Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Prophecy for 2008

I've been asked several times throughout the years to write or give my take on Prophecy for the coming year. I usually don't do much of this as I do believe we create our reality as we go along, therefore I chose to focus on what I want to create in the coming year.

I do not as a practice read or hear about much of the prophecy that is out there, I have 2 past editions of the Sedona Journal's prophecy editions, that are still unread, always intending to read them the year after to see how all the channels fared. I still haven't checked them out, as what happen last year is only as important as the 'gift', or lessons learned from the past. This year however, my guides are prompting me to share some of the things they are sharing with me. I am sharing this fascinating picture that I found on the internet taken from Canmore Alberta, it has amazing Orbs and other things. I chose it, as these pictures are proof that there is more out there than most of us can see... it allows us the opportunity to change or challenge our believe structures... and is that not what the Great Shift is all about, is that not what we all seem to be experiencing... a change in the way we view the universe and all that is.... which is my lead in to what I see as the shifting energy in the new year.

Much of the sharing of the coming year, a year for creations... 2008 = 10 = 1 which is the creator number. We are leaving a year of completions, any incompletetions you have probably surfaced over the past few months. If you dealt with them, kudos, if you didn' will...and probably in ways you would have chosen not to if you really saw the big picture, but know also that all paths are honoured, and therefore it matters not which journey you choose... only that you have a is up to you on how you experience that journey. So, as you enter in a creation year, decide how you want to experience your journey. There will be much political change and changes around us in the coming year. There is a need to create balance and with that, often comes resistance. Those of you with a good meditation practice will find the coming year much less turbulent than those that don't. Weather extremes seem to be everywhere...the new weather is...expect more of what you have! We can however adjust the weather, the more of us that gather in group healings and meditations, the more powerful we are at shifting Mother Earths changes, assisting each other through the changes, everywhere in the world. I have had some of the most powerful meditations where I have been with people all over the world. There is no doubt in my mind that I was there with them, none, I know I make a connection and we make a difference in each others lives. I did a meditation once where I asked to go to assist someone who needs Love and healing... I went on this journey where I was sitting beside this woman, she had just lost her son, she told me the story, I listened, and just held her in my arms, sharing healing and loving with her, letting her know she was not alone. Later that day at work, someone put a paper on my desk, and there on the front page of the Sun, was this woman who had just lost her son, the same story this woman had told me in my meditation. That was a awesome validation of our ability to help each other. It seems many souls are transitioning at this time, know that you can help them, and make a difference, no matter where you are.
Enjoy your year of new creations.... create and focus on the things you want...not what you have...
Love Sharon

Saturday, December 8, 2007

More Beings of Light

I was having a morning meditation where I had 3 of my guides sitting on the couch across from my meditation chair. After the meditation, I took a picture, as I clicked the shutter, I heard...'she caught us'... 6 seconds later I took a second picture (that is how long it takes for the camera to get itself ready again.) ... the second picture is empty of all visuals, no orbs, no 'smoke'. I asked them why they don't want to me to have a picture of them. They said.... it is not so much that we don't want our picture you have several pictures as do others, it is that trust is so vitally important. Not everyone can sense and feel energy beings...or energy...therefore we want you to develop your trust in the energy around yourself and your abilities to feel things on cellular level... the knowing inside of you... we are only here as the are here to do the journey.
I loved that explanation and thought I would share it with you all

Friday, November 9, 2007

Playing with the Orbs

I've been fascinated with orbs and portals since I encountered a portal filled with other dimensional beings in San Diego in 2004 with some fellow Lightworkers after a channel from Steve Rother and The Group on the beach. It was the first time I was with other humans who could sense and feel things as I could. Sometime later I saw them in some pictures one of the girls had taken of Michael and I dancing with them. That started my quest for searching out the strange and unusual in pictures. I often surf real estate sites as there are tons of things to see in yards and houses.
A few months back I got a new digital camera. I have always loved to take pictures of things happening, I love the new digital technology as I can take pictures and save only the ones I want...anyway... I digress from my share...Since finishing my healing room and wanting to publish pictures of it on my site, I have captured several Orbs in my healing room...hence began the next step for me... playing with the orbs... I asked in my morning meditation the other day what were the orbs... I got back that they were beings from other dimensions of time and space observing the evolution of humanity. I also got that when I travel in my meditations...if someone took a picture of where I went.... I would appear much the same way. Very cool I thought to myself.... so... I decided to play with the orbs...see how and if I could communicate with them and on what level... I took a picture of before my meditation in my healing room that morning and then one after... the one attached to this share is the picture after...there were all these Orbs was soooo cool to see... I could feel them... I took several around the apartment, scanning for them first and taking pictures in areas where I could feel or see them. It was amazing to experience as well as feel the love that was all around my sacred space. I've spent the last few mornings with them, and will share more soon. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blue Being of Light

I thought I would share a picture of a Being of Light... I took this picture of some of Bella's playmates in the neighbourhood...I noticed this Blue orb of Light right beside me in the picture, there was no rain or anything.... very cool!

In the Light of Love....Sharon

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Honour of Love

I used to ask the guides and angels why I still work in 'day' job when I know I am here to work as a teacher/healer for the shift. Many times I wondered why I did not get the answer beyond, laughter and 'you know', sometimes they seem to be not very helpful guides. So, I've spent a few years understanding that....(shocking isn't it). I love the residents in the nursing home I work in, they are this amazing collection of Elders. A few years ago I decided that If I was going to work there, I needed to find something I absolutely Loved about being there, as I do not feel supported by the managers and most of the staff. Anyway, I focused on the Residents, I focused on how I could create a miracle in their world simply by listening, hugging, and smiling at them, by Just being Love... What a beautiful reward. I would turn off all the other stuff going on around me and just focus on Love, in turn I felt the that others including the staff became more supportive and helpful, it certainly made a difference in the lives of those who lived there, and I see others opening up to that as well. I also realized that I have the opportunity to do hands on healing on a daily basis, I have all these people around me to assist with, and I get the opportunity to develop my 6th senses as there are many who suffer from strokes, who's thoughts are fine, the words just don't come out... I realized that all of these opportunities for me to work on myself would not be available to me where I working in any other 'job'...Thank you for this beautiful gift, and all it cost me was a bit of Love.


In the Light of Love....Sharon

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life is too short to be angry

On of the things that I do is check in with people while they are transitioning. Working in an Elder care home, I often know when someone is about to or has just crossed over. Making sure they make the transition is one of the most amazing experiences of Love. The Love and Gratitude that is felt during this time is truly something. Today as I was checking in with a resident who went to the hospital yesterday, he was so clearly aware of my visit. Since we had a relationship on this side of the veil I feel our connection was stronger, anyway, I clearly heard the words 'Life is too short to be angry' so loud and clear...then he smiled and said, at anybody, at any time, Life is too short to be angry... I thought they were such beautiful and profound words given with such truly was astounding.... thought I would share....

In the Light of Love...S

Saturday, September 1, 2007

a message from the Elvens

During a recent visit to Stanley Park with some lightworker friends, I received this beautiful message from the elven energies in the forest.
The forest was greatly thinned by some hurricane force winds some months back, there is much clean up. There is ton's of energy out there about the 'devastation' to Stanley Park.

The Message for the Elvens was so filled with love, the said...

Do not grieve for the changes to the park, each tree, plant, and twig, made way for the new, completed their cycle and will rejuvenate into something more beautiful. The park was cleared to lighten spots that other will now come to and commune with us, this is as it should be. Much energy needed to be cleared to make way for the new. This is always in Love. So please come and help plant the new energy of Love in our park with us. Play and laugh and love, as it should be. We thank you for sharing this message with others.

It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing with me....Sharon

Sunday, August 12, 2007

walking with spirit

In my August newsletter, Sharon's Take section, I included a message from the group of guides I work with... it has a wonderful technique to use when you need to be more in Love....

I've been working with this technique for a while with some interesting results....

Greetings Dear Ones, We are honoured that you ask us here this night to share with you ways to walk the path of the 8. There are many of us in the Guidance and angelic realm, all the Light forces about who have agreed to be inservice to humanity at this time. We are honoured to do this, for we are your assistants on this human journey. We have made these agreements with you eons ago, to be here with you now at this time, to assist you in remembering your own divinity. All you need to do is ask. We are there.As you go about your day in the physical world, know that all you need to do is ask for guidance, ask for assistance in dealing with others. We will shower you with Love - which is truly what you need to continue on. When you feel Love and Peace in yourself, it automatically radiates out to each other. Just as every blade of grass is connected to every other blade of grass, yet each is its an individual blade, they are one. Just as every tree growing in solitude is connected to Mother Earth and to each other. Do you know that you can lean on a Tree where you are now and speak with any and every tree on your planet? By speaking to one tree in Love, are can instantly send Love around the world. By sending your Love to the waterways, you can send love to all the water on your planet...just ask it to connect with all that is. So by Loving yourself, you in turn send Love to all Humanity. You say it is sometimes a task to Love another, some people appear to be not of the Light, yet you must deal with them because you work with them, or live near them, or are related to them and must deal with them. Let us share a technique that can assist you. When this person is proximity to you, tell them etherically that you Love them, if you are unable to do that at this moment, then tell Yourself that you Love yourself, repeat it over and over until you feel love, ask us for assistance, we will help you. Remember that they too struggle with the understandings of Life, of being human, they too wish for Love and Peace and Joy, they are just disconnected from Spirit. Soon you will graduate to more loving thoughts and when they are in your proximity, you will glow with Love, when you are ready to share that Love, send them a beam of light from your 3rd eye to their 3rd eye with this message...I Love You, I rememeber who you are, we are one....We thank you for allowing us this time with you...we Love you.

What I have found is that I moved on from this.... I now have evolved to where I say ... I love you, I know you, we are one. ...and send the beam of light from my heart to their heart.....

as I was able to share more of my own love through the exercise was liberating for me... I started with the 'I love me, I remember who I am, we are one..... after several weeks moved to ... I love you, I remember who you are, we are I love you, I know who you are, we are one....

this has been a powerful understanding for me...I am thankful for the opportunity to share it with others....

In the Light of Love...Sharon

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles were great channels... They gave us many great messages. The past few days I participated in The Mystical Arts Festival here in Vancouver. It was a wonderful event, which I hope continues to grow and become an annual event. I met so many wonderful seekers and healers and adventurers... very cool... great networking. I am so glad to have so many wonderful souls journeying with me. Sometimes we need to look beneath the surface to understand something... that is what makes this journey so magical. We often layer understandings in things for ourselves as that seems to be how we learn here on earth. I am thankful for these events, we assist in making each others journey magical when we gather.


Thursday, July 5, 2007


Welcome to my blog.
I decided to creating this blog after one of my online Ten Principles classes, I often share ways in which I work with the universal energy. I am an adult 'Indigo child' which means that I experience the world in a slightly different way that your average muggle (the non-magical people from the Harry Potter Books). I am sensitive to the energy around and can read the feeling/thoughts/records of others. I often connect to other dimensions, and have connected others with loved ones who have crossed over... the list goes on... I was especially connect to the plant kingdom as a child, anyway. I've decided to create this blog and share on a more regular basis, ways the I work with the energy and the journey of being human while knowing I am really just a spiritual being experiencing the journey...