Sunday, February 24, 2013

Angels of Love

Beings of Love through Sharon Taphorn
Oh, to love again, it is so grand. There is nothing like it. It is one of the greatest gifts of having a human experience, to feel love in all of its grand expressions. Mostly you muddy it up with the mental energy of conditions and expectations, however once in a while, some of you just let it happen, and it is glorious.

From the vantage point of guides and angels, we only know love and unity consciousness. While you are a human, you know love, but compartmentalize it into types and meanings. It is still only love and one can only truly know it when they release their thoughts of it and go with the feelings. Love is feeling this most amazing, all-encompassing feeling of blissfulness and you cannot fully describe it, it must be felt. It is powerful energy and it can heal all things.

Take a sensible approach Use a methodical, almost scientific like method as you approach any challenges as well as the creative ideas that inspire you to more. Let your warm and understanding manner be your guide to thoughtful creations. Mastering the emotions is best done through a balanced approach to your thoughts and your desires. As you do this, you gain a better understanding into the challenges you face and how you can be living more in your passions.

As you understand more of your motivations and desires, you are then able to create them in your world in a more deliberate fashion and gratitude holds the key to the joy, contentment and enlightenment. Understanding is seeing the bigger picture, and knowing that it will lead you to something more. Do not get caught up in the thoughts and understandings of others ad that is theirs to work on, and keep your focus on your path. The world is your oyster and the pearl is the results of your understanding, focus, and desire.

You are embarking on a new journey and you are ready. You have the talent, skills and resources to help you manifest everything you need and lead a magical life. The only thing standing in your way is your belief in yourself and your ability to actually create this or something even better. You have what you need and can also attract it to you easily when you have confidence in yourself. There is so much available to you, if only you can keep your focus.

Carefully review options and read all of the fine print and be sure that what you do or sign is the best for you right now, as there is always more going on and new opportunities that fit you perfectly, it is just that sometimes you have to look and have confidence and trust yourself. Do your research so that you feel confident in your decisions and know that it is what it best, as this will help you create the ‘something even better’ and there are promising ventures awaiting you always.

Decision making is a complex process and it takes practice to trust in yourself and your choices. Consult an expert or someone that you trust so that you keep your thoughts positive and focused on things you have not even seen yet will come your way as opportunities to nurture yourself and grow.

Find the balance in your give and take, for it is not wise to be to frivolous nor too cautious as this represents thoughts of lack. Find the grounding of the middle and you will have more confidence in the decisions that you make. Always give a helping hand to those that follow you for that is how you bring the others with you and no is left behind. This is a time of doing things in a different way that you have done previously, on mass and individually. As you begin to manifest your ideas and inspirations, it allows others to find their truth and begin to live their lives differently and it continues on exponentially from there. Remember, just as you have created many wonderful things in the past, you will now be creating things bigger and better than you ever imagined possible, so dream big and let no one diminish you or your desires.

Your life experiences are changing and with powerful revelations and understandings, how you experience your very life is changing. You are becoming more sensitive to the energy around you and the energy of others. This means that you must give yourself time to adjust and learn to work with these new experiences. There are many teachers on all dimensions who can assist you with this. Remember, they do not do the journey for you, it is entirely up to you to do it for yourself, as that is the agreement between the teacher and the student. You came to earth to experience and we are but the helpers setting up the coincidences and opportunities for you to experience.

You have human angels who are the teachers of long ago who have returned to once again assume their roles as the master teachers. Seek them out for they offer you wise counsel and have access to the other realms. You have contracts with them to help you find your way and they too want nothing more than to assume their rightful roles as the advisors and educators of this new age. Continue moving forward and participating in your spiritual expansion as you evolve into what you are becoming.

Happy times lay ahead, of that there is no doubt. Make positive and optimistic long-range plans for the path before you as that is what you seek. Enjoy life’s little luxuries and see the beauty and the gift in each experience so that you can complete it and move on to what is next. As you shift and change, the outlook of those plans you have made have the opportunity to grow into something more and so keep the thoughts of even better in your mind.

You are creating a new age, a new world and there are so many possibilities for you. Spend time in meditation, spend some time out in nature and see the beauty and all it’s splendor all around you. You are becoming empathic beings and with that enhancement, you become more compassionate and understanding with those you meet along the way. Develop this quality and you will see all of your relationships evolving to a new level of understanding and light. Trust your intuition and learn to interpret the signals it gives you and what they mean. Just because it feels different, doesn’t make it bad or wrong; trust your ability to find out more.

Take a few minutes and tap into your internal storehouse of wisdom and ask the questions that you need to make your choices and decisions. This will help you understanding yourself and others and how to attract from there.

As you grow and bloom, and learn to love yourself, all of your relationships are elevated to a new dimension and sometimes those you love take a while to catch up to the new vibration. Beam them love and trust that as they are ready, they will step forward and do what they need to do. That is the best way you can help others to find their way.

This message was brought to you by the angels and guardians of love. This group of light beings are honoured to assist the humans with their relationships and interactions with each other.

This group consists of and is not limited to:

Archangel Raguel, Archangel Chamuel, Goddess’s Aphrodite, Isolt, Guinevere, Aengus, Quan-Yin, Maitreya, Krishna, Pele, Devi, Vesta, and Mother Mary and … whomever else you choose.

Relationships are one of the major themes of doing an earth journey as it is when we are in human form that we feel our separateness from each other. It is important to remember that you absolutely cannot change another human being, you can only change yourself and how you see your world, and it is perfectly okay to see the world with ‘rose coloured glasses’ and look for love in all of its form, and see the beauty that is all around you and in everything that you do.

The angels of Love

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Record Breaking Show

Quite a week for Calling All Angels as we broke our record for number of listens during a week. Love, Romance and Relationships has had over 2011 listens! Thank you to everyone. Now we've set the bar high lol.

Calling All Angels ~ Love, Romance and Relationships 02/14 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels

Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels February 7, 2013

through Sharon Taphorn

There is great love for you here and know that truly all is well with the world. Sometimes it seems so filled with chaos and challenges that you want to give up and return home, and at other times it is so easy to see all the love and beauty and the good that is everywhere around you. Know that it is all beautiful in the eyes of Creator and all of us who are working together with all of you and we are on the same team of advancement for earth and all beings, physical and beyond. All energy changes as each of you evolve and expand your light.
Falling in love with your life is a way to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth. When you love your life, your relationships will all hit new heights and levels and all things around you seem new again, as if they have bloomed for the very first time and each step you take leads you towards the path of joy, contentment and gratitude. The world is yours to explore and when you feel the passion to move forward, it is a glorious time and feeling.
Don't give up. It is time to buckle down and get things done that are part of honouring your commitments and then when you are finished, you will be ready to move on unencumbered and nothing to hold you back. Have courage and believe in yourself. You can always call upon your guardian angels to help you feel safe and protected and know that they are always, always with you, even if you can't feel them yet. Trust that they are there and they are with you, you are not alone. You can always call upon my light to comfort, protect and guide you. You are supported even if you don’t feel like it from those around you. Trust that it is so and believe it.
Seeing the truth is not the same as what is the truth; it is about seeing what is most important at the core or beginning of everything. Speak your truth but do so with love and the intention to bring an understanding, not necessarily an agreement as that is not what is most important. Understand that everyone has a point a view and should be allowed to speak it for themselves. Allow those around you to prosper and grow through encouragement and support, not as someone who says "that won't work", "it is wrong" or any other energy of less than. Allow that part of you that is filled with excitement, brilliant new ideas, and inspirations emerge, and seek out like minded groups, organizations, and friends and widen your circles.
Be sure to balance your thoughts and emotions. Keep your thoughts positive and transform any fear-based thoughts and comments you think about yourself or others. Negative or fear-based thoughts make you feel like you are being held in a prison with no release and no escape and you have been asking for more fulfilling and challenging tasks for your experiences as a human and the good news is that this time is here and the time is now.
You have now begun the second stage, the next vibration as you awaken to this new direction. Review and evaluate what is before you with the tools that you have already created and how you can utilize this information into so much more. Trust yourself and trust that the road ahead be paved with signs and signals to help you choose which way to go and when you are experiencing a delay, know that it is about fine tuning what you are experiencing and allowing for divine timing and things lining up vibrations to meet with what is coming.
Humanity is truly ready for a huge leap forward and so use the natural resources that you have to help you make your life more magical and to manifest that which you need to help you along the way. Let concerns and worries fade away or ask that your angels and guides help you release and transform them.
Remember that skilled work is rewarded so take pride in yourself and the work you do as you are in service to humankind. Learn all there is to know from each challenge and experience a see the gift it is offering you. Traditional viewpoints and human ideas are always evolving and your understanding of how things work and the vastness of what is really available is expanding. The more you know, the more you know you want to learn more and the universe is infinite and therefore so are your abilities to learn and tap into waves of expansion. Don’t get caught up in the energy of competition or bogged down by the details. This only serves to distract you from your mission.
This is a time of positive changes for the earth plane. There is much that is moving forward even if sometimes from the vantage point of earth you feel it not. Know and trust that what you are creating is important for all of humankind and have courage and believe in yourselves. Protect and nurture what you have created and see the beauty in it. It might see as if there is so much going on you cannot keep your focus. This is when you know that it is time to take a time out and re-center and balance yourself. Set priorities and delegate things that really aren’t necessary for you and clearly see what is most important in your life.
As you are trying to find your place and your footing, be sure that your thoughts are not on what might have been. Spending time crying over things that you cannot change is not productive energy, so if you have these feelings, acknowledge them, look at them through the eyes of love and see the positive changes they have brought to the world. Accept help from others and be open to receiving. Don’t be too frivolous with your time and energy but also don’t be too cautious either. Give to others when you can and graciously receive when you can’t. You are so much stronger when you reach out and support each other.
Learn what you can, review your motives and those of others and make your decisions from the perspective of your spirit self and you will gain a greater understanding. You have important goals and life purpose and that is why you are here in physicality at this momentous time for earth and all the beings that are here with you now. Nurture yourselves. Let your angels' help you see things from a different perspective and realise that all of this is important for you and your growth. You are growing and learning more about yourself and your life and how it works each day and so you know that tomorrow is going to be a better day. Be sure that you are not focused on negative thoughts or that your actions are based from fear. These energies bring more of what you do not want your way and can be transformed with desired affirmations and believing in yourself.
We love to interact and work with humanity and help you along the way. If you need help with any aspect especially the beautiful young ones that are emerging, we are always available for guidance, understanding and especially love. The little ones are trying to find their way in this changing world and need the guidance and support from those who are awakening. They need love, support and encouragement and to feel safe. Is that not truly what each of you are seeking on your quest. You must let them experience life for themselves and cannot live it for them. Just as you found you way, trust that they will too and that you provided the best tools and opportunities to support their growth as well as yours.
Open your eyes to all the possibilities and know that there are many more opportunities coming your way. If you feel that you missed something, fear not, it will come back your way if it is important for you to understand and experience. You are entering a new phase, a new chapter in your book of life. Fall in love with life again, fall in love with all your relationships and interactions with each other. You are creating a new earth, a new age for humanity and many of you are on the leading edge of this change and we thank you for commitment and courage to keep moving forward with all that‘seems’ to hold you back.
This is a successful time for earth and all that are present at this time, so confidently accept the opportunities that you are offered. Be gracious and compassionate with others and most of all cherish yourselves and the beautiful gifts your human journey has brought to all that is.
Love always, Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, Queen of the Elementals, Queen Mother of the Earth.
Working with Mother Mary: Most of us are aware that Mother Mary was the mother of Jesus. She embodies all the archetype of motherhood and is wonderful to work with. I was raised Catholic and Mother Mary is certainly well thought of and a part of their teachings and I have always worked with her. As a child I used to say 3 prayers every night before I went to sleep, one was the Lord’s Prayer; the second was to the guardian angels and then one to Mother Mary. When my son was a teenager, I called upon her and Archangel Metatron to intervene at any time we had problems communicating with each other.
Invoke Mary at any time you need assistance with your life, as she is filled with love and compassion and goes right to your heart chakra and opens your heart to more love. If you need help with your children, conceiving or adopting, ask for her to light the way to make all things possible.
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights

Sharon and Bella

Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

8 Ways to Keep Balance in Your Life

When events are moving at a fast pace and feel like too many things are happening at once, it can be a challenge to find your footing and your balance as things around change. Here are 8 pearls of angel wisdom to help you keep your focus and your balance as you find your way.
Set Priorities
Events are occurring at great speed and it is not always easy to keep up. Take the time to decide what you really need to be focusing on and let others take the rest. When you carefully review your options, you not only come up with creative ideas and solutions, you feel more in control of your life and how it unfolds. Don’t try to juggle it all yourself as there is no reward for being too tired to enjoy your life. Delegate so that you have time to breath and spread your wings. Do not underestimate yourself either. Confidently assert yourself with love as this will help you get things done.
Change is always happening, that is how you grow. Celebrate it as it means there are always new things on the way. Have patience and make some long term plans for yourself. This helps you to have a direction and have more confidence in your journey. Celebrate and have fun along the way as that is the energy that helps you create. Feel your passions so that they too evolve along with you and manifest for you in your world.
Support Circle
Seek mentors and like-minded friends. This is a time of expansion and surrounding yourself by supporting, co-operating and compassionate people helps to nurture you to grow. Traditional view points and values are changing within many of you and knowing you are not alone is comforting and reassuring. There are many wonderful spiritual organizations filled with people just like you looking for comrades of light, love and discovery.
Evaluate Decisions
Take a deeper look into choices you are making. Objective decision making helps you clear away unproductive energy and that which no longer serves your growth. When you look at things with love, from the vantage point of your angels, you will see things from a more complete perspective. Ask that your concerns or worries be washed away by your angels and welcome positive and new options to come your way. See yourself and your life with humour and with love. Laugh deep and laugh often, it is good for you and your soul.
The Small Things

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Human Relationships with Archangel Raguel

Human Relationships with Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel is the perfect mediator and can help bring harmony and co-operation into any situation.

BY: Sharon Taphorn
Archangel Raguel
Relationships are part of the human experience and require nurturing and love in order to grow. Take some time out of your day to be a friend to another and in turn, you will attract friendships based on mutual support, trust and understanding. You don't always have to agree with your friends, just be one. Ask your angels to help you attract more spiritually based friendships that are a balance of give and take, of inhalation, and exhalation, and to help blossom your existing relationships to new levels.
You deserve caring and loving people in your life, who treat you with love and respect always, just as it is equally important for you to be that for others. Cultivate your existing relationships with the harmony and balance that you seek and allow for healing to take place where it needs to. Be open to new dimensions to the relationships you have with everyone and in all that you do.
Call upon Archangel Raguel to assist with this healing as he is the perfect mediator and can help bring harmony and co-operation into any situation. Ask that you see the spiritual aspect in all of your interactions with others and to bring harmony and balance back to the middle way.

Weight your pros and cons as you consider making changes in your life. Look at both sides before you make decisions and take your action from there. Remember Justice is about more than just righting wrongs. True justice is about being fair and just in all your actions and dealings and living within your integrity and moral code. This is set by no one but you. Ask your angels to guide you to reach balanced decisions for yourself. Try to assess the situation instead of judging the people involved or the circumstances, or yourself. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, ask your angels to help you see the 'others' point of view as well as your own and act from that place within you that is balanced and comes from love and compassion.

According to the law of cause and effect, whatever you do to others you will, in the end, experience for yourself, therefore it is always wise to seek the best outcome for all involved and to hold everyone in the light of co-operation and for the good of all. Choose to give of yourself from that higher place of understanding and know it doesn't matter if you agree or condone others, it matters that you are willing to look beyond what you can see with your eyes and feel with your heart. It is a tremendous opportunity for your personal growth.

Always be the best you can be. Try each day to offer the best of yourself. This is fluid energy and your best will change from day to day, moment to moment, so be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with those around you as they too are trying their best, even if it doesn't appear so at the time to you. Each of you have your days that are better than others and moments that you wish you could take back and have a do over. You can in a way as tomorrow is another day. There is always room to move and improve and so much more yet to come.

Do not compare yourself with others. Honour each other and the path that they have chosen. It matters not that you would choose that path, it matters only that you support and honour who they are. You, and everyone else, are an important piece of the puzzle. Each one of you have, at some time, been there and done that as you learned and grew, so be ever so patient with those that follow for they too are just learning to make their way.

"Each day I do my best and each day gets better and better."
Do your best in all that you do and that is an important piece to the puzzle. Bring harmony and balance into all of your interactions with each other and you will be doing your best automatically. Let in the energy and principles of this league of angels and know that the outcome is truly the best for all.
Your interactions with each other will be many and unlimited, and there is no need for you to ever feel as if you are doing it alone, my deepest love, Archangel Raguel

Working with Archangel Raguel:

Archangel Raguel is one of the Seven Core Archangels in the Book of Enoch, however not according to the Celestial Hierarchy. He is the archangel who oversees all of the archangels, as his area of expertise lies in helping to create order in your life, strength and courage tempered with humility, expanding your senses, especially understanding and interpreting body signals, Justice, fairness and harmony. He acts like a mediator anytime you have a dispute within groups and helps us to see the bigger picture in understanding that everyone has a point of view and deserves compassion and understanding. He can assist us in all of our relationships and to act from integrity, honour and truth.

The colour associated with Archangel Raguel is a beautiful pale blue. Stones such as aqua aqua, aqua marine, turquois, angelite, or other blue stones will help you strengthen this connection. He works with us through our communication or throat chakra. Wearing his cloak of blue helps us to be in and speak our truth with love and brings us into alignment with our higher selves.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mawu ~ Earthkeepers of Old

Mawu ~ Earth Keepers of Old  January 26,2013 through Sharon Taphorn

It is I, Mawu, guardian of the earth and her ascension into the next phase of her expansion. I am pleased that you have chosen to work with us and share the energy of love and stewardship for our beloved terra.  Much has been occurring on the physical level and you will continue to see changes and adjustments as mother earth recalibrates herself for new levels of light. It has been a very long time since the earth realm has held this much light and you are not going easily into that good Light.  It is time to cease pillaging her resources and leaving toxic wastes without the thought of how and what to do. As more of you become ill and must find a path of healing, you will be forced to wake up to the thought that you cannot keep spewing garbage into your earth and waterways. 
The earth is seeking to find her balance and each one of you is called upon to play your part. It is time to make a decision, to make a choice of what is going to be next on the path and evolution of the mother and your actions will speak louder than your words, although both are powerful. Pretending that all will fine is long past and I ask you to become the guardians and earth keepers that you long to help save her. And while this beautiful earth will last longer than the humans, and she really doesn’t need to be ‘saved’, it is the humans that have become ill from your own contamination of your food and water sources – in essence, your earth. She is a vital part of your weave and you of hers and together you form the web of life. The earth will find her balance, of that there is no doubt; the quest and challenge is in the human finding the balance to work and live with, on and within beloved Gaia.  Her life blood flows through you and when you begin to work symbiotically together, you will have created Eden once again. 
Review and evaluate what you do and how you live and how you can do things that better reflect the legacy you choose to leave behind. Do not give up. Protect that which has been given to you and have the courage to act from the best parts of yourselves as you do. Believe in yourselves and know that every step makes a difference. You are the stewards of the earth, the earth keepers of old who have come back again to see her safe arrival into a new vibration and expression. 
Do not give up! Protect that which you have created and have the courage and believe in yourselves and your cause. Remember that love holds the key in the challenges before you and know that the truth will be revealed and delivered to ‘we the people,’ by ‘we the people,’ from ‘we the people of spirit’, for “we the people “of that you can be proud and sure.  Those that speak their hearts with love will be the ones that are heard and can make the difference. It is therefore important for you to find this balance within yourselves so that you will be and feel completely connected to all that is. And use this connection as the essences in all that you do. It is a stronger energy that you any other you can utilize. 
Time is of the essence. Think through your plans carefully as you do not want to get caught up in the mental energy that is so prevalent and distracting from the actual purpose and cause. Do not see the differences in the colours of your skins or beliefs in your thoughts. Hold the power for the good of all and that includes everyone and therefore you also. Put down your swords of differences and work with the fire and flame of the all. Let go of the negative belief that there is only enough for one or the few and realise that there is enough for all and together you are so much stronger. 
Find the magic in the little things in life as these are the ones that hold the most value. It is not about who has the most or the best. It is about everyone having enough, enough love, nourishment and support, everyone having enough.  Together you are so very much stronger and when you begin to help each other to bring them up and expand, that is when you are in service to we the people and all that is. That is truly renewing your resources. The human evolution is the most natural resource you have and it is time to see the part it plays in all that is. 
Choose your battles wisely and also how you fight them. Defend your beliefs and decisions from the energy of love and it becomes more a way of being than a way which needs to be defended. There is much going on around you. Choose wisely and stand your ground firmly on those choices. This is a continuation of your spiritual teaching and your journey of self-discovery that leads you to the transformations that you seek. 
Listen to your intuition. Have patience with yourselves. These are significant and exciting life opportunities that you are experiencing as you embark on these changes. Consider carefully each step you take before acting and you will trust more in what you do. These opportunities are for your spiritual advancement and these changes are powerful and important. Spread your wings and get ready for the mission you have chosen as the earth keepers you have been and are again.
Become one with the earth and feel her heart beat and then feel the heart beat within you and blend it with the rhythm of each other and you will beat as one. Feel the power in the trees and the gifts they offer to you, and taste the beautiful nectar that is pure water, the life blood of the mother and that which makes all life as you know it exist in this realm. You are a part of each other and walk hand in hand. Awaken from the illusion of your separateness and work to strengthen that connection. Awaken to the love that dwells within the heart of the mother as it is expressed through all life and dance with the rhythm of that life. Let the heart of the mother blend with the heart of the masters and the masters that are becoming. 
This marks a time of positive change. There will be a sudden move forward and things are looking very good, so have your plans in place and have patience during this time of change. You have the resources and or the abilities you need to take you where you want to go, it is just that you need to believe in miracles once again. 
Do not look back with thoughts or feelings of regret as this will keep you in that energy and stop you from seeing the results you desire. When things don't turn out the way you hoped for it is important to look at where you thoughts were and perhaps they were blocking their creation, or you are being prepared for something better although you might not see that just yet. Find the gift in the experience and you are then on the path to healing and releasing it. 
Change is always happening and it is a sign that you are growing and there is so much more to come and more to do. Get ready for this time is near. The time of Lemuria is near, of being one with your earth and each other. It is time for you to work with the energy she offers you to enhance and ignite your journey. 
Feel the Full Moon's Glow and learn to utilize her energy. During the waning of the full moon you might feel a bit of melancholy as the build-up to this powerful phase is so strong for those who are open or opening to their intuitive and sensitive side. Trust in yourself and what you feel and know that there are always events and situations being worked on that you can't always see and so trust that there is more going on that meets the eye and that grander possibilities are possible. There is great change happening and you are an important part. Use the power of the full moon’s glow to help you work in the ebb and flow with the energy around you and that you are. 
Use the new moon to help you with your creations. A new perspective is always available and when you take the time to use the energy of the cycles you will find that it becomes easier to be in the flow. Use the daily cycles to be in the ebb and flow with your world. Small waves and large waves of energy happen throughout your day to utilize and help you create and expand. Your physical world offers you quantum possibilities and so there are many different opportunities and times that they are become more powerful. The clearer you understand and know what you want, the better you will become at bringing it into your physical world, the brighter, the faster and the finer. 
Carefully weight your choices and decisions and use your ability to organize in a logical structure so that is easy for you to understand and tackle. With a little self-discipline and work, you will get the things done that are important for you at this time. You have the talents and the skills; ask yourself if you have the heart. If the answer is yes, then you know it must succeed. Ask your guides and angels for guidance and then notice the signs, as there are many, and as you notice them, it will seem that more are appearing, and they are. 
Ask for me, Mawu to help guide you in ways that make your earth more sustainable and glorious. Ask for us to help you better understand the physical aspect of doing this journey as a spiritual being and I will happily guide you to the wisdom, understanding and passion that you seek to be fully present and a part of this unique and wonderful experience called you. I am happy to help you expand your connection to and with this world and your understanding of the importance that you bring to this time in our evolution and creation. 
I Am Mawu, goddess of the earth, goddess of the moon, an aspect of the mother and a part of every living thing on this beautiful earth, and a part of that is you, so I ask you to nourish, love and respect yourselves and this beautiful earth.
Working with Mawu: Mawu is an African Earth Mother and aspect of Mother Earth. She is happy to work with anyone who is an earth keeper or guardian of mother earth and will help empower and support anyone who is on a quest on behalf of the earth. She encourages us to take up the energy of stewardship for beloved terra and help her to expand her light and reach. She is the energy in every tree, every blade of grass and every drop of rain. She blooms in every flower and in our hearts. 
“Reflect upon the legacy you are leaving behind and do your best always for the generations that follow as they are you coming back to experience the cycle of life.” Mawu
She can help you connect and be one with the earth and all that is and feel the strength, love and beauty of this connection. 
Meditation with Mawu

Take some to just relax your body and become comfortable. Focus on taking some deep cleansing breaths and release as you exhale and bring in fine, high vibrating oxygen particles into your body as you inhale, allowing for the awakening of your cellular consciousness to the knowledge that something grand is about to take place within you.
When you feel relaxed and ready to connect with your earth and all that is, you will feel a tingling feeling and desire to move on to more. Imagine yourself awakening in a beautiful park, filled with sounds of the birds, water rushing in the distance and the wind gently rustling the leaves of nearby trees. The sun is shining brightly and beautiful smells of flowers and earth fill your senses. Then you are become aware of the earth beneath your feet and your connection with it. You can feel the beautiful grass between your toes and the coolness of the earth beneath your feet, and then you become aware of a connection of light that is emerging between you and the earth. It is as if you have become one and you can feel the heartbeat of the earth and your heart beat become one. As you do this, you can feel the connection and the love each of you have for the other and that you are a part of each other and you know that a part has always been connected because you work in unison with the other and you know this deep in your cellular consciousness.
Connect with the grass. Feel yourself merge and be one with the grass. Feel the strength and the bond each blade has with the other and just be in that energy for a moment. Ask how the grass experiences the human and feel that energy. Ask how the grass experiences the trees and feel that energy, ask how the grass experiences the human, and feel that energy.  Thank the grass for all that it has shown you and move on to stand beside a tree in the forest and feel the tree and how it so beautiful works with the human transforming human by-products into its food and its by-products giving life to the human and how you are so important to each other. Ask the tree if it has something it would like to share with you. When you are ready, merge with the tree and become one. Experience the life of the tree and how it experiences the other trees and then the humans and then the earth.
As you become one with the earth, you feel her heart beat, you feel the love. You become one. You begin to flow and experience life as the earth, with the humans, the plants and the insects and rocks and the crystals and the water and all that is. Feel the totality of mother earths experience and the grandness and the awesomeness of all of this. And you begin to understand why you chose to do an earthy journey and leave the love of all that is. It is to feel it outside of you and then feel the grandness of all that is as you become one once again.

And just in case you are not already saturated with this amazing love, take a moment to merge with your waterways and sense the beauty and gift that is your water. Feel its life force and how vital this precious resource is to the body of the human, to the body that is the earth.  Feel the wisdom keepers of the oceans, the mighty whales. Feel the knowledge that they offer the evolving human and let them share a gift with you this day. Feel the all-encompassing and powerful love of the dolphins, feel their joy and playfulness and how important that energy is for the human.
We ask for you do this journey, and as you are experiencing the weaves and the webs of life and how important each part works symbiotically with the other that you remember to cherish and honour all life as you begin to understand the importance of each thread and weave that is a part of the web of life.
As you do this meditation it will become easier for you be a part of the renewal of the earth and the earth experience, welcome home.  
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ishtar- Setting Boundaries with Sharon Taphorn

Working with Ishtar: Ishtar was a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of sex, love, fertility, strength, and the underworld. Ishtar cults were formed during the middle ages which were probably where the ties between magic and witchcraft came to be seen as one in the same. She was also a warrior goddess on Venus during its time of occupation. She embodies all the feminine energy and aspects of a matriarchal society. She is a warrior of great strength and can teach us that our best weapons are our thoughts and our wits, often referred to as cunning; she says,
“Temper your words always with strength, conviction and love and you will understand the power of your words.”
Ishtar can help you develop more confidence and courage as well as how to work with your energy to help you achieve this. She is quick witted and has a dazzling smile if you return or appreciate humour.
Setting Boundaries January 23, 2013
Set healthy boundaries for yourself. With the increased sensitivities that many of you are feeling, it is important for you to establish healthy boundaries around yourself with your energy, your thoughts and your feelings. It is so very easy to try to fill in all the missing pieces in everyone's life, however this might leave gaping holes in your own. Love yourself and give yourself the time to replenish your reserves so that you are better able to serve where you choose. Give yourself time to adjust to your new sensitivities and practice working with them as you need. It is important for those who are particularly energy sensitive to know what is there's and what belongs to others, where you leave off and they begin, as these lines often become blurred, especially since you are truly not separate from each other. Just take a deep breath, go within and you will know. You are powerful, trust yourself.
You can always use shields of light to help you and remember to sweep your energy field at regular intervals as you are now more sensitive to others energy. Imagine a spiraling vortex of spiritual fire coming down from your I am presence to your crown chakra and spinning down cleaning you and out through the root chakra and into the beautiful mother earth for her to use. Then bring down another swirling vortex of spiritual fire and this time watch it expand to encircle your auric field and as it swirls around you, it cleanses your auric field and spins down to the earth for use as the mothers sees fit. Cut any cords or tethers that are connected to you by others and then seal your light with layers of colours that you feel are beneficial for you at that time.
Do this as often as you feel it is necessary and helpful. In particularly stressful situations you man want to do this frequently and daily.
If you find that you are receiving a psychic attack or unwanted energy that is not of your level of light, immediately put yourself in a cocoon of white light, invoke Archangel Michael and call in the protection angels and ask that they cut any cords attached to you and sweep away any lower energy. While the angels are doing their work, imagine all the wonderful thoughts and love that dwells within you and let that energy spread all through you and out your pores and into your bubble and stay in that beautiful light while the energy around you shifts.
Don't give up as you are so very close to creating what you desire. You have already created many wonderful things, relationships and experiences. Believe in yourself and what you give to so many for it is numerous. Much of the growth that you have been experiencing has led to significant changes in how you perceive your life and your relationship to everything. Trust yourself and have courage for you have only just begun to feel the new energy that you have stepped into. Powerful understandings led to great change and you are standing on the precipice.
Are you ready to soar?
You are coming into your own and with that there will be changes around you. Look for new partnerships or contracts as the time is right for the manifestation of your creations and it is time to move forward to what you have asked for. A new person will also be entering your life very soon to help you create these desires, or you will discover a new aspect an old relationship that previously you thought was not what it seemed. It is just this new aspect had not the energy to grow and now the timing is right. Be brave and know that the keys to the kingdom are available to all that are courageous enough to embark on the journey. You are on the right path of understanding and enlightenment and joy, gratitude and contentment are yours. Let your new heightened sensitivities be your strength and your guide.
Project your ideas into your life. You have learned many lessons since you began your awakening and now is the time to proceed further down the path and knowing you can apply what you have learned to make a better life for yourself. This is a time of positive change and you are ready for a great leap forward. Stay calm and get really clear about it is you want to create. You have all the things necessary and ready to line up, it is now time for you to make the choice in what you want to do next. Important decisions are best made on a full stomach, so ensure you feel balanced and whole so that you trust in your choices and don’t let old feelings of doubt become your focus. Quickly clear away all that no longer serves you from your thoughts and feeling and know that it is time to see things from a new or different perspective. Perhaps even a new area of study are called for or a complete change in all aspects of your life. Regardless what you choose, keep the faith and envision it happening for you and hold that thought that you are happy and fulfilled regardless of what you choose.
Make time for others in your life as it makes life more meaningful when you have others to enjoy it with. Taking time to enjoy yourself and play are an important aspect of life and this helps to feed all of your bodies. Let others see your warm, thoughtful and sensitive side as well as your more realistic, independent side. Use your charm and use your wit, as they will take you far and that is really where you want to go. See the humour in life and laugh often, this helps you to lighten up and be more joyful regardless what is happening around you and perhaps even to you. Laughter is such a healing energy and releases endorphins that have a natural healing affect upon the human body.
This is a time of new growth. An opportunity for expansion of all that you thought previously possible. This brings about new ways of thinking, being and doing. You have entered a new era, a new doorway into so much more as you awaken to the totality of whom and what you truly are. It is time for the empowered humans to step forward and take their rightful places as the warriors of light. Confidently accept the opportunities that are being offered to you right now as these are the steps that will help you fulfill your mission and your goals. Be strong and steadfast as you discover the resources you have as well as the ones you wish to develop in yourself.
You have the ability to manifest all of your desires, choose one and begin working towards it; all the others will fall into place when they need to. This can be a magical time in your life if you can decide what it is you truly want and work towards it. And remember to celebrate, you are now ready and it is time. Plant your seeds, nurture them and then watch them grow and use the powers that are natural to you enhance whatever you are undertaking and learn all that you need to know to help you grow. Communicate your vision to others and be the natural leader you were born to be. You are surrounded by beings in all dimensions that are available to help you expand, ask and you will receive.
Spread your wings. Sparked by a desire for something more, you are experiencing a desire to move on to something that feels better or right for you now. You are undergoing spiritual and emotional growth and transformation and you are also feeling bright new ideas and inspirations that hold great promise in your heart. It is time to take that leap of faith and just trust in your dreams. Know that it is finally your time, and you deserve great success. Have confidence in yourself.
Also give yourself time to process these changes on a physical level or you might you will be forced to take a break due to illness or disease. It is so much easier to process through the shifts and changes with a little rest and relaxation, some meditation and healthy simple foods than a full blown illness that makes you stay in bed, however both will serve their purpose. You will feel so much brighter and lighter and be doing what you need to bring these changes into your physical body and reality. Ask for and except help from your guides and angels and human angels that grace your life.
I am goddess Ishtar, the embodiment of Venus, the goddess of love and strength; it is my pleasure to share with you how to do battle, with your wits and your heart and be the changes that you seek.

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sharon's Take February 2013 - Getting Grounded and Balanced

Sharon's Take February 2013 - Getting Grounded and Balanced

As the energy from December/January begins to settle, take the time to make sure you feel like your standing on firm ground. It has been a wild ride for many and things will actually take a wee break before we head for the energy gateway for March. Take the respite while you can!

The seeds have been planted and now need some time to germinate and grow for those of you who were doing your personal and spiritual lessons over the past few months and you might even find that you are not only processing through heightened senses and new sensitivities you are also adjusting to a lot of changes all around. Use this time wisely to find your footing and feel back in control as March is bringing with it more changes in a positive direction. (remember to spirit all growth is positive). Ask for clarity where you need it and also trust in yourself to do what is best and right for you. Don't chase the whims of the ego as it will just be distractions from what you are truly wantings. That being said, you can also create on a moments notice so take heed to your thoughts, your words and your deeds.
Things are looking up financial for many, either that or opportunities are opening up for you with a possibility for the abundance that you seek. There will be some important documents to sign or new contracts to consider as you are reaching a new level in professional life that is beginning to match your desires. Ask Archangel Raguel to help you mediate and understand any legal documents and important papers so that you not only understand, but feel sure in your choices. He will always act for the highest good of all and that is what you seek anyway.
The challenge of this energy is to not get caught up in anyone else's journey or dramas. It might even feel that there things are not turning out as hoped and you have to look at and revise your plans. This is not what is really happening so you will just have to trust for a few weeks while the rebalancing occurs in the new energy. Trust that things are happening behind the scenes and lining up for what is to come. Keep your focus on positive and wanted thoughts and see the positive side of this lull for rebalancing for yourself as well.
March is bringing great change so use this time to meditate, rest and get your bearings as when this time ends it going to come in like a lion. Embrace the change and expect things to get better and better from this point forward. You will find your relationships that most important will take on a new level of appreciation, understanding, and love.
You will be seeing things from an entirely new perspective and this is an important step in your growth and awakening. Trust your intuition and trust yourself. All your relationships will be developing to a new level and so it is important that you take care for yourself and others. Trust that you make objective choices and decision for yourself and with your higher self, allowing you to see the bigger picture and with the energy of unconditional love for yourself, others, and your journey.
Are you ready to start living your life with passion?  Trust in yourself, trust in your journey, be your authentic, whole, beautiful self and follow your heart. That is our prescription, along with drink plenty of pure water and food filled with life force energy everyday to help you process your new talents and skills for this coming time of mastery.

Our first mercury retrograde happens on the 23rd-March 17th, and oftentimes we feel it's affects a bit before. I personally have felt like I have been in one ever since the last one in 2012 and during on Monday gathering on Spiritual Growth, Orin mentioned that as we shift vibrationally we can cause malfunctions with our equipment, and I have been adjusting to new sensitivities since early December. He also stated that they might start working after the adjustments, so you might want to wait before you throw something away.

Love and blessings, Sharon
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.


I will be doing the Munay Ki Rites in Williams Lake March 16th and 17th 2013. We will do the Foundation rites on Saturday, Saturday evening will be the Huchca Clearing and Sunday will do the remaining 5 rites. Outdoor fire cermoney weather permitting.

Location - Chimney Valley. There is space for staying the weekend with Sharon, email me if you are interested.

Upon receiving the rites: establish a deeper soul contact.
~ You may more easily be able to see the ‘bigger picture,’ and view life from a higher perspective.
~ You may become more of who you truly are: your soul-self, higher self, your Divinity.
~ Your ‘life purpose’ may become clearer.
~ You may find that you are following what brings you joy.
~ You also may begin to come more readily from a place of greater wisdom, love, peace, harmony and clarity.

Each rite brings new awareness to one's being, clearing and erasing all that does not align with your highest self.
1. Healer's Rite Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings. Opens up your chi pathways.

2. Bands of Power
Five "Elemental - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit" luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field.

3. Harmony Rites - Seven archetypes are transmitted into your seven chakras. In the first chakra you receive serpent, in the second jaguar, in the third hummingbird, in the fourth eagle. Next you receive into your upper chakras three “archangels”: Huascar, the Keeper of the lower world (the unconscious); Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent God of the Americas, Keeper of the middle world (our waking world); and Pachakuti, Protector of the upper world (our super-conscious) and keeper of the time to come. This rite helps you to develop a ‘rainbow body’ and to shed your past the way serpent sheds her skin.
4. Seers Rite - This rite installs pathways of light that connect the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This rite awakens the ‘inner seer’ and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.
Included in the training:

~ Andean Shamanic methods to release "huchca - heavy energy" from your body and the environment around you. (manual included)
Your Investment: $225.00 which includes a manual, Pi stone and three cds.

Come join the fun and fantastic energy of  expansion...