Friday, June 21, 2019

Sharon's Take - Oh These Shifting Times

Greetings dear friends and fellow Lightworkers!

It has been a long time since I have sent out a Sharon's seems each time I sit down to write one, something interrupts me and off I go on another adventure lol.
Lots of changes have been going on since my update last year and I am still not really sure what it all will end up looking like, but I am open to everything and attached to very little.
I asked for an update on the Energy for you and here it is...
You are coming into some very interesting times so it is good to be prepared for anything. Keep you 'Go Bag' packed  and ready, it is time for the adventures to begin.
The next Mercury Retro is coming up - I actually felt this one coming so I am getting ready for it now so I won't be left disappointed. If you need to make some summer plans, start right now. As long as you have already started planning them, you should be good. Do expect the unexpected too though and remember to take you time. Mercury starts it retro in Leo then goes into Cancer, this should make the voice of the people stronger against governments...if you find yourself in an election, know that your voice will make a difference. Could make for some interesting times politically speaking, in the news, and around the coffee table. The main dates for this one are July 7th to 31st.
The best advice we can give you is to not get caught up in gossip and dramas going on around you as well as checking yourself - in other words, think before you speak, especially with the important stuff. Read your emails and text before you send them and be sure they are going to the right person. Because it is mercury, also re-read your words. You might find this one is a bit of an emotionally roller coaster, filled with highs and lows. Double check your stuff and make sure you get some rest. During this one you might notice you are tired or even exhausted if you don't. You also may find you are more forgetful than normal and some of you will find this a bit disturbing. The best you can do is try not to jump to conclusions (we just wrote an article reminding Assumptions - Don't Make Them!).
Remember, no one is communicating at their best during these phases, so also don't take things personally and try to just do your best!
We did have out first major solar flare a few months back in almost 2 years. I loved it. I have so missed the crazy energy they bring in. I did find it interesting since we were getting so many so big for so long. We had like a week of them and then nothing again. I thought that was very, very interesting as Arte Johnson would say on Laugh-In.
Those of you have been struggling a bit financially speaking should see opportunities for improvement coming up as well as potential new business partnerships or ventures that will lead you closer to where it is you want to go. Make sure to clear away the old so that you can make way for the new and laugh at it all along the way. This signals the end of a difficult time for those of you who are brave enough to take that leap of faith and jump into something new. It will seem like things are happening fast on the outside but you know that you have been working towards this for some time so it isn't as much of a surprise to you. Expect that things will get better and they will.
New partnerships and contracts have been forming. These will be successful if they are made with new energy. Don't give up. Have courage, and believe in yourself and the outcome. Time is of the essence. Think things through thoroughly and you will know what to do.
For me personally a lot has changed. For the past few years I have been doing session, readings, and workshops out of a wonderful little place called The Hobbit is no more. The owner decided to close shop when someone offered to by her building. It was a sad day indeed although I am happy Leanne could move on, I am now looking for a new home to practice. I am open to everything and attached to very little so I expect that the angels, fairies, and guides will bring something my way soon. I do miss the personal sessions. I get to do readings still with clients locally and of course over the phone, but I really miss talking with dead people lol. I seemed to have a lot of clients that wanted to come in and talk and since the building was in a portal, it was always so much fun and easy to connect. I had a couple of wild experiences there where people I didn't know personally were in a session and they asked me about a loved one who had passed.
The first one that kind of blew my mind was when a guy I used to date who was on the other side was in the room with me. He visits me all the time so I am used to him hanging around and figured I would go for a walk and chat with him when I was done my sessions. It turned out on this particular day his niece was there to see me and he wasn't there for me, he was there for her. It was really cool for both of us. The second one was an old friend from high school who also visits me all the time and I had his daughter in my moving it was. We laughed and cried and it was so healing. Having a past here and then being gone for 28 years, I don't always know what happened in their lives and it has been really cool getting to know the rest of the story and meet the people that changed their lives in some way.
I do have a summer special - talking to dead people if there is a message you would like from someone you love...check out my home page for more information I called something much more professional like, love letters from home. They are wonderful session filled with love and healing.
I hope to get back here more and write my energy takes as I do feel like we are finally shifting into those times we have all been waiting for. I shall make it a point to share more of what they share with me. I am ready for this shift!
Love and Blessings, Sharon


LadyJtalks said...

Always love your words. Life has changed so much since we met online and you still bring words of wisdom to me online. I thank Facebook for keeping so many of us connected. All the best to you and your family up north.

Sharon said...

Thanks...same to you...I was just thinking the same thing about facebook..have an amazing summer