Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sharon's Take - January 2010

Greetings and welcome to a year of Truth, Trust and Passion!

As we enter into a 3 year, most of us will find that things are starting to change and move. Knowing that we must approach from the perspective of Truth, Trust and Passion tells us that it is important to honour our true selves this year. To trust in the path, things, people, jobs, finances etc, that we want to create in our lives.What does that mean? It means that people will feel the need to be true to their basic nature inside. If they are following some else’s dream for them, they will find themselves increasingly uncomfortable in that role. Those who decide to follow their dreams will find more doors opened. The challenge for most of us is not the truth or the passion as much as is it the trust. As we release the past, the results and the situations that didn’t work out, and release the expectation of how things will turn out, putting all of our energy into moving forward with what we are doing now. Start the year by looking at your life, what you want, where you are headed – What is your Truth? Then ask yourself if you trust that you can create those things now? Ask yourself, “Do you have the passion to make it happen, no matter what?” And be with the flow of the year.

Many people will find that their personal relationships will shift and change. Finding that long awaited relationship or elevate the existing one to a whole new level. Some people will want to march headstrong into new ideas and next steps...the message is to do this next few months on a steady and even process...the tortuous and the the turtle.... be sure that you have done the journey to its completion, releasing the past, completely, so that you can begin the next stages in your journey. Open your eyes, see where you are it in the direction you want to be going at this time...if not, now is the time to change it. As the year progresses, we will be seeing the results of this work... what do you want to see then, for that is what you are creating right now.

This year will bring a lightening in many of our personal journeys, as where else can you go but up hill for here. Spend the first few months looking at the your life review, seeing the different options that are available to you, as there is more than one way to get from here to where you want to be. Look at what makes you happy, what do you love to do and how can you make your passions become your life everyday. When things are on, you love being in that energy. This is the year to figure out what makes your heart sing and how you can bring that song into all aspects of your life, the things you wish to change and the things that you feel aren't going to change until you change how you look at them. "When you change the way you see things, the things you see change!" This will become more a part of your experience as you transition through the year. Those of you working on creating and deepening relationships will indeed find this in the coming year, many of you who have been working on creating a healthy and balanced relationship with yourself, will find that balance reflected in your relationships with others. Keep loving yourself and loving the world more as you go.

Lots of changes and decisions regarding emotions, heart issues and relationships in general. Dreams of change are happening for many who have been working towards creating more peace, love and joy in their lives. Some are challenged with keeping their focus in what it is that they truly want. In order to avoid this confusion, ensure that you start off with the clarity of the truth of what you want in the coming year. If you find that you are continually thrown off course, then perhaps stepping back and looking at whether you are still working on the same goal. Take the time to re-evaluate along the way. There will be plenty of distractions put along the journey to make sure that you are indeed doing what makes your heart sing. Keep you blinders on and don't listen to those who think they are have your best interest at heart, however may wish to hold you back out of fear of losing you. Avoid negative people, programs, and situations. Go on a negativity diet at this time, watch for over-indulgences in any realm at this time,as these are the shifts you been working towards.

There are most changes that are coming our way in 2010, those of us who have been activiely participating in creating for ourselves will find that the pace of change will be a bit slower in 2010, or is it that it will feel smoother because we have learned how to consciously work more with all these changes and opportunities as we have sought the balance, temperance and harmony around ourselves. There is a nervous excitement in the air that many of are feeling with anticipation as we head into the year. Will this finally be it? Yes, yes, yes for many of you it will feel like the pot of gold at the end of rainbow as you honour your truth, trust in yourself and follow your passion.

Action is the key to enjoying this pot of gold. See your journey from love, from the observation point of the guides and the angels. Know that you are changing and that all change is good, it is but a matter of how you look at what is changing and what you are releasing, to make room for this new energy you have worked so hard for. Make sure you get out of the way of yourself. It is simple to get distracted and discouraged. Instead sty focused on your dreams and get inspired - then move determinedly toward those goals. Be a resolute and gentle warrior and be a hero and welcome the quest!

I am offering a six week course both online and here in Williams Lake at my sanctuary to assist in assimilating the energy and our journey, Walking the Path with Spirit. This workshop is about being more of your spirit self as you walk the earth plane in your physical body. Merging the two and being more of who you truly are. If you would like to join us and feel the calling to take this workshop please send me an email at

Enjoy the shifts and the changes that are before you, and as Scarlett O'Hara said... Tomorrow is another day... and a grand day indeed!

love and blessings, Sharon