Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Take Anything Personally

WOW... on Thursdays Radio Program - Spiritual Wisdom Sharing with Sharon, I am currently sharing The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Last week I shared the 2nd agreement...Don't Take Anything Personally. I have been working with that for some time and find that I usually don't take things others say or do affect me as I know it is about them anyway... so... upon sharing the full meaning of the agreement, I realized that I did take positive comments and thoughts personally... it didn't just refer to the 'negative thoughts'... I realized that all that truly matters is that if I do the best job I can all the time, nothing else matters, if I truly do the best job I can at the time... Truly do my best... (that best will change from moment to moment)... however if I know I have done my best.... that is all that matters! Let the rest go...

I thought that was a wow, thought I would Share...

Much In-Lightenment to you all this Sharon

Friday, October 3, 2008

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharon's Take - October 2008 - Spread Light Around the World

Welcome to October.

I forgot to share that mercury is retrograde until October 15th, that means... review, reuse, anything in your life...avoid signing contracts, starting new projects, even though this is a creator month, wait until after the 15th if you can, if you started the project before September 24th, just triple check everything and make sure it feels good on all levels...the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, if it any of these realms feels out of balance, hold off until after the 15th and look at it again if you can. The Photon Levels are low until 15th as well. This means that making a conscious effort to prana breath and bringing the levels around you to a 5 will make you feel so much lighter (there is a prana breathing meditation on my home page). The empaths in the group really feel the low energy, as not only do we feel the effects of the low energy, we feel the effects of everyone else feeling the low energy. Breath, Breath and you will feel so much lighter. Low levels are also the time when we can put through powerful thoughts of peace and love into the mass consciousness. I encourage you to participate in group peace meditations as well as holding the thoughts of oneness and love during this time. I have started to participate in 5 minutes of spreading light during my Saturday Evening Radio program on Utopia Radio, please join in or sign up at Spread Light around the World, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to share our light. Also that show contains some interesting videos about the Light Crafts that are set to appear on or around October 14th... there is a lot of chatter on the new age sites... should be interesting times. The Zingdad videos are about love so I thought I would share.

And speaking of Radio Programs, I have a new program beginning Thursday October 2, at 7pm Pacific. It is a Spiritual Wisdom Sharing program, I will be starting with The Four Agreements, and branching out from there. I will be reading the book and then we will have a discussion about it in the chat room, and I will be taking calls via skype, see to download a free program (skpye to skype calls are free anywhere in the world), I have the name sharonutopia to be added to the list of callers, or search This program will include some new works by new authors as well as interviews with any of the authors I am able to have on the show. If you have a book you would like to share with a worldwide audience, please email me and we can discuss it. As well I have my show on Tuesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 7pm. I offer mini card readings on Tuesdays and usually do meditations on both these shows. Please tune in, we have some wonderful shows coming up (including two by BrighteyesElven - Thea for those of you who are know her), and have a special 'meet the producers' coming up on Utopia Radio...stay tuned for more information.

We will be holding a 10-10-10 Special on Utopia Radio, Global Meditations and more, check out my site for more information!

Enjoy all hallows Eve (Halloween to the North Americans), and nurture your inner child. I love the playfulness of dressing up and playing a was always my favourite holiday as a child... My Nana lives in England, they don't celebrate Halloween, she thought it was a bit crazy...therefore thought I would share it with my foreign audience. We dress up in Costume and go to parties or trick or treating (going door to door and getting candy ect)... it is a strange custom, however the parties are fun. It began as the celebration of the the spirit world as the veil between worlds is said to be the thinnest on October 31st. There was a wonderful childrens show in Canada called 'the littlest vampire' about vampires, anyway, on October 31st they celebrated by having a 'All is forgiven' party...that meant that you had to forgive anyone you had not forgiven that had no choice, no matter what, you had to forgive them at this party...I love that... still think we should have them or start them....

have a blessed month, filled with sharing love with each other, love with yourself and finding peace within...

In the Light of have my heart...Sharon