Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury Retrogrades

Today Mercury is retrograde for the next 3 weeks.

I often hear people groan when mercury does it's thing, however I always look forward to them as it is a great time to review and refocus. Also it is a great time to get things organized and clean closets and cupboards out and recycle what no longer serves you... also a good time to do that within and cut the cords and do a clearing.

Enjoy this sort of down time and use it to your advantage.

Love and blessings, Sharon 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sharon's Take for January 2015 ~ A Year of Possibilities

As the new year begins I reflect back with a sense of awe as well as a sense of great change. So many changes happened that it actually astounds me as I think about them all. 

This year brought a new puppy with all its changes and what a gift, 2 new jobs as well as some wonderful reunions with spiritual family for the first time this life time and watching this all unfold in a most fascinating way to ending my radio show for a while. It has been 6.5 years of doing at least one show, sometimes 3 shows a week and has been a huge part of my life for so very long and at first it was going to be a temporary thing and still may be, however as the month progressed since I made that decision I am not sure how it will unfold and I am totally open to the experience. It has been an astounding growth experience and helped me in so many ways and I am so grateful and thankful for all of you that have helped, supported and listened over the years, I am humbled by the experience. It is time for me to finish up some project, start some new ones and also teach some local workshops and talks. I have my 2nd book that still needs some editing and it is ready to go as well as I want to do some more writing and do that 3rd book that is waiting to express itself. 

I love being a new mom again and am so enjoying this new puppy. She is such a joy and full of life, happy, keeps PepĂ© out of some of his trouble by playing with him...just what he needed...a warm puppy. I do so love having a hoard of animals and count my blessings on it everyday. Bella has adjusted fairly well and when they wrestle about and she wins, she gives Pixie a bath. The best thing to watch is my Mom's cat Sampson and Pixie together, it is like a long lost reunion and so very interesting since he doesn't pay much attention to the other dogs. I have had to adjust my morning routine greatly since Pixie joined us, it is amazing. Part of the changes that are finding their balance. 

This is an 8 year that we are now and as an 8 person, I am looking forward to in a big way that I don't normal feel when a new year begins. I am more of a yada yada, a new year, yada yada however this year feels like I really want to stand up and take notice to the vibrations around me and read the energy more and plan my day, be open to magical experiences and seeing it in action all around me and I feel optimistic in a new way that feels good. 

January of this year is about taking care of yourself, of setting up a plan to get back on track with your spiritual practice, which includes eating food that nourishes your body as well as your soul. Be creative and enjoy, but be sure that it is supporting you and your growth and not just your expansion (pun intended lol). Regroup and get ready for some purposeful action with a sense of satisfaction that you have not felt in a while and it is a nice change. There is some new opportunities for new relationships or new levels to existing ones that many of you have been waiting for some time now. 

There is a newness in the energy that hasn't been for quite some time and none of you will be left behind. Believing in that with all of your being is one of the most important keys to help yo through the doors, or perhaps its the light for those dark hallways between the doors. Don't get side tracked by the drama playing out around you as it truly serves no purpose to the advancing lightworkers which you are. The more you focus on the love, the journey and the fun, the better life becomes. It really is that simple. 
Have a great month, stay tuned for some updates as the changes unfold for I know it is going to be a great year unfolding and I think that for today, I will just be the happy penguin and go from there. 

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Playing with the Universe ~ 2015 a year of Possibilites 12/31 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Enjoy Sharon's final radio show for a while. It has been 6.5 years since I started
my first show so it seemed befitting to have the last show on the last night of the year as this was also the first show I started with way back then... Enjoy! It has been a blast...

Playing with the Universe ~ 2015 a year of Possibilites 12/31 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts