Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. I have noticed over the years that less and less people seem to get involved and do projects on days like Earth Day or even Earth Hour this year which seemed almost non existent. I personally treat every day as earth day and every hour as earth hour since I am a believer in taking personal responsibility as a steward of the earth.  Is it that there are more of us with this same life philosophy and that is why there is not so much heard or is that there are so many 'days' for this and that people have just become too overwhelmed to take care of the things that are truly important... no earth... no place for humans to live.

curious what others think or did or have an opinion on Earth Day


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Colour Breathing for Children

Colour Breathing for Children

Teaching children to colour breath helps them in many ways.

Teaching children to colour breath helps them in many ways. It can help to calm them down, to build them up, and to teach them a positive approach where they can take charge and feel empowered and can literally shift their day and any situation by taking a few minutes to just breathe in colour.
Taking deep breaths is not only good for them, it can help them to calm down and when you add in colour it adds another level to focus attention on and can help with deal with pain, to gain and to grow. You can pick one colour each week or pick one that is a particular challenge at the moment for your child to work with and watch as they use these tools to take charge for themselves.
Breathe in red from below and say I am Trust, I love life, and I am love, I have lots of energy and strength, I am strong, I am happy.
Breathe in orange from below saying I am creative, I am filled with warmth and the love of the universe, I am healthy, and I enjoy my life every day.
Breathe in yellow from below saying I am wise, I am smart, I am helpful and happy, I understand, I am learning everyday.
Breathe green into your heart centre saying I am balanced, I am happy, I am relaxed, I am healing Breathe in turquoise from above saying I am re-energized, I am great as I am, I feel loved and supported .

Breathe in blue from above saying I am at peace and I speak the truth, I am calm Breathe in indigo from above saying I trust my feelings, I see the truth, I am honest, I am protected and do what is good and what is right.

Breathe in violet from above saying I am free, I am what spirit meant for me to be, I am helpful. Breathe in magenta from above saying I am worthy, I am love and I am ready for the day.
Breathe in pink all around you saying I am perfect just as I am, I love and connect with nature and all beings on mother earth, I am her child.
Use colour breathing everyday and as a great way to start the day. These can also be used any time your child needs a way to calm down and regain control of their emotions, to help build their self esteem, and to help them through any situations that arise in life. They give them a good foundation and tools to help them deal with whatever life might bring their way in a positive and uplifting ways. Remind them to breathe and say “What’s the colour that is best for you to breathe today?”Or, ask them to make a picture of a special rainbow using the colours that are meaning to them.