Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sharon's Take ~ September 2011 Completions

Completions, completions! After years of doing birthday numerology during readings, I only recently discovered that I had a "9" in my birth chart and low and behold, I now understand this pile of in-completions that just don't seem to go away.... So, I am determined this month that I will continue my purging and finishing off of the things and projects that are waiting for me.

During a 9 month we usually finish things off. It is time to clean out the gardens and finish off the last harvest until spring. Prepare and plant things you want to bloom in the springtime etc. Since next month is a creator month, it is ideal if we can finish off those things which need to be completed so we can bring in the old. Look at what is happening in your live. If you are feeling particularly stuck in an area which should be flowing, now is the perfect time to look deeper as this usually signifies an in-completion that we think we are done with (if something immediately comes to mine, you have probably hit the proverbial nail on the head, for it is usually the first thing we think of that is our biggest obstacle).  So let us get rid of the old so we can make way for the new that is wanting to come in.

Septembers energy should be fairly balanced for most. There is plenty of opportunities and action available to those who take up the gauntlet and charge forward. There is some nervousness about the changes that are taking place which are unnecessary detours along the way, however never the wrong path. There is no one perfect path for each of us to take, and there are no wrong ones either (we might be asking ourselves why on earth we chose the current one), however they are neither right or wrong. Some are just longer than others. This gives us opportunity to look back and see if we are heading where we want to go. Take that time so you are moving forward with clarity. If you are unsure where you want to go or what you want to do, your guides and angels feel the vibration of that 'ho-hum' attitude and that is what comes back your way. We are used to the pendulum swinging too and fro and that is okay also, however we can have more balance and joy if we choose also.

It is possible to be living the life that you desire. Look at and visualize often how it feels to be living that life. And living with grace, compassion and love. Celebrate each day like you would were you there, as if it is the last one you have to live and regardless whether you feel you are really there, begin it now. Even for small moments, for these will grow into bigger moments. Trust that you have the skills necessary to face whatever the day brings to you and that you are supported by a wonderful groups of light, both physical and non-physical. Trust your Divine inner guidance, that beautiful magi energy that dwells within each of you and take chances. Experience some growth that takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to expand. And, enjoy where you are and the beauty that surrounds, look deep if you need to, however keep looking until you have found something to celebrate and glow from there.

Take the time to plant the seeds that you want to bloom and grow and tend to over the next few months. This is an opportunity to make the changes you have been asking for. Trust that you make your decisions wisely, especially if you ask the wise counsel that is a part of your experience. Make your decisions from that still, quiet center and know that you are going to enjoy the fruits of your labour very soon. Take on only that which brings you joy as you place yourself in service and also remember to let others do their part as well, for it is important for their growth as well. Tackle only projects and activities that you do in LOVE and if you feel you must do it, look for the love of what it brings to you until you can love where you are.

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Have  a fantastic month and celebrate the harvest. I will continue to do readings at the Oliver Street Market until it ends in October. xoxo Sharon and the guys