Sunday, September 26, 2010

a beautiful day

Today was such a beautiful morning here in the interior of British Columbia. As I walked around with Bella there were such amazing smells and sights. The sun was shinning so beautifully, all the colours of the trees were alive. I've not spend a fall in the Cariboo for about 28 years, and had forgotten how truly beautiful it is here. There were oranges, reds, greens, yellows and beautiful silver...I've not seen a silver birch in the fall in a long time and had forgotten how beautiful they are and what a lovely contrast to the trees that were around the park we walk in everyday.  The smells outside were divine, and added so much to my scent-ual walk. Someone was canning pickles and I was drying herbs in my dehydrator and someone was baking bread. It was so amazing and beautiful and sunny and warm, that I just had to share it with everyone.

I am reminded how truly beautiful these moments are...when all the senses are stimulated and in full bloom. Take a moment out of your day to just enjoy the beauty that surround you. Feel the beautiful sun, and spend a few moments in the energy of a tree. Feel the beautiful mother earth beneath your feet and be in that moment. It is truly rejuvenating. 

Have a beautiful 'Sun'day, love and blessings, Sharon

Friday, September 24, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

The image, sound and energy that was sent out over last week...

was the picture of a white long pillar candle with the flame flickering, not really a sound to go with it this week.

I received some very interesting emails from those participating and some people are really picking up the image. It won't always be exact as we each see things from our own perspective. Eve in Arizona sent an email seeing a white pillar with a shooting star at the end... that is an awesome example of tuning into the image.

I am broadcasting the image in my meditations, at 6am and 10:30pm pacific as well as other times when I am moved to focus on the weekly image. If you would like to play along, then send me an email with your name and city etc and I will beam the image to you directly.

Love, Blessings, and expansion, Sharon

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Working with your Clairvoyance from Calling All Angels Show

The image, sound and energy that was sent out over last week...

was the sound of OM as well as the image
 love and blessings, Sharon 

I am broadcasting the image in my meditations, at 6am and 10:30pm pacific as well as other times when I am moved to focus on the weekly image.

Love, Blessings, and expansion, Sharon

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sharon's Take September 2010

Our Shifting Times

It seems that much has been shifting on the earth plane. The Shift Radio is being closed down by my partners without the option for me to take it over, therefore a group of us are starting a new radio station. We felt there is a need for a venue that is dedicated solely to the shifting energy we are currently experiencing in this realm. That being said we are looking for people who have a message to share. If you love to share and teach and have something you feel is of value to the mind, body and spirit evolution, please step forward and join our family. The new radio station will be under Shifting Times Radio and is just starting out, so it isn't quite ready yet. In the meantime we will broadcast through blog-talk radio - not my favourite, however we can continue to provide programs until the new one is ready. As well, I am starting up Shifting Times Magazine and am looking for articles and writers and topics that are of interest and assistance during these Shifting Times. see soon.

So, these are some of the huge shifts that have been happening over the past month. It seems that many people are abandoning projects and moving in a different direction. I've received many requests for help in this area, most of the time the Angels say to not give up. It is the energy that is surrounding you now that is causing this 'giving up' energy. However they also say if it isn't working and it is not your passion, then release it and move on. If it is something of your heart, don't give up. If it is part of what makes your heart sing, then persevere, if it isn't, then it is trying to die its natural death and let it go. So, as we move into the energy of completion, we are certainly seeing a fair share of that happening.

It is important to somehow be in your passion. Even if it is just as a hobby, part of you must be doing something at this time that speaks to your soul. If there is nothing that speaks to your soul right now, then you are probably feeling isolated, lonely and depressed. Each of us can find a way to be in service that speaks from our heart center and that helps to shift our world.

Wise Women's Festival happens this month in Naramata (near Penticton). Come and join this gathering of spiritually minded souls dancing, laughing, healing and empowering ourselves with over 50 workshops, a healing oasis, store and more.  I am offering a workshop and two sunrise ceremonies. Check out for more information and to join the fun. This event is the 3rd week of September.

Gatherings such as these are a wonderful opportunity to be with like minded people, expand your Body, Soul and Spirit, and just be in the splendor of nature. Nestles on the shores of Okanagan Lake, this is a very therapeutic weekend.  Take a few workshops, have a healing session and you feel divine.

Come join us for some fun, healing and expanding.

As a way to thank you, I am again offering a contest to my readers for a 30 minute reading session. If you would like to have your name entered in the draw, send an email with contest in the subject line and include the email address you would like me to contact you through if you are the winner.This is open until the end of September. Thank you, thank you, thank you.