Friday, January 24, 2014

Sharon's Take on the Energy

Today is only about the 2nd time in 3 and half months that our geomagnetic and flare activity have been normal, so if it almost feels like something strange is going to happen, don't panic, it is just the energy has been active for so long that it feels a bit scary lol. Hopefully a bit of a respite for those of you who have been having a rough time. Keep your thoughts and feelings positive and forward flowing and you will be fine. 
It has been an interesting experience to be in the heart of the downtown when I have been away from it for a while. Although I have been here, most of my time was spent on unpleasant tasks and taking care of business. This is my first visit for the pleasure of just enjoying the moments. I do love all the people and yet the anonymity of it at the same time. 

It has also been interesting to be an empath, open and roaming the city. With being right downtown on Robson Street, the city never sleeps. There are happy people coming home at 430am and then some not so happy people, construction, horns honking at of course tons of a variety of sirens at all odd hours of the day. I was reminded of the importance of using shields and filters so that you don't get bogged down in the energy of others and all that is happening. When I lived here before, I lived on a park and it is quite a bit different to experience the city without that wonderful cleanser and buffer. 

The energy is always different everywhere you go. I like to feel my way through the mace of life and since I am an empath, I find it so natural anyway. When I am slowing down while on the road to go through the towns, I stretch myself out and feel each place and love it. I would like to stop more and enjoy little areas yet I don't always. Perhaps since I don't have to hurry home I will make a point of doing so and tapping into the different areas...stay tuned, there will be more lol. 

So, your assignment human angel is to feel your way through your day. Use some shields and filters but also ask to be aware of what is your energy and what belongs to others and or the environment you are in and experience your day in a new way. 

Have a grand adventure! 


Calling All Angels with Sharon ~ Soul Purpose 01/23 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Tonight's theme is Soul Purpose, includes conversation, meditation to the stars and more.

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Calling All Angels with Sharon ~ Soul Purpose 01/23 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

9 Tips to Living Life and Loving It

9 Tips to Living Life and Loving It by Sharon Taphorn

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Life is not meant to be a constant struggle, and yet there are many times when it can be just that. How can you get yourself out of that funk and begin to lead the life you know you should be living? Here are some tips to help you make a plan and get focused.

Explore Your Options
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It is in those times when you think that there is nowhere to turn or nothing that you can do to make things different that you benefit to opening up to the possibility that more is available to you. There is always a solution or two for you to draw upon as nothing is carved in stone. Ask yourself why you think this can't be changed and what can you do to make it feel right to you in your now. Remember, you are a magical creator who can manifest your intentions into reality, and it is the transformation of your thoughts that will provide you the answers that seek. 
Be Open to Possibilities 
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There are many possibilities available to you, it is just you weren’t seeing them before you decided to look deeper. These options can help you increasing your experiences and enhance your life. Ask your angel to help you and trust that they are, even if you think they are not, or can’t see the tangible results yet. Work on developing your trust. 
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Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone and what you seek will come to you. Detach from the outcome of how this occurs. Take one step at a time. Trust the next step will be clear and take the action you feel guided and confident about. If you don't know truly what the next best step is, focus on 'how can I better serve humanities growth at this time' and take that step, others will come, trust that it is so.
Set Boundaries
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Setting healthy boundaries for yourself and others can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your family and friends are used to you doing so much for them. Your angel guidance is to remember that saying no doesn't mean you don't care or love someone in your life, it means that you know your limits and you love yourself enough to set those limits that are important to you. It is okay to take time for you, your growth and your spiritual pursuits.
Let Go in the Present
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Remember to delegate and let things go with gratitude and love. If this is a challenge for you, invite your angels to overlight you and they will help you find the right words and actions to help you to express yourself without hurting the feelings of others. However, also remember that if they feel hurt when you have responded in love, that it is something they need to work on for themselves and the greatest gift you can give them is to let them work it out for themselves.

When you are feeling happy, grounded and centered in your own world, you then better able to be the human angel for those around you. Ask your angels to help you and take that important time out for you.

Affirmation: "I am setting healthy boundaries for myself and others and in doing so, I feel stronger, happier, and grounded." 
Let Go of Your Past
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As you surrender and release the past, your now and your future feel and look so much brighter and lighter. It is time to release this burden and let it go completely, as it is done and it is time that a new day has begun. Keep only the lessons and the love and leave the rest behind for you no longer need it as you step forward and take your power.
Your Strengths
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Keep believing in yourself and in possibilities. You have bravely agreed to experience a physical journey and re-remember love while feeling separate from your creator as well as each other and the Divine. As you remember your true power and your interconnectedness with each other, you become a conscious co-creator in your world and your life and everything around you begins to transform into a new way of being and doing.

Embrace the changes that are happening as they signify the growth and advancement that are part of your master plan of being human. Use the strength of your humanness to develop and expand your compassion and understanding of life, the Universe and all that Is.
 Angel Guidance
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Your angel guidance is to ask your angels to shower you with love and blessings as you let go of what you no longer need. Open your arms and release any challenges to your angels. They will quickly go to work on your behalf. Open your hands, arms and your heart to angelic love and assistance and feel the sweet release that surrendering these thoughts and feelings brings to your life. 

Believe in Yourself
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Keep the faith and know that you are loved, supported and that these qualities will help you move mountains. Live with integrity and do what feels right, even if it isn't the most popular choice. Your reward is freedom, peacefulness, love and a sense of inner satisfaction for a job well down. Dare to be open and use your strengths to make the world a better place for all and that of course includes you.
Affirmation: "I am supported by the Universe; I have great spiritual fortitude as I know that I am supported and it is safe for me to be open hearted, kind, and focused on making the world a better place for all and that includes me." 
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Calling All Angels with Sharon ~ Ascension and the New Normal 01/09 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

On this weeks show Sharon will share some messages and guidance, a few questions, and a meditation with Archangel Raziel and Opening Your Third Eye, readings and suggestions  to help us keep balanced and centred during this year of transformation.

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Calling All Angels with Sharon ~ Ascension and the New Normal 01/09 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Friday, January 17, 2014

Shifting Times Radio 2013 Review and Bringing in our intentions for 2014 12/31 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

A spirtitual look at 2013 with the Guides and the Angels and Sharon Taphorn as well as a look forward to what is coming and what we want to create in  the coming year. Come join us for meditations for Peace and Abundance. We will join millions who celebrate their new years in the Eastern Time zone with a meditation to Celebrate the New Year of Transformation. Celebration of Peace Calling the Spirit of Peace Meditation. by Orin

This year marked our entry into a new era, lets take a look at some of the changes that have taken place and prepare to enter our new year of transitions and changes. We will end with a meditation for Abundance for this coming year. 

Shifting Times Radio 2013 Review and Bringing in our intentions for 2014 12/31 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Developing Prosperity Consciousness

Developing Prosperity Consciousness by Sharon Taphorn
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You create with every thought you think and words you use to express yourself and your life. It is time for your life to flow with feelings of success, love and abundance of all that you desire. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are attracting the essence of whatever your most dominant thoughts are. Are you getting what you want, or more of what you do not want? 

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 The law of attraction is a powerful friend and ally when you understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Knowing this, choose the thoughts you keep carefully. Choose thoughts and feelings that fulfill you and take the action steps that are helping you to create that in your life.

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To feel more love - open your heart and be more loving to others.

To enhance your prosperity, receive graciously. Give willingly and with an open of heart, and with no other expectation than to bring happiness and joy to someone’s world.

Always say thank you for all that you have, the tangible and the intangible. Gratitude puts you in the energy of giving and receiving. As you do this, you draw more of that same energy to you.

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Allow the energy of prosperity to pour over you and become your new way of being. It is not always easy to believe in the abundance of the universe when there are so many imbalances in your world, and yet there truly is an unlimited supply that is available to all. Take the time to consciously look at where any thoughts or feelings of lack are coming from and transform these thoughts and feelings to those of prosperity consciousness.  

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 There are always miracles occurring around you. As you begin to expect and notice them, you will experience even more. Release the need or desire to control how they appear and just expect that they are coming your way. Each of you has experienced a miracle at some time and it is often after you have reached the depths of despair and finally released everything that they suddenly appear for you. They were there; it was just that you could not see them yet.

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Ask your angels to help you and surrender any fears, anxiety, doubt or other negative emotions that you might be carrying around with you; know that you are supported and that creative solutions will appear. The freedom that you seek is within you, and you are free to choose your thoughts and feelings. Choose the ones that help you instead of hinder your path.

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You, like everyone deserve to receive the goodness in life. This is a good time to look at your belief systems and see if perhaps you are not blocking their manifestations in your life by believing deep down that you are not worthy. Remember, you are a beautiful spark of God light and you are deserving of making your dreams and desires become your reality. 

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Release any doubts and really trust. Stay optimistic. Understand that what is manifesting for you is not a result of rewards, it is because of your thought processes, feelings and the action steps that you take. Use your imagination and affirmations to help you and visualize your intentions coming into your life now.  
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There are always opportunities. Use your talents and your skills for the best job you can do and also for the common good. If you are unsure, see from everyone's point of view as well review their motives and your own. Know that your skilled work will be rewarded so follow what you love and that brings you joy in that satisfaction and begin to look for new opportunities for what you seek.
Affirmation: "I deserve to receive, I am worthy. I open my heart and my mind to greater possibilities and I am ready to embrace my heart's true desires." 

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Keep your thoughts and attention on what you desire to create, not on what you do not want. Sometimes it can feel like your thoughts choose you, but this not the case. You can always choose what thoughts stay in your head. Carefully choose your thoughts as these are the seeds you are planting that will create your future experiences. Your thoughts always affect your experiences and unless you have absolutely no feelings about the thought one way or another, it will result in that thought manifesting in your life. Most people have strong feelings, either positive or negative and oftentimes hold the negative thoughts longer than the positive and that creates them in your world.  

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Take the time to learn to monitor your thoughts. Cancel, clear, and transform any undesired thoughts as soon as you notice them or hear yourself repeating the unwanted affirmation. This can take practice at first, however mastering this skill will help you create and manifest more quickly and soon it will become a natural way of thinking.

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Ask your angels and guides to help you to monitor your thoughts and feelings more closely. Ask Archangel Michael to overlight you and clear lower vibrating thoughts and feelings and to help you carefully choose the thoughts, ideas and feelings that you would like to use so that you can use your power to focus on what you desire, not on what you do not want for yourself and your world. Remember that together you are truly more powerful and you can work together as a dynamic team of co-creators. 
Use the power of prayer and affirmations to keep your focus and expect a windfall of opportunities and gifts to come your way. Notice any feelings, new ideas or visions that come to you during those moments when you are asking for divine assistance and allow this guidance to help you know what actions to take that will help you attract that which you desire to for yourself in your world. Remember that prosperity comes in many forms including, time, money, support and ideas, so just be open to receive them in whatever form they come your way. 

Affirmation: "I am open to receive as the Universe pours its abundance out to me."
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Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily angel messages, her weekly radio program Calling All Angels for more information check out her home page at

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sharon's Take January 2014 The Beginning of Great Change

Sharon's Take January 2014 
The Beginning of Great Change 
by Sharon Taphorn
Welcome to the year of change and be prepared to see many transitions happening around you. Decide right now what you want to consciously co-create for yourself so that you can make the most of the energetic patterning for the year ahead. 

Wasn't this year of mastery that we just past through quite the trip. Many of us have been honing our skills and making the changes and doing the completions so that we can move on to bigger and better things and those that have will be having a much grander time in this new shifting energy of 2014 and so get ready to enjoy the ride and reap the benefits for what you have sown. 

For some of you this will be a time of great decisions and making choices that may not be that easy; however if you ask for some guidance and trust that it is so, you will make the choices that are right and best for you. Trust yourself. Your connection with you is truly the one you want to work on and cultivate. When you walk hand in hand with your spirit self, life becomes more magical. 

For the month expect and set your intention to start some new projects, set some goals and decide clearly what is most important to you right now, not the others in your life, this one's for you and it is what you want regardless of what others say or expect, this is for you and only you. What is best for you is what is best for the whole anyway. Make it have some long term implications so that you can see it unfold in its grandness and believe and trust that it is so. This is often where we have a problems as a whole, we do not trust that it will happen. Believe in yourself and your ability to create. Don't get stuck so much on the who and how, but on the fact that it will happen. 

This will help you build your courage and your confidence as the co-creator in your life and also show you that nothing is written that cannot be altered by your intention to expect another result and choose another path. These next three years are going to see astounding growth and change and this is not always comfortable, especially for those who resist or the old guard as it is leaving. A new level of integrity and interpreting that will become a normal way of sensing for the human being. It is like you will become your own best lie detector test, as the Indigo and crystal children are, it is just that they sometimes need guidance in learning to interpret the signals. This is where many of you who have been the students will become the teachers as you are part of the way showers for those that follow. It is you have chosen to awaken to greater abilities of your selves and your species as a whole.

If you are still learning to fly, find a teacher who is master at flying. This year of change will bring about many opportunities and so you will design that you are always in the right place at the right time to be where you need to be, to learn what you want to learn. You are always in the right place as the angels like to say, it is just that you are not always noticing what is happening around you to help to guide your way. If you miss the sign, it is by your design, not outside of you. No one truly has that power over you, that is a myth from old energy teaching and learning.

Take a class or two on how to work with the energy and yourself with the energy and your higher self, which is a part of you that is connected to your physical self as well as to the all that is. You are an aspect of your higher self that is here having a physical experience. As you hone your skills, much more becomes available to you and that is truly what you are here right now on earth to experience. It is a part of all of our 'life purpose' and we are all truly working on that whether 'we' realize it or not.  Most of you reading this are aware of this on some level. It is time to go to 'Star School' and learn to be magical once again.

Get used to working in this higher energy as you continue to see solar activity, flares and geomagnetic energy. We are in a new time and this is becoming the new normal. The more focused you can stay regardless what is happening around you, the more you will be in the flow. Those who need to be shaken up are as that is the energy that is often the catalyst for the changes that you seek. Fasten your seat belts and remember this is the ride you truly have been waiting for and it is here now.

Create a spiritual practice for yourself and make it a priority to stick to it. There are easy ways to find some time wasters and convert them to productive energy and well, you are worth it and so your dreams and desires. 

Book Number 2 should be ready any time now. There are some links on my home page for autographed copies with readings and more to help get it published. Thanks for your love and support. Angels Guides and Other Realms 

Have a great month and see you next year... love Sharon et el.

Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing and Angels, Guides, and other Realms, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily angel messages, her weekly radio program Calling All Angels , Workshops and more, for more information check out her Home Page at

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