Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing with the Universe with Sharon Taphorn

On today's 'Playing with the Universe' I will share my take on the June energy, share some insights on what happens along the path of awakening, a meditation and questions. Hope you can join us live... you can also email me with a question as well. xoxox Sharon
5pm pacific/8pm eastern

Friday, May 27, 2011

Calling All Angels with Sharon Taphorn 05/26 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Calling All Angels with Sharon Taphorn 05/26 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

This was the image that I have been broadcasting and is on the beacon for the past week.

When I transmitted or connected with this vision I felt this wonderful warm energy and balance. Some of you might get that feeling or saw colours and felt balanced.

I love to receive your comments back on what I am sending out, even if they seem totally off the mark to you, I can often understand what you are receiving.. fear not...send in your comments.

The week before I had forgotten to add an image so if you received nothing that week, you were right on!

Love and blessings, Sharon

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing with the Universe with Sharon Taphorn 05/17 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Playing with the Universe with Sharon Taphorn 05/17 by Shifting Times Radio | Blog Talk Radio

on Today's show we are answering some questions that have been emailed in, as well as taking calls with spiritual questions, and in the chat room. Also we will have a meditation, and then some mini readings

Working with your 6th senses from Calling All Angels Show

Over the past few weeks the image I was projecting out and had on the beacon was a castle floating in the sky... this is Neuschwanstein in Germany.

I would love to hear any feedback, even if you think or thought you were way off on your visions/feelings. It is amazing how often I can see the thread in what is being picked up. Each of us will 'see' things in a different light.

love, blessings, and transformation, xoxox Sharon

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring is in the Air

I drove down to the coast a few weeks ago and then back up north. During my trip down I noticed several lakes still frozen over, the big rivers were still fairly low dispite the fact that we had more snow this winter than we've had in a while. The snow pack is still visable on the mountian ranges I am fortunate enough to drive through. Driving at this time of year is remarkable. The Fraser Canyon offers so much in visual stimulation, that I think it should be on everyone's bucket list. The spring and the fall through the mountains and up to the north or even over to the rockies, at least once in a life time. There is so much to offer and experience. Of course, I find the desert facinating as well, even after hours of the same, I like to sense the energy of where I am at. Sometimes this is better as a passenger, sometimes as a driving, although I am unsure that any passengers at the time would feel the same way, she laughs.
Anyway, I digress. It was a little over two weeks since I drove down and in the meantime went to Las Vegas for a week (which was simply beautiful and hot). I was amazed as I watched the spring unfold before me. The trees in Vancouver are spectacular if you know which streets to drive in you can be covered by an arch of cherry blossoms, flowers are everywhere and the smells were just divine. It is the best time to be in Vancouver, it is so lush, green and tropical. The sunny days although less than the rainy ones prove to be such a stimulation to the senses that I am sure is part of the reason so many people put up with the rain. A walk in spring time is such a pleasant assult to the senses.

Then as I began my drive up north I noticed that the trees and plants where coming back to life. New leaves and blossoms where all around, just waking up from their winters sleep. The grass is turning green and lots of fresh new shoots are sprouting forth. It is too early to garden in the north yet, however it is awakening. The birds are most facinating to watch as they do their mating rituals and run about. Even the dogs stop and watch them as they too know that they are acting differently. Feeling the rays of the sun on my face, the light breeze as it russels the limbs gently, back and forth. It is so beautiful to watch spring unfold before our eyes. We are lucky to witness and experience the change of seasons as the new is brought in.

Watch as your new life begins to unfold after a long winters nap. We feel the blossoms of spring as we experience and hear the birds bringing everything to life with their beautiful calls. Enjoy the creations as you plant the seeds that will grow over the next few months. Think clearly of where you are headed as you begin this now time of growth. The next year is paramount in your evolution, don't wait, go for it now as if it were the last year you have to make a differnece for yourself and by the force of that intention change all that is around you, whether you realize it or not.

Enjoy each moment that you have with each other. See the godliness in their eyes mirrored back to you.

love and blessings, Sharon