Sunday, September 2, 2018

How to Tune into Angelic Protection

It's been a bit of a wild ride and tuning into your Angelic Protection can help you safely navigate the earth plane as we go through the shifts. Archangel Michael is the Archangel who is best suited to help you with this. He and his legions of helper angels are always ready, standing guard, waiting for your call!

The first step is 'Tuning into your Angels'.

Tuning into your angels is like finding the right channel on your radio. Angels are higher vibrating beings than humans and so really what you need to do is raise up your vibration to hear, sense, or feel into their dimension. They lower theirs to  meet you  and create a bridge of communication. Simply put, we can all tune into the higher dimensions if we want to do the work. All you really need to do is trust that they are hearing you, trust that they are with you, and then let them do their work. Your work is to follow your thoughts and feelings, and trust that it is so.

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to help you connect and tune into your Angels:
  1. Call upon your angels and ask them to surround you with a protective shield of white light so that you feel safe. Say something like: “Dear Angels, please surround me with a shield of white light, and protect me now. (Name the place, person, or situation you want help with.)”
  2. To make you feel even stronger, ask the angels to accompany you throughout your day and you should feel safer and stronger all day. If you need to reinforce this, stop what you were doing and begin again.
  3. Now visualize yourself surrounded by white angelic light, and see yourself surrounded by your angels. This will help you to energetically connect with your wonderful entourage of light beings.
  4. Continue to visualize this as long as you need to, or let it go and trust the angels to safely guide you. Either way, it is important that your consciousness be engaged with their assistance and you ask that this is so.

Angelic Protection for Travel:

Using the parking angels is often an introduction to working with the angels in daily life. I often hear people say they always get their parking spot when they ask their angels. Your angels would love to help you with more than that. Before you begin a journey - short or long- ask your angels to surround your vehicle, bike, train, or plane in white light and let you be aware of anything you need to before you need it and then trust that this is so.

Angelic Protection for your Children:

Teaching your children to use protection is easy and a wonderful way to help them feel in charge. Children are energetic sponges. It is empowering for them to clear and shield themselves and helps them in amazing ways. You can teach them to ask their angels to protect them and surround them with light whenever they are feeling anxious or afraid, need to feel safe, or to feel more love.

You, yourself, can also ask the angels to surround your  children with protective white light, and to accompany them throughout the day. It is still up to them to do what they do, but it will make you feel better knowing the angels are on the job anyway!

Your Angel Guidance is to ask for Angelic Protection.

Begin each day by asking Archangel Michael and his protection angels to encircle you in an orb of protective light. This is one of the best way to utilize angelic protection. At anytime throughout your day if you find your energy waning, Ask your angels to once again surround you in clear protective light and know that you can always feel better, safer, stronger, and loved.

Do you have any stories of connecting with your angels and receiving their help? Share your thoughts with me on this topic in the comments below. 

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Karma and Past Lives

I am often asked about Karma and how past lives play a part in healing this present life. Most of you reading this are old souls. You have come back at this auspicious time in our evolution to help to heal and raise the vibration of humanity. 

You are an old soul and you have journeyed through many lifetimes. You have gained great knowledge on the way to this present time. Tap into your ancient wisdom for the answers that you seek or to release a block that you have carried forth from past incarnations. This is your opportunity for this deep seeded healing! 

You may have been feeling the resurfacing of something that is familiar, or a cycle you seem to keep repeating.  There may be people and scenarios playing out right now that are from previous lifetimes. There is karma playing out around you right now and spirit says it is time to heal. Clearing these agreements is possible right now. Once these are cleared, it allows you to freely move forward on your path. It begins to feel like a massive boulder has been removed from your shoulders! 

Spend some time in quiet meditation. Ask Archangel Raziel to take you back to a time when your soul remembers. Ask to be taken back to a time for the answers that you seek. Ask to see a time when they first happened. Your past lives hold a treasure that can help you awaken the power to heal, to create, and to expand your light. 

As you come to this deep level of healing, you will find that you are better able to create a life of abundance, joy, and the freedom you desire to explore life. Life just seems to have so much more to offer. Use your own wisdom and knowledge to awaken and ascend in this life time. As you do this old soul, you then have the talents and skills to teach these to others. 

The best crystals to help you connect with Archangel Raziel are clear quartz. They hold the colours of the rainbow and these can help enhance the energy around you. Hold your crystal during your meditation and you will find a clearer, amplified connection to help heal and raise your vibration. 

Your Angel Guidance is to understand how healing past lives can enhance the present.

Working with  Archangel Raziel , who is the wizard alchemist of the archangel realm, can help you with deeper understanding of life, the Universe and all that is. Releasing past life Karma happens at these deeper levels. 

Invite Archangel Raziel into your spiritual practice and to work with you for the next few weeks while you delve into your past lives. Healing the past helps to raise your vibration and raise the vibration of humanity as a whole. You are ready to step into your contracts as the healers and the leaders of this great shift!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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Be a Human Angel and Do Something Good Today!

Being a human angel is one of the best ways to start becoming a force for change and creating better days. When you set out each day to do something good in the world, it is amazing how fast the world begins to change in positive ways.
I have this wonderful ceramic tray that says in beautiful gold writing "Do Something Good Today." I keep it on my stove and use it as a utensil holder. It serves me well as a constant reminder to something good each day in the world. I  absolutely love it. It is a principle I have tried to live by for a long time. This is really something I do for myself as well as others because it feels good to make a difference. It becomes a passion to feel the rush of endorphins when you make a difference. It is kind of addicting lol. 

It is easy to become a human angel and make a difference in the world. Do some volunteer work at your local shelter or nursing home. Pick up some garbage on your walk. Recycle, reuse, or re-purpose some of your unwanted things. All you really need to do is be kind and make a difference.  I often ask my angels to put me in a place where I can do good in and always I am in the right place at the right time to be the human angel I love to be. 

I take care of the Meals on Wheels program in my community so it is super easy to make a difference. I love the quote by Gandhi "You must be the Change you wish to see in the world!" Often the "you Must" is left off this quote and yet the words are so powerful and important. It becomes your driving force and a force for what is good and right is a team I want to play on.  You must leaves out any room for doubt.

Become an inspired warrior for the light. Listen to your courageous heart. Ignore any excuses why you cannot and let of go of resistance or hesitation. When you believe, feel, and act with a compassionate heart, the Universe gives you more reasons to be happy, to make a difference, and to create a new reality. 

Your Angel Guidance is to be a Human Angel and Do something Good today and every day.

It is easy to be a human angel. Set your intention as you begin your day to do something good in some way. Ask your angels to put you where you need to be to make some great contribution or to just change someone's day in a positive way. The synchronicity and serendipity will be there  to act when you decide that you are a human angel, creating a better way and making a difference by changing someone's day!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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