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Doing a Life Review with Archangel Jeremiel

Doing a Life Review with Archangel Jeremiel by Sharon Taphorn

Archangel Jeremiel is one the Archangels that I have frequently worked when I began angel work and he has shown me many tools and techniques in taking charge of my life as well as in helping other souls cross over through my nursing career. He is the Archangel who guides newly crossed over souls through their life review. As we get reacclimatized to our Spirit bodies once again, it is Archangel Jeremiel who is there to assist us. He can also assist in doing a life review while still in our physical bodies. Doing life reviews at various times helps us to gain clarity and understanding. We learn to see the bigger picture of the grandness of some of the lessons we experience here on the earth plane. 
By doing these reviews we are better able to make conscious choices as to where we want to go next. Often people think they are a victim of circumstance and that they cannot change where they are headed.  Archangel Jeremiel reminds us that we always have a choice. It might not seem that you have had a choice in some of what you have experienced during your lifetime; however we always have choice in how we act and respond to what comes our way. Archangel Jeremiel can help in showing us how to see the gift within each experience. This process can be a very healing and enlightening experience.

Archangel Jeremiel Says...
“It takes courage to look at your life. Yet, if done with compassion and a sense of humour, you’ll grow and learn from a life review. I’ll help you take stock of where you’ve been. We’ll look at what you’ve learned, and how these lessons are a valuable asset for today and tomorrow. We’ll also notice life patterns that aren’t serving your highest good, and we will help you take steps to release those patterns."

Start to Journal
 When you begin a life review the first thing you really should have is a journal to write down your thoughts and feelings. If it makes you uncomfortable to leave such a personal writing around, when you are done you can always burn it as part of your releasing ceremony. However I strongly recommend that you keep it/them, as they are amazing references to look back at years later. And, you just never know when those pages just might become your first book, or the idea that inspires. It is a very personal experience to journal. I like a specific type of journal and paper weight, so choose one that speaks to you. There is often some very profound information in these books and I do encourage you keep them, especially if you feel that you might be a writer or a teacher later on, or these thoughts make your soul jump up and pay attention. (That is always a good sign that you are on to something.)

 Step One to Help You

Say a prayer or set your intent and ask Archangel Jeremiel, God Creator and your angels to help you as you decide to Review your life. For example you can say something like this,
“I call upon the God Creator, my Guardian Angels, and Archangel Jeremiel to be with me now as I am about to do a review of my life. I ask that you guide me and show me the gifts of my experiences as I do the journey of being a human and I ask that you overlight me with strength, courage and love as I explore my life and the choices I have made as well as what is the best way for me to go from here. I thank you in the name of the Christ light, the love of the angels and all that I am, Amen.”
Or use any prayer that speaks to you and from your heart.  Prayer is the asking, meditation is the answering.

Step Two to Help You

Pick the period of time you are going to review. If this is your first review, start as far back as you can remember. This is different for all of us. I have memories from as far back as six months old and a beautiful room I slept in. When I shared the story with my mother she was amazed as she had even forgotten about that room.  If you are just trying to sort out where you think you might have gone off your path, start there. It is your review, start where it feels best to you. 

  Step Three to Help You
     Take some time and write down everything that you can remember happening during that period. If you want to understand something in reference to a relationship, begin where either the relationship began or the gap in understanding began. Write down everything you can possibly think of from your chosen time period until the present in as much detail as you remember. Please do not worry if you missing something, if it is important, it will come to you at some point in the review. Oftentimes it is the journaling after that gives those ah-ha moments that help you to transform your life.

 Step Four to Help You
Step Five to Help You
As you go over the list of events over the time period, ones that feel good and filled with love are usually complete and do not need to be transformed. These wonderful feeling events are awesome tools that can be used when you need or want a happy thought, for what better reference for you to use than one already charged with wondrous, harmonious, balanced, love filled energy.
The ones that either leave you with a sense of incompletion, sadness, anger, helplessness, or any of those emotions that don’t feel good or at the very least neutral for now.  (Remember, Rome was not built in a day and may take a few times to process some things, be patient, kind, loving, and compassionate with yourself).

Step Six to Help You
Decide what is it you need or want to work on first. Sometimes it is easier to start with something that isn’t too big, sometimes you want to go to the big stuff right away. Decide first what you feel you can handle and start there. Trust your instinct, trust you inner feelings. It does get easier as you become familiar with the process. Also, as you see your own life improve, and feel the results from the process, you look forward to the changes and lightness the ‘new you' feels on the other side of releasing.

Step Seven to Help You

Make a list of the things you feel need to be done in order for you to reach a completion and or release your chosen topic.

For example, what does this situation/circumstance need?
Healing or Releasing

If it needs Releasing, what do you need to do to release it?

If it needs Healing, what do you need to do to heal it?

Write down words that come to mind; some suggestions are: anger, guilt, shame, forgiveness, and unforgiveness, powerless, failure, dispassionate, fear, doubt, whatever words or feelings you would like to share/transform during your review
Step Eight to Help You

Do Meditations for transformation and visualizations that help you to heal and release.

Doing a Life Review
Taking an inventory of your life.
Includes a 25 page manual with  meditations and 5 hours worth of recordings on how to use the tools to help you review where you been, how you feel and where you want to go next.
Special Price $25

The Gifting Process

When we release old habits, beliefs, and unwanted emotions, we free up our bodies to receive new energy. This is a process I use to let go people and circumstances in my life that no longer served me and I want to complete the cycle. The burden of caring around the past can make you weary. It is time to keep only the lessons and the love, and leave everything else behind. Let any anger or resentment go, be healed and at peace.

Write a letter to each person or event you want to transform and heal. Forgiveness does not mean, “What you did is okay to me. It means “I am no longer willing to carry around pain in my heart in response to your actions.” When we hold unforgiveness in our hearts, we only punish ourselves.  Release unforgiveness through these letters. Put every emotion, thought and feeling into this letter. When you are done, you can either create a ceremony and burn the letters, cleanse them by water (immerse them in a bucket filled with water), or if you choose, you can even mail some of them to people who you truly love and will be healed by your forgiveness. For others, it is often best to not put yourself back in their field once you have transformed your feelings and thoughts.

Remember to ‘See only love’ as your angels do when they see you– When you focus on love everything else falls away. Your resolute focus upon the love that underlies every situation brings about healing in undreamed of ways.

Universal Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.
Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author.

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Unconditional Love with Archangel Chamuel

Unconditional Love with Archangel Chamuel August 1, 2013

By Sharon Taphorn

There is so much beauty and love that surrounds you in your world. Take a moment and look to see it everywhere around you and it is breath taking. Work with the pink ray of love and compassion and you will know unconditional love. If at any time on your journey you need to feel more love, we are there. Anytime you see another being along your journey that needs some extra love, ask for our loving assistance and surround that being with soft pink energy and lots of loving energy channeled from your heart. Think the most loving thoughts you have, for a person, a special place, or a little being like a child or a puppy dog.  Imagine everyone and everything involved in this light of love, and let this light have no other agenda than to be of love. This is a great service you can offer each other at anytime, anywhere, and it is free!

Opening your heart is a most important and yet sometimes challenging task. It is worth pursuing as it is the filter of the new earth, and the new beings you are evolving to. Wish for another as you would for yourself and see them as a beautiful part of Creator Light

You are experiencing a time of great spiritual and emotional awakening and this brings much change to your world. How you love and see one another is changing at its very core. Open yourself up to the grand possibilities and know that love indeed does heal all things.  Love one another with your hearts wide open and let that be your guiding force as well as your moral compass.

Trust your guidance

Developing and learning to trust your internal guidance system is an important part of feeling safe enough to open yourself up to unconditional love. There are many ways you can work on developing this sense and yet it is a vital part of your growth and one worth spending some time developing for any spiritual aspirant.

Spend time alone, in nature if you can, and meditate upon your desires and intentions. Set your intent of what it is you wish to experience during your meditations and ask for a specific guide or angel, or call one you would like to work with. Be open to the experience and use all of your senses to help you have a more meaningful experience. The more clarity you have, the greater the possibility that are available for you in creating those desires and intentions in a most magnificent way.

 Work on trusting the guidance from your heart and ask your angels to help you gain and keep your prospective positive, focused and optimistic.

Your angels are a natural source of creative inspiration, helping to bring to you ideas wrapped in spiritual purpose and potential. Ask your angels to help inspire you as you keep your focus and your thoughts carefully chosen to be of the greatest assistance to you in your now. Let your clarity, insight, and creativity flow and allow the transformations you seek to happen faster, finer, and in ways that seem magical. As you gain confidence in yourself and trust your internal guidance, you are ready for your next adventure.

Learning to work with Emotions 

Emotions are powerful as you learn to work with them, and you all eventually will, and for some of you to experience them for the very first time, it can take some time to adjust to them and this new you. Be patient with yourselves as you are evolving and this is not always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes spending time in contemplation can help with a smoother transition, or perhaps a bit of introspection into what is important for you. Be honest with yourself as this is for no one but you. As you decide what it is that is your true heart’s desire, and focus on that desire, will you see the changes you seek.

Remember to be neither too frivolous not too cautious with your time, money and ideas as when you keep things in balance you make better decisions for yourself. And always remember to offer your gratitude in some way that honours what you receive. Take some risks, be bold and let your adventurous side be your guide and your practical side be your grounding and expect miracles.

Heal the past

As your emotions heal and you learn to keep them balanced with your physical, mental and emotional you, you are able to awaken to greater and deeper love with yourselves and also in your relationships with others.

Release any anger, thoughts and feelings of less than, unforgiveness, doubts and fears as it is time to release this and to move on to greater things. Leaving these behind will take a ton of baggage off your shoulders and make the journey ahead much easier to follow. It is time to honour and follow what lies within your heart and you cannot do that when you are still holding on to the scars of the past.

Envision yourself and your past as healed in all dimensions of time and space, the past, the present and the future, and continually breathe new life force energy into your life and your now. You will get where you need to go and with whom you need to do it with so have patience and faith and trust that it is so.

While you are waiting, spend your time gaining a better understanding of your life and how the spiritual principles you have been working with are changing your life and your world. Let your world fall naturally into place and be receptive to your angel’s gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of. Notice any thoughts or feelings, visions or ideas and let those visions unfold and trust in them.

Be true to yourself

Let go of anything inauthentic and all activities that do not mirror your highest intentions and desires for yourself. If there is something that is not working in your life at this time, be willing to release it and start again. You have the ability and power to turn all of your desires into reality, it is just that sometimes the lack of confidence in yourself holds you back from making the very changes you seek, and to manifest what you desire.

When you release unhealthy situations, the energy begins to move, making way for Divine light to enter. You will find that 'that perfect job, that perfect relationships,  the perfect solution to a health issue, new depths to a relationship, or whatever it is that you desire' to have and to heal in ways that you could never have imagined. The key is to trust that you are supported, that things are always happening behind the scenes, and that it will happen.  Release any thoughts of doubt or less than.

Hold feelings of joy in your heart. Joy is that magical sense that all things are possible, and they are. Appreciate the gifts within each moment. Expect a miracle, and decide to be true to whom you are and live life in the truth of who you are. You are always; always a beautiful child of Creator Light and a spark of Creator Love dwells within you. Be Brave, be confident and be yourselves.

Love Yourself

Love others and all that you do with unconditional love, regardless of the outward appearance. This is often a challenge as you are used to having conditions with love. To learn to love regardless, no matter what, is a huge lesson and leap forward for your growth.

Some of your animal friends are here just to teach you this and they are unencumbered by all the mental energy of the human and they can show you this as they often love you regardless of how they have been treated by the humans in their lives. A dog can teach you all about unconditional love. Take some time one day when you see a human with her animal friend who spends a lot of time together and get in touch with the emotions of the dog towards its human and you will know unconditional love. It is an all-encompassing love that goes beyond was is seen and often felt and when it is, it is magical. It can open up your heart into an explosive experience and bring about great healing with the energy of love like you might never have experienced.

Remember that you are loved and supported. Remember to bring that love into each of your experiences and to open your heart to greater love. It is with the greatest of pleasure to help and assist you with love, Love Archangel Chamuel

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Assistance is Always Available

Assistance is Always Available by Sharon Taphorn  

Assistance is always available and you are not alone on this journey of life we call the human experience. You have angels, both as your guardians and guides, and many human angels who offer you love, support and understanding. Look around and notice them for they are there.
The human journey sometimes seems hard and filled with obstacles that can get in your way. This is not always what it seems and these are your opportunities for growth and expansion. Here are some thoughts and ideas to help you on your quest and to help you re-remember love in all of its glorious aspects. Ask your angels to show you how you can be closer to living your life on purpose and not just by chance. Feel the freedom that it brings to your life and make plans for positive, optimistic, and joy filled times ahead. Trust your inner guidance as well as your intellect. Keep hope alive in your heart and trust that there is something better being drawn to you.  Feed your Spirit and let your soul dance its dance of life.
It is not always easy to do the human journey and there are times when you feel like you are stumbling about in the dark trying to find you way. And then there in the distance, you see a flickering light and before you are the answers that you seek. It may not always seem that way, but really, it is just a moment, a blink of an eye and then life changes. Go with the flow, as it is the resisting of change that causes the obstacles and challenges that you would actually like to avoid. Find your peace and release the rest.
Release any thoughts of less than or anything else that is holding you back from seeing the beauty and the bounty that is available to you and know that your desired outcome will occur - perhaps not exactly how you thought it would, but the essence of it will be of your asking. Keep your thoughts and words positive and focused, and ask with all your heart and you will receive the answers that you seek for they are already there, you just haven't seen them yet.
Affirmation: "I am always safe amidst the constant changes of life; I trust that I will receive the guidance that I seek.
See your life through fresh eyes. Sometimes when you look at a challenging situation from a different perspective, it seems to almost heal itself. It helps to see others' points of view or to imagine how those who are making it challenging are dealing with their life and why they do the things they do. Don't take things personally as it is seldom about you or the situation, it is usually about them and they are not looking past what they think is real. Gaining insight and a broader perspective usually puts things in a new light of understanding and compassion.
Ask yourself "How can I make this situation better?" and the law of attraction will help bring you the answers that you seek. Be open to any ideas or inspirations that come your way as these are the answers to your prayers. Deal with things from with compassion, understanding and you will do what is right and best for all concerned. Be true to yourself, and have confidence in your decisions.
Ask your angels to help you if you are unsure what is the next best step to take and they will be of service and set things up for you to expand your understanding as well as inspire what actions to take to bring about a successful conclusion so that you are free to usher in new opportunities.
Affirmation: "As I look at my life from a new perspective, I gain insight and clarity into any challenging situations and can then see them to a successful completion.
Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. You have the talents and the skills to help you through to loving who you are. It is time for your life to flow with prosperity, love, success, a positive self-image and acceptance. It is time for you to believe in yourself and trust that you deserve more. Set clear boundaries for yourself and others and set healthy limits based on your insights and values. When you value yourself and your time you are more open to new ideas and attract abundance as well as the richness of life.  
The angels wish to remind you to accept everyone exactly as they are right now, and this includes you. Accept yourself and others without judging, blaming, or the desire to change them. There might be things about yourself you would like to change and that is wonderful, however always remember that you are truly perfect just as you are right now. As you accept yourself, you will feel more peaceful, centered and confident and it will show in your auric field and others will feel it and hold you in that same light. Remind yourself often that you are likeable and loveable and deserve the best life has to offer and you do. Stand tall and be confident.
Affirmation: "I deserve love, prosperity and success; I am worthy, confident and worthwhile; I accept myself and love myself unconditionally."
Growing pains are sometimes challenging as you experience the expansion of your light. The best gift you can give to yourself during these shifting times is a regular meditation practice and time alone to contemplate your life and focus upon your intentions and desires. It is a part of your awakening and remember you are powerful, strong and expanding. Take good care of yourself as you do for those you love. You are an important part and piece of the puzzle and your angels want you to thrive.
You have many powerful and wise spiritual teachers that are watching over you and guiding you. They are leading you to the answers to your prayers. Please listen and follow the steps they are communicating to you through your thoughts, feelings and your dreams. Let your experiences increase and deepen your spiritual awareness. Find the balance in your physical and spiritual worlds and you will find that the activities that bring you the most joy and satisfaction are the ones that feed both your body and your soul.
Affirmation: "I open myself up to new possibilities and expansion of my light and life; Each day my spirit and understanding of life grows stronger.

Do not worry for worry becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy and that is not really what you want to create for yourself. This time around, just let certain things unfold, take the time to pause and reflect upon what is happening around you and keep it in perspective. Realize that things are changing and it is a time of discovery, change and adjustment. The end is near and you will understand things more clearly as you release and let go any need to control, fret or worry about how this change will come about. Keep your thoughts and feelings on how good it will feel when the cycle has been complete.
There is no doubt that change is happening, so release any anxiety over the how's and envision yourself and the situation as healed and that everyone involved has played their part well and also feels a sense of relief that they too can now move on to whatever is next to transpire. Life is always changing, and lately at a faster rate and so many feel they are out of balance. This is the perfect time to review your motives and see that everyone has a point of view and this will lead to a better understanding and you always have the freedom over how you choose to respond to anything that comes your way.
Take care of yourself during these shifting times. Get plenty of sleep, eat well and do things that bring joy while life is taking you on a ride and know that this is not only a tremendous opportunity for growth, it is an opportunity for discovery and adventure, so be your hero in your story and enjoy your quest.
Affirmation: "I am enjoying these wonderful opportunities that life is offering me and I am ready for love, adventure and a brand new quest to match this new me that is awakening."  
Universal Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.
Please share articles as long as copyright and contact info are always included and the message is complete and credit is given to the author.


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Spiritual Integrity with Archangel Raguel by Sharon Taphorn

Spiritual Integrity with Archangel Raguel, July 23,2013

Q: Will integrity become more of a central issue with relation to our race and how we operate as a community globally?
Q: I understand and try to always work in the light of spiritual integrity, and I think I do a pretty job at it, however it seems that there are those who are in the metaphysical who don’t and they are still busier than I am, making more of a living in the spiritual world without that basic layer of spiritual compassion or integrity. What do I need to do that is different and to gain greater knowledge with this experience.  And, what is the best way to handle with person who sent out my work as his own? Thank you.
First we shall begin to speak about Integrity on a global level and we shall work our way down to the personal level and answer all the questions in between as we go along.

Spiritual Integrity is changing. Your internet ensures that as the people will no longer be silenced and the Divine Discontent that we spoke about last week led by those who will no longer tolerate the lack of integrity within your religious groups, your government groups and any other group that operates outside of universal laws. It is changing slowly within your governmental groups and those countries that are currently seeing this like Brazil, Turkey, Egypt… they are all changing due to this new level of integrity that goes with the new crystalline grid that you are becoming a part of as you expand your minds and emotions.

The children will be the changers as they come in with the sense to know what is the truth and what is not. They can literally smell it and so those who seek authority positions will be more inclined to be in their truth. At this time there is a certain level of apathy within the voting ages that are going to make the biggest change as many have been disillusioned by the past. As more of them find they footing and their grounding, you will see this change.  When they realize the strength they have in their numbers and their power, change will seem swift and sure. Over this next generation you will see this changing.

It is still not completely safe for those who are the whistle blowers although that too is quickly changing. Give them the support of your energy if they are doing what is right as that is how you give others the courage to do it too. They must know that they are safe, because let’s face it, it hasn’t proved so in the past upon your planet.  Your energetic support is massive and makes a huge difference in the outcomes.

Spiritual Integrity will be a more central awareness as you each begin the journey for yourselves. When you can live no other way, that is the when you are living the only way. You must be the change you wish to see in the world, you must be it first. As you become it, you will then see the change around you. It is the 100’Th monkey story and it works.  So live in your integrity, accept it as there is no other way, and yes, there will be others around you who are not there you, but love them anyway. At the very least, as you venture forth in your world you will know what is of the truth and where you want to lend your light and energy.

And so we also wish to remind you of the question, Where would like to put your energy? This always a good question to ask yourself, especially in these times of Divine Discontent.  We have talked about how much your energy can support a cause and the difference it can make and so we say, carefully choose where you put your light as many of you are feeding that very thing you wish to eradicate. That is to say, if you get caught up in the drama of the divinely discontented, or those who choose to share and teach through chaos and power over, then you are just helping them with their cause – which most of you would rather not do. So, carefully choose how you think and feel as you respond to the news of the day and stories that are around you. As soon as you feel anything less than that love and joyful state you were in, transform it back and beam them love. Love is simple and has no other agenda, and can easily be a state to which you can draw energy from the past and invoke into your now. This a loving thought, a loving image, a lovely smell and let that feeling wash over you, collect within your heart and then beam it out to those in need.

If it is a person who is spreading untruths, or taking another’s work, that is their karma bank that they are putting in things that surely they would rather not if they were truly tapped into the higher realms, and if done so by an innocent mistake, would have fixed as soon as the integrity was in question. The actions speak louder than their words, and show the world their true colours. Life for them will begin to change and they will become increasingly uncomfortable in the coming times and hopefully they will take a look and try to get it right, or they will not continue on in the path of light. We know you do not always enjoy to take the steps and do what is right when it shakes up worlds, and yet that is precisely why you are one of the choose ones  for this task. Do so with your usual style of for the good of all and that this is the quickest way to invoke the change for healing those who ‘wronged’ you as they have the chance to evolve to a higher light. Go with grace and go with courage, as you have ‘right’ on your side.

This is a good time for us to also talk about discernment.  Each person has different life experiences and therefore has their own unique perspective on the world and its events; therefore, their ability to grasp or understand, evaluate and comprehend any situation is going to be different. This is the value from seeing from another’s perspective as well as it gives you a clearer picture of the motivations of others. Sometimes the why of another’s actions begs for deeper understanding, and is helpful if you are gaining a better understanding of compassion at the same time. 

Try to not slip into judgement and use your discernment. Take away from the experience what is meant for you and leave the rest. Just because it doesn’t resonate at your vibration, doesn’t mean that it is not helpful for another. If you find yourself somewhere or doing something and not really sure why, then open yourself up to what is happening around you, as there is no accident in why you are there.  Sometimes the lesson is big; at others it is not so much in the lesson but who you are doing it with. Remember that it could lead you where you want to go faster just by the people that you meet. 

And so, let us go back to spiritual integrity and well integrity in general. The true spiritualists will be the first to live this and then others will follow as more of you follow in making it the only way you choose to live your life. Be impeccable in your word is a good agreement, is it not? It is also good to understand that your truth is going to be different than another’s and so it is also important to be patient with the young ones as they find their way.  By this we mean the souls who are younger are often the source of much of the drama that is created to amuse you as you grow. 

Do not be as disturbed by the lack of integrity – like say for your government officials as much as we say, begin to reward and support those who are working from integrity. As you are become more feeling aware humans, you will see that they will have to change as enough of you will be seeing more, feeling more humans who are voting and slowly with each election, these will be changing. It is slow for you who are experiencing time and space and already awakening to these higher vibrating aspects of yourself, so use the power of any discontent to help you make productive, active change and it will happen.

Support the young ones who are coming in as they will naturally have these tendencies in a world that isn’t entirely ready for these sensitive little beings. Help the mothers and fathers as they try to understand why their children are different than the ones that came before. Make room and space for their magic to mature and develop and know that with them you cannot help but change your world.

If you find you are continually around people who are not of integrity, first ask yourself, is there somewhere in my life that I am not living in integrity?, if the answer is yes, then once you become aware and change this way of being, usually the situation drops away and changes. If you are living your life in integrity as best you can, then that means that it is showing you something to help you change your life. It could be that it is time to change your circles and find some new friends, or perhaps it is to show you that you have expanded your light and what you once found tolerable is no more. It is time for a change in your lifestyle which sometimes means that you leave those behind for a while, while they make their choices and live their lives.

And so what should you say to the one who stole your work and passes it off as his. Wish him well for others will see the light of who he is as he wears those colours. It is his pivotal time to change his life to that of living in integrity and we thank you with which compassion you have demonstrated on your behalf as this one decides which path to walk. It is his moment of truth of walking in mastery or if he is not yet ready for that next step. Should he choose not heed these words, then, it is his choice of living that next step.  A wonderful demonstration of the power of free will to form your path, it is in the choices that you make at those moments that creates your next experience, choose well and you will find the road ahead is paved with those intentions. Blessings and Love, Archangel Raguel
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon  Taphorn
All rights reserved.
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and  Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth  keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her  books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and  Beliefnet.com, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing,  empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and medium.  She has worked with these gifts since childhood. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sharon's Take August 2013 ~ All Things Are Possible

July was a Wow month for me. For those of you who are not on my facebook or regular listeners to my show have heard, I got a new jeep (new to me) with the lucky winnings from birthday. It was really interesting, I won the 50/50 at the stampede on my birthday and since my old jeep has been limping along for some time now, I decided that I would use it toward a new vehicle.
A few months ago a neighbour of my mothers put a jeep on the road up for sale. Mom knew I really needed a new vehicle, so she asked about it. They wanted a wee bit more than we could put together so it went on the wish list. Anyway, when mom was away and I was staying out at her house I had the chance to look at the jeep and it was pretty much what I wanted so I just put it out there. In June we celebrated Dad's birthday and fathers day (he is on the other side) and the jeep was gone. I remember looking off the deck to where it was parked and hearing the message, "you will get it for your birthday", I thought, hey cool, I can live with that. So, July 1st rolls around and no jeep rolls around, and I thought, hmmm, I guess that one was wrong. I was volunteering at the Stampede and later one the money, and the people who owned the jeep where there when I won. We were talking and I said, well, it is too bad you sold your jeep, and she said, oh we didn't, we just moved it back to the yard. So I said, here with the money (it was only half what they were asking,) and everyone laughed. I texted my son to tell him of my windfall and he texted back that he could find a jeep cheaper in Vancouver. So, anyway, I began my search for a jeep, and I would send Nicholas a list and he was too busy to look. I was planning to go to Vancouver for a wedding and Seattle for a family picnic and wanted a new vehicle by then. I remember during on search of thinking, well, mercury is still retro, hmmm, just be careful. Nothing came together. I asked mom to call and see if they would look at offers on their jeep, so she did. We never heard back. Mercury went forward on July 20, and reminded Nicholas that I would be down and wanted to have a new jeep, so he began to look and did find some that I hadn`t, and the best one he found down there was still not as good as the one up here, so Nicholas said,  "Call the guy up there and make him an offer " so I  asked mom and she said she already did and offered him the $1500, and I laughed and said no wonder he didn`t call you back, anyway we got the Jeep and at a better price than imagined and my son paid the difference for my birthday. So, in the end, I did get that jeep for my birthday as the words said it just happened in the divine timing of all things and I got to go on my journey with my new Jeep, to my dear friends wedding and to the family picnic. I felt so blessed as well thought this is a wonderful story of timing and trusting.

Since we all enter a personal year on our birthdays, I thought I would also share some observations that I have noticed happening for me as well, I am curious to know if it was just me since I did start a new year, or if others noticed that things began to change for them during July. I would love to hear about your experiences of late since we have pasted the mid point of the year. Send me an email at sharon@playingwiththeuniverse.com I would love to hear from you.
And so now here is on to August, an 8 month, infinite, reminds us that All Things Are Possible...
When I asked my entourage what was up for August they said that this is the time to focus on our own personal development and getting things down for the year. This is an excellent month to work on your third eye, doing a cleanse and eating fresh food filled with life force energy and for those who didn't`t do a life review during the mercury retrograde should do so now. Here is a link Doing a Life Review  kit that includes 5 hours of information and meditations, 5 meditations as well as a 25 page booklet to help you overlighted by Archangel Jeremiel. It will be available for a short time for those of you on my email lists or blog readers at $25 cad.
So, back to our take for August...
There are 3 areas of focus for this month and they are on advancing your abilities to see and tap into the other realms, making sure that you trust that your basic needs will be met each month and that you are powerful and have guides and angels that are wise spiritual teachers who are watching over you and wanting to help you by instructing and guiding you to find finding a path for yourself that feels good and right to you.
This is a time of spiritual expansion. Join a group or gathering that will help you work on your skills and sensitivities. This means learning to work with or develop your abilities of the 6th sense nature and know that everyone has the ability to develop these regardless as to where you are starting. It all a part of advancement of your soul through your physical self.
These are times of significant life changes and you are a powerful leader of that change and it is truly time to spread your wings. Be courageous, be brave and take those steps towards what your hearts desire and search for something that is more meaningful for you. This is a time of spiritual and emotional growth and it is happening. What do you choose for yourself and where you put your focus? 
As you shift and raise your vibrations through your spiritual growth, you will find that your sensitivities to things in your physical world are also going through some major life changes. You may have to revisit your diet and exercise programs sometimes starting from scratch, for some it is starting all over again. Unless you have been doing a great deal of study and research into what is really good for you (not the load of you know what that mainstream, commercially held agencies and governments, and sometimes healthcare tell you is good for you.), and really learning what your own physical body responds to, you are in need of some new information. As you learn to trust your senses, your body will tell you what is good for you and what is not. Muscle testing can help you with this greatly, as does using a pendulum, as well as learning to trust that wee voice within, that is connected to all that is.
You may find that you are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods, fast foods, entire food groups, people, places and even things. Situations that you used to find tolerable, suddenly become intolerable, as do some of your relationships. While you are adjusting to this new you, respect your sensitivities and avoid harsh situations, relationships, foods, avoid the news and advertisements, and surround yourself with things you love, that feed and support you and bring you joy. It is paramount to helping you create what it is that you truly desire and also in processing through your expansions with less physical symptoms.
Some of you may experience the vibrational flu as you expand your light. The best thing to do during these times is take care of yourself. Meditate, eat well, drink plenty of water and movement like tai chi or qigong or yoga, or something that appeals to you that also includes physical movement. Honour yourself and what feels good and right and you will know what to do.
Enjoy the rest of your summer in some way that honours who you are. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the ride, love and blessings, Sharon
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