Saturday, December 31, 2016

Call in the Angels for 2017

Call in the Angels for 2017

Lets start the new year by inviting the
angels into our homes. Begin on New Years Eve and invite the angels to
come and be with you throughout this new year and every morning for the
next month, Call in the Angels for 2017.

Write down your hopes, dreams, prayers and wishes for yourself and
the world and place it on the altar. Then just before New Year’s Eve
open your front door and invite the Angels into your life. Acknowledge
them each night before you go to bed and each morning. When you get up,
go to your front door, ask the angels to come into your life and help
you with your earthly projects. Go to your angel alter and light a
candle and read aloud your prayer for assistance. Do this every day for a
month and then you will have created a spiritual practice that enhances
your life in undreamed of ways.

Say to your Angels…

“Calling all Angels who are here to journey with me. I invite the
angels into my life and into my home this day and I ask that they help
me set up conditions and scenarios to assist me in my creations.” Open
your front door and invite the angels into your life and go over to your
special place or alter and light a candle to add the element of fire to
your projects.

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