Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

The image that I was on the beacon and sent out to those on the list was healing hands of light, much like this picture except that it was yellow and white. Those of you on the list received this healing hand above your crown chakra.

Some stated that they felt tingling in the crown chakra all week. Another listener stated she received a palm tree... She felt this was off base. It is not, as I specifically sent in the message that this light was coming from my palm. We will all interpret these messages in slightly different ways.  I would love to hear from everyone about their experiences either in receiving and/or seeking out the image.  love and blessings, Sharon

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earth Day is Every Day!

Earth Day is April 22 ~ I should say that it is the day set aside for Earthday activities. Every day is really earth day, or earth hour, as we spend everyday that we are in physicality on the earth. Every day each of us should do activities that assist mother earth, not just one or two days a year. This is a common thought with many of us lightworkers.  I feel that earth day is more for those who are not really thinking about the importance of this beautiful planet to humankind.

We are of the earth. Each one of us needs to feel that connection to truly understand it. Those that don't feel it are here for their own reasons. We must learn to unconditionally accept that and move on. We need to worry about ourselves and what each of us is doing everyday to make this a better place. To be world servers without expecting anyone else to do the same. We must serve from the perspective of pure joy for ourselves. This is how the planet is changed. By each one of us being that change we wish to be in the world and focusing on ourselves and the legacy we choose to leave behind when we are gone. Each one of us has our own intregal part of the whole. We can only influence others by walking our talk and talking our walk. This becomes even more obvious as we watch the children who are now upon the earth. They do not learn from 'Do as I say', they learn from thier elders by example.

Remember that everyday is Earth Day, join in the fun of the Earth Day experience. Visit a nature center, or walk in the parks, the shores, and the hiking trails. Bring along a bag to pick up garbage and most certainly clean up after yourself.

We have been gifted with a most beautiful place to experience an earth journey on, let us take great care of her for our childrens childrens, children. For we have only borrowed her for a short time.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sharon's Take ~ April ~ The Great Divide

 I think things are getting back on track, either that or I am learning to function within the dysfunction of my life. I got the Dragon Speaking software, so was able to just speak and edit messages. Interesting software. I kind of feel like Scotty in  The Journey Home episode of Star Trek where he is getting used to using old technology. It is particularly funny when it started to type a phone conversation without my knowledge... I must speak slowly and well, that is not exactly my strong suit. The one sided phone conversation was very funny.  Anyway, it is helping me get things out faster. Yay!

When I asked what to call this Sharon's Take, they said The Great Divide, I asked why and they said " Because this is the time when each of you must choose who and what you are, those who don't chose, will feel the gap widening, those who chose will feel the gap widening between them and the totally unaware. As well those who choose will see tremendous growth in a shorter time than previous. It is a great time to join a gathering of like minded people and take expanding workshops. Take action and enjoy the ride." Here is a messaged I asked the guides for, a mid April message; they said "there's a transition happening is the mental energy needs to shift on your planet. We ask that each one of you watch your thoughts at this time. Watch for words that your mind speaks of less than, never wills and challenging beliefs. You must know that you are worthy that you are love and that you are supported. for it is a time of shifting philosophy, a time of seeing your true worth. Are you living in your truth? Are you dancing in your passion? Do you trust that you are worthy? For indeed you are!

It is the time of a quickening of trusting your intuition and taking chances. Let the Magi energy within you emerge. It is time. Put down your burdens, release the responsibilities of others to them, and take on only your own. Live as your authentic self. You have entered into the next stage. A time creating. So, use this energy to get on with the show. Focus not on the energy that is around you, but on the energy that surrounds you. This will assist in achieving some balance and harmony for yourself. As others see your light, you can then share with them your methods of tranquility.

Remember, the journey can be as magical as you wish to create it to be. Create away create away."

I am presenting the Foundation Rites of the Munay Ki in Las Vegas the last weekend of April/May 1st. It will be a wonderfully light expanding workshop and the rites are a joy to give and receive. We will also be taking a trip on the Saturday to watch "The Beacons of Light' live with Steve Rother and the Group. Come and join the fun and expansion. Send me an email if you are interested in attending.

I will also be sharing the Foundation Rites in Vancouver BC on May 13th to 15th. Let me know if you are interested in joining this gathering.  And again in Williams Lake on May 27th to 29th. 

I will also be available for healing sessions and or Readings  in Vancouver May 6th to 13th. Send me an email for any bookings you would like to partake in.

Have a wonderful month ahead and be the eye of the hurrican if and when you need to... you always have a choice of how you handle what is happening around you. \

Love and blessings, Sharon and the furkids and the beings of light.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

I've been negligent in getting this blog updated for the images that I have been broadcasting over the past few weeks. So, here is a collection of the images.... in the order from the most recent.

For the last week of March this was the image that I broadcast to the list of people who have personally requested that I beam them the image. As well it is above me in the ethers on a turquoise beacon for those who want to challenge themselves for seeking and finding exercises.
I forgot to put a new image up since last weeks show, so if you checked the beacon between now and the last show it showed the Colourful butterflies.

The week before that I sent out Tinkerbell to all of you, as well as on the beacon. So you might have felt fairy dust or heard Tinkerbell  or felt closer to the fairy realm, she brought with her all the fairy magic!

The week previous to Tinkerbell was Master Raven - Raven represents Magic...(hmmm... magic again....perhaps we are on to something here.) Raven is powerful medicine that can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form. The void is called the great mystery. Great Mystery existed before all other things came into being. Great Spirit lives inside the void and emerged from the Great Mystery. Raven is the messenger of that void. (from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson)

If you would like to join in on this wonderful opportunity to expand your senses, please send me an email with your real name, city and country.  I am no longer doing it at exact times, I am beaming the image out several times a day as well as often in your dreams. 

Also if you are 'playing' along with us, send me an email of any results that you may have experienced. I would love to share them with others as some of you have amazing results. Don't judge them as often they manifest in your lives in entirely different ways that relate... xoxox Sharon