results you desire. See the gift from the situations and replace those thoughts with positive and wanted ones. Have confidence in yourself and the progress you have made and know that the brilliant new ideas that will lead to great success are available to and for you right now should you choose.

Whatever you desire to create for yourself, be it more money, time or effort, it is yours. There are new career opportunities, new money opportunities and a significant time for personal and spiritual growth. All things are possible; you must believe in yourself as well as trust in yourselves to be the ones. The ascended masters are so very eager to be your teachers and your guides, to work with you during this time of great change.

There is a need to find balance within all of you, within the totality of who you truly are. Find the balance that works best for you.  Seek moderation, co-operation and sometimes compromise. When it is the right time for you to act, you will know what to do and when to do it. Take a moment and ask to be connected with your higher purpose.  As you feel that connection, think of all the creative ways you can produce the quality work and life experience you desire.

You will find much joy and contentment from a job well done and knowing you did the best you could. This is a key to being in the now. Offer your thanks and gratitude for all that you have been given, big or small, and release that experience back to your angels and guides and let yourself move on and upwards to whatever next you choose. Be a team player and see that the play is finished in its completion so that you are all advancing in the light.

Affirmation: "I am prosperous and successful when I find my middle way. Balance, Co-operation, and Divine Timing are keys to creating joy, contentment and peace on my path toward enlightenment."

Have confidence in yourself. You have the ability to create exactly what you desire, and then some. See yourself succeeding and know that brilliant new ideas are coming your way, and when you act upon them, a successful outcome will occur. You are coming into your own and this is your time to shine. New partnerships, contracts or careers are in store for those who are continuing to move forward and empowering themselves to be more.

If there feels like too much is going on all at the same time, just prioritize what you must do first and know that it will get done when it is finished. Consider a more playful approach and make it fun in some way. This allows for fresh new creative options to be present to you and you will then know what you need to do. Find your footing and keep your balance, for happy outcomes are assured.

Affirmation: "I expect happy outcomes as I focus on my goals and desires and continue to move forward."

You have great inner fortitude. There is great strength in your spirit and you are immensely resilient. Renew yourself, review your life and release any harsh judgments you have about yourself, the choices you have made and certainly your thoughts and feelings you hold of others. Assess the facts so that you can move on in a new direction and see things from another light. You always have a choice; that is one of the joys of the human experience. Know that forgiveness and compassion are gifts you give yourself and that feeling you send out is your gift to humanity.

Celebrate the joy and contentment that spring from a job well done, and know that it takes you steps closer on your path of ascension and toward enlightenment. If it is expansion that you seek, listen to your intuition, trust your inner voice and have patience with yourself. You will get better at it the more you use it and it will lead you to the places you wish to go. Release any resistances as it is the resisting that you end up places you wish you had not gone and know when you got there that there surly was an easier way.

Consider carefully what you want and the actions that you take, as these truly are representing where and who you are. Trust that all is well and in your connection with yourself and you will feel confident in accepting the opportunities that are being offered to you at this time.  Know that it is you who truly controls the divine timing of your creations by your actions, your thoughts and readiness for that step.

Affirmation: "I am successfully accomplishing the steps I need to take to get me where I want to go. I take each step with confidence and clarity knowing I am fully connected to my guidance."

Spend time in meditation. Your masters, guides and angels have much spiritual teaching and wisdom to share with you and are ever so happy to be indulged in such a fashion. We love the ceremony and the splendor of celebration when you connect with our lights and are so thrilled to be a part of your journey of self-discovery as we form new partnerships and move forward.

You are coming into your own and so expect there to be some tremendous leaps and bounds in how you experience your life. Be open to the possibilities and expect more for and from yourselves. Be sure that you have healed any sadness in your heart as this often blocks you from moving forward in the manner of which we speak and so take that time to heal. Meditation is the perfect vehicle that leads to an understanding of the gift in the experience and the transformation to thoughts of love. Be sure that you have forgiven yourself and others for any perceived misdeeds and again, see only love. Healing of the heart is an important part of the human journey as it is an important piece of the evolution and transformation you are experiencing.

Affirmation: "I am connecting and communicating with my guides and angels in daily meditation and I am receiving clearly the messages that I need to assist me on my path."

Trust that skilled work is rewarded. Learn all there is to know about any topic or chosen path as this will lead you to the rewards that you seek. This can include taking continuing education in areas of personal growth and healing and for some of you even school. There is always room to grow for all of us and this includes those you call the masters. There is much to learn and teach and so much all around you that is ready to expand.

Brilliant new ideas and aspirations are coming to you as release challenges that were first experienced in the beginning. See everything as healed and as it truly is. It is usually the most powerful experiences that lead to change and this is why you often choose the paths you do. There is always another way and umpteen possibilities when you broaden your prospective and your vision. It is time to spread your wings and trust in the seeds that you have planted. Nourish them and give them time to grow.

Keep your thoughts and feelings positive and focused on the growth and expansion that you seek. Trust in the events unfolding as the best to get you where you want to go. Choose your battles wisely and stand your ground with love and wisdom as these are the keys to help you create the changes and transformations that create the kind of world you know you can.

Let us work together to awaken, enlighten and ignite the path. This is the time to hone your skills and talents to help you create the land of your dreams.
I am yours, Master Merlin

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights

Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Message of Love with Jeshua Ben Joseph

Working with Jeshua: This is one of the masters that most of us have worked with in the western the world as he is the Master Jesus. When I work with Jeshua, I feel great love. My heart chakra almost feels like it will explode or I will implode, I am not really sure which. It is immense love and if you just let it flow all around you get a wonderful healing. All energy healers should call in Master Jesus for healing sessions and be a conduit of this light, you will both receive a wonderful healing experience. He is patient; however he does expect you to take action when you request his help and assistance. Call him at any time you need to feel support or love and you will feel it if you open yourself up, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
A Message of Love December 25, 2012 through Sharon Taphorn

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph as I was known then. I was the first child for Mary and Joseph. It was a time of a great shift not unlike the one you find yourselves in at this time. Many of you are the masters that walked with me at that time and I am always here to be your guide as I walk with you, side by side for this one.

Today, as so many of you celebrate my birth, I am honoured. I am humbled by the love and devotion that you feel for me and I return it to you a hundredfold. It is indeed a grand journey that you undertake as a human and you know and trust that I have walked the path you are on. I have such great love for you, the lightworkers, as you continue the work we started so very long ago. Many of you of that time are here now, playing out new and yet similar roles to raise the consciousness of love. Know I walk beside you with every step you take and that I am indeed with you and a part of your journey.

Fall in love with the journey that is your life and walk the path with your enhanced intuition and your spiritual growth as an important aspect of your journey. Spend time developing and trusting them as they are your guidance system. Human relationships and understanding them are a part of the path of the finite human and so embrace them, do not fear them. They can be the most magnificent of gifts when you trust that it is love that builds the energy of home.

See the beauty and the gifts that are all around you, as there are many. Look for those with beautiful hearts open wide and loving, for these are the messengers of spirit, these are the harbingers of peace, love and healing. These are the ones who are taking great leaps on the path we began more than 2000 years ago and the quickening is astounding for us to watch over as you go places in your growth that we have not gone before. There is great love for you all and let hope spring eternal for you as you find your mastery and take your places and play your parts. There is no grander play than that which is the book of your life. Play it well, as that is your gift back to spirit.

Take this time to be the student and learn what skills you want to develop and follow the path that feels right and good to you and you will then trust your connection to spirit to always be there and always be available to you. It takes work and discipline to reach the levels of growth you are shooting for so aim high and keep your focus, you will get there. It is those that have the discipline for their growth that will reap the rewards they seek. There is great love for you here for the path is not always the easiest to follow, however your hard work and dedication will be rewarded in so many more ways than you could possibly imagine. Become the spiritual aspirant, become the next masters and be ready for undreamed of evolution for humanity in re-remembering who you truly are.

Keep the faith. Keep the flame of hope alive and burning in your core. Know that you will succeed and that your angels are working with you and leading you towards the answers to your prayers. Take the time to listen and look deeper if you are unsure of what feels right and good. It is not a race to the finish; it is a journey over time and space meant to be savored and enjoyed. It is all right to wait until you feel brave enough to take that next step, however it is also good to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone as that is how you grow. Remember that you can do it and we are here supporting you and cheering you on.

You are shifting to the paradigm of Unity consciousness and will be seeing great change within traditional methods, viewpoints and religious organizations. You will also see this within the spiritual organizations as there is still old energy wanting the old ways. There must be a release of the EGO or the power of one within the healers and teachers of the new ways. If you cannot make it work with a small group, it is not ready for the masses just yet. And so we ask the solitary practitioners to finding like-minded friends and colleagues to work with that share a similar level of integrity and love. Some will be the mentors, healers and teachers, or if you will the disciples of this coming age. Support the ones that empower you and give you strength. Support the ones that believe there is enough for all. Support the ones who walk their talk in sharing and are at one with where they are and where they are going. Stick by your convictions and trust in yourself to see it happen and it eventually will.

Your angels and guides communicate with you most often by giving your signs through dreams and sudden inspiration or insight. Trust your intuition, trust that quiet voice within you, and let your heart be your guide and that which you filter through all of your thoughts and ideas. You will know what feels best for you and then you will be acting from a firmer foundation and you will see the rewards that you seek. Take small steps as you begin to trust if you must and know that it is all perfect in the divine timing and you have not missed anything by taking your time. When you have clarity and focus you will see that what you desire manifests more quickly.

Keep charging ahead and keep your focus. You will get there and expect that miraculous solutions will appear and they will. Every time you have a success, celebrate it, and then expect more. Every time you experience a disappointment, celebrate that it is over and now you can move on to something new. See the gift within the experience and you will move to a higher vibration. As you move to a higher vibration, you have access to greater wisdom and understanding and there will be more and then again you will shift and raise your vibration and start the cycle again, rising to a higher level with each one you take.

Affirmation: "I understand and act upon the guidance I receive and I am doing my best; I am open to receive miracles in my life and I do."

Be compassionate with yourselves and others. Look to understand others points of view. You all see the world from a different perspective because you all have different life experiences, teachings and soul experiences. The very old soul has an easier time with this since they are very old, the very young are still learning. Compassion doesn't mean you agree with another or that you condone an act you see as a misdeed, it means that you are willing to love them anyway and offer them an alternative so they can find a better way. Many truly compassionate people have overcome much adversity to get to that place of peace and harmony within and yet, they still found their way. Others will work on it again in their next lifetime or the one after that. Concern yourself not with their soul’s growth, but with your own as that is the most important task on your journey.

With Compassion you learn to use the power of love with the mind to bring things back into balance, to find a logical, harmonious state of being and acting in fairness in all that you say and do. It is about having personal integrity for yourself in all your dealings with others so that you are the example of that which you wish for your world. This is developing a higher dimensional love and compassion and the expansion of using your high heart as the tool you use as the filter for your thoughts and actions. Learn to love regardless of outward appearances and focus on being that love for yourself and your world. There is a gift for everyone involved in any experience and that is why you choose them. All the players know their parts in their hearts.

Affirmation: "I am developing my spiritual love and understanding for everyone and everything, including myself; I am love and see love everywhere around me."

There is a great sadness in the hearts of some that will take its time to heal. Since the time of the crucifixion and the resurrection, those who played their parts have carried a great sadness with them for they feel it is because of them that the shift was delayed. They have carried this energy with them for many, many lifetimes and it is time to let it go. Trust that all is exactly where it should be and that human evolution is farther than any of us every dreamed and the shift is exactly on course. Release harsh judgments, about yourself and others and replace them with forgiveness and compassion at a cellular level and in all dimensions of time and space. See a healing that can only begin at this level to then take off exponentially as each of you join in and become a mass explosion of healing.

Feel the Christ Light. Feel the great strength that lies within you. Feel the love that is within each ray as it penetrates you and every cell of your being. Cultivate this light within yourself and then let your light shine forth for all to see. Wear your colours proudly as you have earned them dear lightworkers. You are needed to shine your light and love upon the earth and on all her beings. That is the path. You are experiencing such tremendous growth right now that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is in those hours that you should connect with your guidance and then you will know what to do. You will feel their love and respect and hope for you on the success of your journey and you will know an energy that feels right and feels good. This energy can become your guide. This energy can become your moral compass upon which to live your life and your credos to a better way. This is truly what the 2nd coming is all about, coming into this energy on your own. Feeling the Christ Light emerge within you and become your guiding force. Empowering yourselves to so much more than you could have possibly imagined for yourselves. It is grand, it is inspiring and it is happening.  

Feel the peace and the love that is so palpable during this time of year and send love to your beautiful earth, and give to others with your whole heart. "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Ask your angels to help you remember to love without judgment, and be compassionate in all that you do. Remember that everyone deserves love and respect regardless of outer appearances and circumstances and remember for there but by the grace of god go I. Honour those that walk beside you as you are all masters in the making, just as I was. Be at peace in your mind, heart, body and soul and then you become the divine channel of love and peace that we tried to bring to earth so long ago.

My beloved brothers and sisters be that which seek for that is what you truly are. You are loved beyond measure and we are so very proud of the progress you have made in remember love in all of its forms and aspects. Be at peace with yourself and where you, always, for it is through you that I continue my work, and watch it come to life, And so it is, my greatest of love to you all, I am your humble servant, Jeshua Ben Joseph

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.
Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Archangel Azrael ~ Feeling Your Beloved Ones

Archangel Azrael ~ Feeling Your Beloved Ones

Call upon Archangel Azrael and his league of angels to help raise your vibration so that you can connect with your beloveds on the other side.

BY: Sharon Taphorn

archangel azrael
Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael means ‘Whom God helps,’ or ‘Whom helps God’ as it is his responsibility to bring you to the party when it is time for you to return home. He also helps the people of Earth to connect with their deceased loved ones as he and his angels can act like a rainbow bridge to help with this connection. The color associated with Azrael is a vanilla cream, and the stone is a creamy yellow calcite. I also find that Selenite helps me connect with those crossed over as it raises your vibration and you become sensitive to so much more. Often times we feel the absence of those we love during the holiday season. We miss their Christmas cheer or perhaps that bah humbug attitude or their laughter, and smile. It is natural to think of those who have passed on during times of family celebrations. Archangel Azrael is the archangel who can help us connect with our loved ones who have gone before us and deliver a message of love for you and to you. 

Your loved ones are never truly gone, they are a part of you and if at any time you want to create a rainbow bridge to feel their love once again, call upon Archangel Azrael and his league of angels to help raise your vibration so that you can connect with your beloveds on the other side. Most often communication is in your dreams, as that is when you are usually the most open to the energy of love, the energy of spirit and the energy and light of those you love in heaven. You can also connect with them in meditation and your angels can guide the way. 

Be prepared for a huge insurgence of love when you connect and let it surround you and you will know that they are with you. Share with them anything you wish you had said when they were with you in physicality and then take the time to listen as they say the things that they could not while in physicality. It is truly a magical experience of love when you connect, and if it feels anything less than love, ask to be cleared of all the energy and begin again. This time, ask Archangel Michael to keep you safe and protected, entering into the energy in a state of balance, love, trust and peace and see if you get different results. Let love be your guide and know that you are safe.

Your family and friends on the other side await your return to the love of All That Is, Heaven, or whatever name you call home. They are a part of your cheering section, and your support, so call upon them at any time you want to re-remember love in its purest form and let the tears of love flow and cleanse your heart and mind. Think not of missing them and the longing or empty space in your heart, remember the love and the beauty they shared with you and brought into your life, and share with you now. Let them love and support you and so trust and know that you are never alone and they live forever in your heart, as a part of them lives on forever in that space. 

Make a special card or decoration that is an emblem of your love and put it some place special as a tribute to their love and the gifts they brought into your life. In this way, you honour your feelings and the memory of someone who is not with you in the physical anymore. Light a candle and know they see your light and are with you at that moment feeling your love. Be open to let yourself feel it back, and smile as love envelops you.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Understanding and Awakening of the Self-Master with Serapis Bey

Understanding and Awakening of the Self-Master with Serapis Bey

December 15, 2012 through Sharon Taphorn

Working with Serapis Bey: I was told about 20 years ago that Serapis Bey was one of my ascended masters in a reading. I bought a book about him, but never really got into it. I would love to have another look at it now, however it seems to have entered an alternate reality and I presume it will show up when I am ready or have time to read it. I really never felt a strong pull to work with him and felt that I was perhaps sensing a different energy. It was only in the last few weeks as I am finishing off the content for my new book that I felt compelled to work with this wonderful master, and what a treat it is. He is very refreshing to work with. I didn’t pick him, he picked me as I just asked what other masters I should include in the book. I actually didn’t even realise he was a part of the seven rays as he is the ascended master of the 4th Ray according to the Ascended Masters I AM  and Alice Bailey’s teachings and the 3rd Ray according to Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael.  Serapis Bey did share with that there will some changes happening over the next few years as we begin to work more with the twelve rays, there will be changes to which master or archangel is working with that ray. He also shared with me that the twelve rays will see female masters like Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin coming forward as they too are wisdom keepers of transformation for the coming age and it is time for a balance of the masculine and feminine.

Serapis Bey works on the 4th Ray of Harmony and Balance. Emerald green is the colour of this ray. He also works amethyst and violet. He appeared to me in a temple within a pyramid at the temple of Luxor and told me I had several lifetimes in Egypt and will have a spiritual experience when I return. He has a very calming presences and is a more subtle energy that some of the Masters. He has a gentleness that is very soothing. Crystals to work with can be Diamond, Pearl, Zircon, and Quartz.

Invite Serapis Bey to overlight you as you are processing shift symptoms, or for guidance and understanding. He works with Archangel Gabriel on purity, discipline and joy.  

Understanding and Awakening of the Self-Master

I am honoured and happy that you have called upon my energy to work with and help you understand the process of ascension and reawaken your energies of remembrance. We have lived many lifetimes together and you will feel a familiarity with my light. Journey with me to the temple of the masters and receive an initiation to the plane of the higher mind and of spirit, turning knowledge into wisdom and the ability to use the spoken word to teach this higher dimensional way of being to those that follow. Always the student becomes the teacher, the aspirant becomes the master. 

You must find the space and quiet to connect and communicate with your inner guide for you to see the results that you seek for yourself and your world. Of course it is always a choice, however if you are confused or indecisive, it is because you do not have enough information to go confidently, or you do not trust yourself or your journey. Both of these are easily remedied.

First, do some research or seek expert advice to help you make your decisions. Your computers make this so much easier as you literally have the answers at your fingertips. Discernment is also a quality you should develop and that will come as you learn to trust yourself again. The second one is trust. This is something that must come from within you and it is not about trusting others, that's discernment, it is about trusting yourself and making confident decisions for yourself.

Your guides and angels are leading you towards the answers that you seek. Remember to listen to and follow the steps we are communicating to you through your thoughts, intuition, day dreams and night dreams. When you are making decisions for your life, ask yourself, "Which choice brings me closer to my divine purpose and service, and which way takes me farther away?" You will know what to do, to choose what is best and right for you. No one else can decide this and let no one try.

Keep charging ahead. Victory is yours. Your hopes and your dreams will manifest as long you keep your focus positive, and on the prize. It is so very important for you to believe that all things are possible and not put limits on your creations and desires. This is often where the human gets all turned around and confused about what to do and where to go. When this happens, take time out and take a breath. Release the how’s and the what’s and just believe that it is going happen regardless. Do not let others or your own fears hold you back from taking the steps you want to take.

Much of your wanting stems from the mental body and it takes the world of the physical, emotional and etheric bodies to really make things happen in your reality and as you approach life and your dreams from a balance of these bodies as well as the mental processes, you will then be in the flow of energy for your life. Let not the commercialism and fear based energies interfere with your creations - these are of the mental concept of scarcity and lack and are often the blocks that stand in your way. Transform your thoughts and get them working with you and for you.

Affirmation: "I know that all things are possible in this abundant universe and I am worthy and deserving to receive my dreams and desires right now."

Ascension is about you becoming an empowered people. You will move away from the paradigm of power over to understanding that you are truly more powerful when you work together. Remember that it is safe for you to be powerful as you know how to use your power in loving ways that assist others as well as yourself. As you continue your journey to unity consciousness, you will grow in many ways. Right now it is mostly learning love, forgiveness and how to be more compassionate beings and much has happened on your plane in the last days to help to exemplify this to the people. To help you heal any situation, allow yourself to see it from everyone’s perspective and with the compassion of the higher mind and heart. Weight all points of view and ideas carefully and then you know that you are doing what is best for everyone and that must also include you as you are also an important part of the whole.

Ask yourself “What is most important to me right now?” and let the answers flow from your heart and your mind blended together as one. Take the time to looks at things again, as you have shifted and changed who you are so much of late, that a new perspective is necessary from the aspect of all four bodies, the physical, emotional, mental and etheric, and to take care of yourself in all of these ways.

We cannot emphasis enough that is so important for you to look at yourselves and your life from the four perspectives. Diet and movement are an important part of the ‘physical’ journey and to realise that your body is the temple, the vessel of which allows your spirit to express itself and must be cherished. There is much miss information about what is good and best for you and this where discernment and a good healer are helpful. Your allopathic doctors have much to offer too and hopefully will begin to question more as they see the energy and holistic healers getting results where they cannot. Until then, it is up to you to learn and understand that there is so much more available to you and so learn what is right and best for you. Treat your body like the god/goddess that you are and know you are worthy the journey of good health and it is a natural state of being.

Your purpose is important. There is not just one goal or purpose for your entire life; however you usually choose a major theme.  Feeling you have a purpose is important and each one of you is a thread in the weave of life, if one of those threads should break, then it is no longer as strong and whole as it once was and we must find someone to mend it and make it strong once again. If you are unsure of your purpose, ask your angels and guides to put you in a place where you can be your highest and best use to the Universe and All that IS and allow yourself to serve a purpose and yours will come to you.

If you feel unsure or afraid, confusion or perhaps anger, ask your angels to help you heal your emotions and release these feelings from your heart and your mind that which feels discordant. Trust in yourself as we trust in you and you will get where you want to go. Don't allow insecurities to hold you back, as you have dreams worth aiming for. Focus on the now and let your angels and guides do their work setting things in motion for you it in the what is to come.

Affirmation: "As I honour and follow my heart, good things come my way and I naturally find myself loving and living my life with purpose."

Find the balance in your emotional selves by realizing it is okay for you to feel emotions in all of its beautiful forms whether you are engendered as a male of a female. It is when you understand that you need the blend of both within you to really get things done that you begin to process the aspects of each in your lives and things begin to change. Find that balance within and you will feel both the energies working for you and with you and will feel whole and complete within yourselves. Let this be a loving teamwork of internal forces that allow you to be a powerful external force.

Creating a meditation practice that fits with your life is of the utmost importance. It is when you feel disconnected from your inner wisdom, your god, or self that chaos ensues. It does not need to take long or be difficult and it is part of you becoming the self-masters that you are becoming. Great wisdom comes from spending some time in solitude, in nature, just going within and connecting to that clear and quiet wise center within your sacred and high heart. Trust that you have the talents and skills you need or will easily be guided to a teacher to assist in your spiritual practice and the changes you are longing for will manifest in your world.

Change is happening all around you and within you. You are creating a bridge to transition from the energy of the old ways to a grand new way of thinking and supporting each other. Each catastrophic world event is an opportunity to find love for each other and support each other so that these stop from happening. It takes just one person to make a difference and like the domino principle, the old paradigm collapses and a new one must be built with a new firmer foundation upon which to stand. This will happening globally as within the awakening ones.

Take the time to reflect upon where you have been and what you have learned from these experiences as it is time to become the masters of your destiny. For some of you this can mean a complete change in your life, the universe and everything, new careers, new jobs, new homes, new countries… something completely different than what you had before. Try something new or completely different and see if it leads you to a better place than you were in before. Be brave and trust your heart. Purposeful action leads you closer to you wants and needs faster than other process. Keep your thoughts positive and focused and know that you are deserving of creating this. Support each other. Release judgement and replace it with assessment.

Be at peace. Inner peace helps you create outer peace. As you find the balance and support within yourself the world around you changes. As each human steps forward and finds peacefulness with themselves and their world, their world changes. Soon you will see the changes you have dreamed of for so very long happening on a global level. Do not wait to see what others are doing, do it now and do it for you.

Each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to find a better way. Each day is a fresh canvas upon which to paint. Decide that today you will a great day filled with surprises from spirit to make you laugh, to enjoy, to step closer to creating your dreams and desires and that each step you take helps you move forward on your path. You can choose to be peaceful inside you regardless what is happening around you.

Caring for yourself is one of the most important actions you can do right now. To create the rewards, expansion and destiny you seek for yourself and your world is to take your power back and use it with the balance and love you have elevated yourself to already and you will feel more positive, sure and able to focus on what is important for you. Simplify your life and really focus on what is important. Let not the distractions of your world occupy your mind. Work on yourself and your destiny and you will see the changes you desire.

Affirmation: "I am at peace with myself, my life and where I am in the world. Each new day is an opportunity to find a better way."

Be patient with yourselves and each other. This is a time of great learning and expansion, so take the time to learn, study and gather the knowledge that you seek to help you confidently move forward. This is a time of great growth and change. Old energy may feel threatened by your light. Know that you are safe, supported and protected. Know that you are healing and can send them back love and release any thoughts that make you feel less than. This is a time of emotional healing and this enables you to open your hearts to more love. Release any anger, fear, or unforgiveness from your heart, your mind and your body for you no longer need to wear these scars of the past.

Take action as you feel guided. As you get better in touch with your truth and authentic self, you will know what to do and what is best for all. What is best for you is what is best for all as you are all intrinsically connected to each other. As you do to yourself, you do to another. As you do to others, you do to yourselves. Trust your inner guidance. Assert yourself with love and wisdom and remember that it takes a village to raise a child and that is truly what you are.

Take the time to connect to your inner awareness and you will feel the guidance and direction you seek and trust more confidently in your dreams and yourself as you take your steps up the ladder of ascension. I AM Serapis Bey and I am honoured to guide you at any time you desire for an initiation to raise your vibration.
Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.

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