Friday, December 17, 2010

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

This is the image that I have been projecting over the past week. Infinite love, or perhaps the feeling of love.

One person responded that she received hearts all week from her niece who also has an angel collection which she did not know...that is very cool. Images and feelings come to each of us in different ways. What is important is paying attention to the synchronicities each week, as many receive the image in ways they can not imagine. Another listener as me if it was a heart last week, on the same day that I picked this as our next image, while still projecting the last image of the wolfs. Very cool, she was tuned in more than she realized. 
The next image will be projected for two weeks since I am going to be away next week and there is no show.

If you would like to be included in this 'stretching your psychic muscles, then please send me an email at and include your full name and city/province/state, country, and I will beam the image out your way.

Love and blessings, Sharon xoxox

Friday, December 10, 2010

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

Last week the image and sound that I beamed to everyone is a beautiful howling wolf. (some might have sense a Dog as well)

Wolf is 'The Teacher' in Indian Medicine cards and a wise guide indeed should you have one come your way.

"Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. Wolf takes one mate for life and is loyal like Dog. If you were to keep company with Wolves, you would find an enormous sense of family within the pack, as well as a strong individualistic urge. These qualities make Wolf very much like the human race. As humans, we also have an ability to be a part of society and yet still embody our individual dreams and ideas.

In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by the Dog Star, Sirius, which legend tells us was thought to be the home of the gods by ancient Egyptians, and is still considered so by the Dogan tribe of Africa. It stands to reason that Native American peoples would formulate this same connection and adopt Wolf people as the clan teachers."  *exert from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson*

Love and blessings, Sharon

Thanks John...

I remember the night that John Lennon left the earth plane. I had a really bad flu, my mom was away so my dad asked me to come and stay with him, he was a bit worried about me. I was sleeping in my mom and dads bed watching TV.

I am not one to be star struck, so I was amazed how I cried that night when I heard the news. I think the only other 'famous' people I recall where I was and what I was doing are Princess Diana, and Elvis Presley, however I didn't cry when they left, shocked and sad yes, however I was not overwhelmed with tears.
I think John left us a profound legacy of love, peace and to be the change we wish to see in the world. He was a man who walked his talk and he wanted to make a difference. I think that he did that in so many ways by what he left behind and I am thankful that he came and shared with us to make that difference.

Thank you John...

love and blessings, Sharon xoxox

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanks for the Memories John...

In memory of John Lennon who was taken from us too early... thank you for the beautiful gift of your music and your love for peace... Imagine a world where we live as one...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sharons Take December 2010

Happy December!

Perhaps the title should be the Quickening! I usually look for a theme in the energy I feel and even though I feel things should be running doesn't exactly feel this way.So, I've noticed that it is a bit more manic than I've expected to see. Mercury Retro is not starting till Friday December 10th - 30th, however I've noticed problems with computers etc happening and received a few emails asking me what is happening with all of their electrical things breaking down early. I usually feel the effects of change before scheduled and it seems a lot more people are too.  Here in the West we have the christmas season. It seems to have an extra high level of stress this year and I really think that has affected the mass consciousness. My best advise is to just take a break from it all and remember that the story of Jesus is about love and trust and retreat to the basics. That is my intent for the holiday season. Spending time with people I love and enjoy being with and giving my time and love to those who don't have family. For me that is easy as there are always people in the nursing home who are alone and with my neck injury and integrated back to work program, I am able to spend more time with the residents and giving them one to one care and conversation. As well, I do volunteer work that allows me to help those who really need it. That being said, sending loving energy is also a wonderful way to assist others. If you know of someone going through a rough time, do a meditation and send them love particles and put them all around and through their home, work, or however else they need some help. It takes a village to raise all of us, and we can each make a difference with a little love and kindness.

I am changing the weekend for my workshop in Las Vegas as that weekend is Nascar weekend, so I felt it would be better on a different weekend, probably April 1-3, however not quite sure yet. I was so looking forward to going in March, however they raise the prices of the hotel rooms so I felt a different weekend would be more advantageous.

I have an online class starting in January for anyone interested in starting the year with a focus and a group to support your growth. Each week we will explore concepts of getting ourselves into a spiritual practice that works in our lives and keeping on track and focus. Send me an email if you would like some more information and get ready to do some shifting. When we set goals with others and feel supported we create so much faster. So if you are looking to join with others and start the year with a focus, join in. Shifts will happen. The workshop last for 8 weeks, will be either Thursdays or Saturdays not sure just yet, and will be archived and have a workbook for your assistance and about 2 hours long.

Bella, Pepè and I would like to wish everyone an amazing month of love and transformation.

also here is an updated picture of the growing Pepè Big Paws Flying Squirrel Cat  who is quite the going concern and a beautiful big love and a little bit of naughty...of course if he didn't keep flying about... lol xoxox

Friday, December 3, 2010

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

The Image that I have been sending out this week is this image of the 5 elements. I sent out the vibration of each of these elements as well, so if you felt any of these, all of these including the 5 pointed star that connects them all...they you are picking up the transmission.

Love and blessings, Sharon