Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shields Up ~ Huge Geomagnetic Storms

Shields Up ~ Huge  Geomagnetic Storms

As I checked the stats from the sun this morning I was amazed at the number of storms that have been released and the strength...not usually this many or this big.

I have been watching this for some years now and haven't seen this ever.... also coupled with a solar flare should make for some interesting times on the earth plane. This is when I make sure I use my shields and filters and also (if you are not sure about shields and is an article Drive carefully and watch others as they are not always paying attention to the world around them. Computers are often down or should I say the internet or other issues with communication especially when it comes from satellite communication.

Also watch for personal misunderstandings as once again, people are not always paying attention to the outer world.