Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exercising your psychic muscles from the Calling All Angels Show

The image, sound and energy that was sent out over last week... was our beloved brothers and sisters of the oceans, the dolphins... I got some really interesting answers from people of what they felt or saw including exploding heart energy with rainbows all around as that is how some people interpret dolphins... they are the embodiment of love... be open to the images that are coming your way, for they very well could be coming in a way you didn't expect... love and blessings, Sharon 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Exercising your psychic muscles from the Calling All Angels Show

This week I send out the Yin Yang symbol. I tried to
visualize it as the black and white version seen here, however occasionally it was very colourful. As well, those of you who know Bella, know she has spots on her back that look like the yin yang symbol all in black with a white line through it, and so occasionally she came into my thoughts and already I've received feedback that some found themselves seeing Bella and her markings..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

This Gold Infinite sign was the image that i have been transmitting over the past week

No sound with this one, just the colour gold with it and the power of tapping into this beautiful symbol.

Place this amazing symbol in your chakra's after a cleansing exercise and you will feel amazing, peaceful and powerful.

Would love to hear any feedback on what you are picking up so we can enhance the images

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sharon's Take August 2010

Here we are in our 8th month already! I am curious as to how many of you have found the year so far? 

It has been an interesting year of many changes for me and I feel that as I slide into August that I am feeling more balance and peace in my life, however am acutely aware that many are not having such a fun time. As each person experiences the energy of Truth, Trust and Passion, some are flowing with the energy and honouring what is in their hearts - they are feeling more of the balance. Where as the ones who are fighting the energy are still experiencing a lot of chaos and unhappiness. I see a lot of people completely changing their lives and entering new phases that are life altering.

As we move into the 8 energy, we encourage you to tape into the energy of trusting that you can create the things that you want and also being cautious where you thoughts are as there is less of a lag time in the creating process now. Spend some time in quiet recluse if you are able, this will give you that time to contemplate and look at where you have been and where you want to go from here. Trust that there is no wrong path, only different ones and that it is okay to change which way you are going if you are not seeing the results that you wish for. Use affirmations such as, "I make honourable choices, I tap into and trust my own inner guidance, and as I do, I am seeing more desired results in my life". 

As you work with and trust your own inner guidance you receive the results that you desire. You feel that powerful you that dwells inside. And, it is okay to be that powerful you. Don't worry about what others will think or what will happen next. Stay grounded and centered in who you are and live in your truth. The work you do this month will be the grounding of what comes forward as we start feeling the waves of the next cycle. Trusting in yourself  and the universe and bringing that energy into the physical world is very much the energy we are in at this time. Enjoy the ride and good fortune it can bring you.

I am still doing a temporary line at the Seniors Village, so my schedule is only semi predictable. I have shows floating about at different times than usual as well as some impromptu meditations and  special presentations. Some of them are archived, some archived for short periods and some not at all.  I am planning some workshops for the fall, and am also available for workshops away from home. If you would like to host me for a workshop, please send me an email.

I had a wonderful time out in the Chilcoton Wilderness (Chaunigan Lake Lodge) on the trip I won with my mom, Nicholas and his friend Victor. We had this delightful cabin on this beautiful lake, with solar lights, no power, no cells. It was a wonderful time to get away from it all. Mom and I went for a boat ride around the lake and say Ospreys and Eagles, I saw a bear one morning and the boys say some deer. We went on a trail ride (oh these old bones lol). I absolutely loved it. I had planned to do some channeling and writing however forgot paper or journal and no one else had one so I took that as a sign that I was supposed to just enjoy the space. I did have some interesting meditations, and it was so wonderful and relaxing. Food was included so we didn't have to cook or clean and had some really interesting morning cowboy coffee. It was such a beautiful place.

Here is a picture of the main lodge at night and beautiful lake by day with some of the mountains in the background. There is a provincial campsite on the lake, however I would only do the road in a 4x4 as there are unmaintained roads to the lake. Which I guess is why it so peaceful and relaxing.

Love and blessings, Sharon, Bella and Pepé the flying Squirrel-cat
Here is an updated picture of Pepé Squirrel-Cat and Bella                                                 
As a way to thank you, I am again offering a contest to my readers for a 30 minute reading session. If you would like to have your name entered in the draw, send an email with contest in the subject line and include the email address you would like me to contact you through if you are the winner.This is open until the end of September. Thank you, thank you, thank you.