Friday, January 25, 2008

Clear Water Clear Water

Since August of last year, several of us around the globe participated in a clear water meditation as a proactive way to assist in clearing a fuel spill in Robson Bight near Vancouver Island. The meditation message went as follows.... 'To gather as many people as we possible can to focus Love and Intent of "Clear Water" and imagine that the whales/dolphins and our other beloved Beings of the Ocean are all safe and in 'Clear Water', that the spill is cleared up quickly and easily.'We wanted to keep the message simple, positive and focused on what we wanted to create. Several of us sent this out to our lists and healing groups around the world... there was an article about how quickly the spill evapourated quickly. I kept working with the 'Clear Water' meditation as I found I enjoyed the time I would spend in the Ocean during my morning meditations. I also would do it everyday when I walked to work or walk the dog on the weekends as I live right beside the Pacific Ocean and cross it when Bella and I walk to work in the Muggle world. Everytime I am near the Ocean I send Love and Gratitude to the Oceans, into the water, I connect with the beings of the ocean...the Love I get back is extraordinary... I almost always get whales and dolphin is a beautiful way to set your day. I also do it when I am rinsing my hair in the shower. As other oil spills happened, we continued to add them to our group, the Black Sea, San Francisco Harbour... I do it around the world and spots that I know need our particular attention. I sent messages to the marine life that Japan had begun Whale hunting again... I sent them a message to stay away... unless some of them want to go back to the Light... we know that all of oceans need our help (see Garbage Article) ... these are some of the ways I do what I can from here... It gives me such beautiful Love back... I though I would share. We know how a simple 'Love and Thank You' can change water!

We do this 'Clear Water' Meditation at 520 every day, I think most of the group do it in the afternoon, I do it at both times since I am usually doing a meditation at that time anyway. I hope that you join us... I actually heard singing this morning calling me at 510 as I was working on some other things at the time... that was very cool... a choir of beautiful voices singing 'Clear Water, Clear Water,'