Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Honour of Love

I used to ask the guides and angels why I still work in 'day' job when I know I am here to work as a teacher/healer for the shift. Many times I wondered why I did not get the answer beyond, laughter and 'you know', sometimes they seem to be not very helpful guides. So, I've spent a few years understanding that....(shocking isn't it). I love the residents in the nursing home I work in, they are this amazing collection of Elders. A few years ago I decided that If I was going to work there, I needed to find something I absolutely Loved about being there, as I do not feel supported by the managers and most of the staff. Anyway, I focused on the Residents, I focused on how I could create a miracle in their world simply by listening, hugging, and smiling at them, by Just being Love... What a beautiful reward. I would turn off all the other stuff going on around me and just focus on Love, in turn I felt the that others including the staff became more supportive and helpful, it certainly made a difference in the lives of those who lived there, and I see others opening up to that as well. I also realized that I have the opportunity to do hands on healing on a daily basis, I have all these people around me to assist with, and I get the opportunity to develop my 6th senses as there are many who suffer from strokes, who's thoughts are fine, the words just don't come out... I realized that all of these opportunities for me to work on myself would not be available to me where I working in any other 'job'...Thank you for this beautiful gift, and all it cost me was a bit of Love.


In the Light of Love....Sharon

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life is too short to be angry

On of the things that I do is check in with people while they are transitioning. Working in an Elder care home, I often know when someone is about to or has just crossed over. Making sure they make the transition is one of the most amazing experiences of Love. The Love and Gratitude that is felt during this time is truly something. Today as I was checking in with a resident who went to the hospital yesterday, he was so clearly aware of my visit. Since we had a relationship on this side of the veil I feel our connection was stronger, anyway, I clearly heard the words 'Life is too short to be angry' so loud and clear...then he smiled and said, at anybody, at any time, Life is too short to be angry... I thought they were such beautiful and profound words given with such truly was astounding.... thought I would share....

In the Light of Love...S

Saturday, September 1, 2007

a message from the Elvens

During a recent visit to Stanley Park with some lightworker friends, I received this beautiful message from the elven energies in the forest.
The forest was greatly thinned by some hurricane force winds some months back, there is much clean up. There is ton's of energy out there about the 'devastation' to Stanley Park.

The Message for the Elvens was so filled with love, the said...

Do not grieve for the changes to the park, each tree, plant, and twig, made way for the new, completed their cycle and will rejuvenate into something more beautiful. The park was cleared to lighten spots that other will now come to and commune with us, this is as it should be. Much energy needed to be cleared to make way for the new. This is always in Love. So please come and help plant the new energy of Love in our park with us. Play and laugh and love, as it should be. We thank you for sharing this message with others.

It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing with me....Sharon