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Angelic Assignemts with Sharon Taphorn ~ Receiving Signs

Angelic Assignments with Sharon Taphorn  for April 29th, 2012

Receiving Signs

Your mission...Should you choose to accept it is:... Are you seeing the signs your angels and guides are sending you? 

Do you have dreams worth failing for? ~ A Vital Message on my water bottle! 
One of the areas I am often asked about by my listeners and readers of the daily angel wisdom as well as my book Angel Guidance ~ Messages of Love and Healing is about signs. "Am I getting them?, "How do I know?" or "Why am I not getting them?" When you ask your guides, angels, or even deceased relatives and loved ones for a sign, you must be open to the many ways they appear. I am pretty sure most of us would like them to just manifest before our eyes and say "Go this way" or "Do that", or "Don't Do that...what where you thinking!" in a booming voice so there is no misunderstanding. I would love those clear signs and messages, however spirit doesn't usually speak to us in a loud booming voice, it is usually gentle, wise and loving. Signs are usually subtle and require us to think for ourselves. One of our missions on the earth journey is to empower ourselves and remember who and what we really are, it actually a fun part of the game we came here to play. Therefore, our guides and angels need for us to notice them and the more we do, the more they seem to occur. They were actually there the entire time, we were just not noticing them. 

When you ask for guidance, notice the ideas you receive over the next few days. These are the answers you seek. They can be a song that makes you think of it, or something you overhear in a conversation. It does not have to appear to be directed at you. A book can fall off the shelf, or you find something....or... the list is really limitless. I find dimes all the time, in the strangest places and sometimes I will find 3 at time, it is dimes, dimes, dimes. I love them and I always thank them from appearing. I helps me remember I am on the right path and doing what I need to do and am not alone in this mess. One day I actually said to my guys that while I totally appreciate the dimes, can't I get a toonie or two (that is the nickname for Canada's 2 dollar coin). The very next day when I was getting into my Jeep, I adjusted my seat cushion and there were 2 toonies on the seat. Now the day before I had been looking for something and there where no tonnies on the seat as I had moved the seat cushion and looked under it. I laughed and thank them enormously. Be open. Don't tell them how or what you want the sign to be, be open and surprised and at the same time KNOW it is a gift from spirit. 

When we decide to come  and do the earth journey, we also set up our soul family to help us along the way. Be open to the Human Angels who surround you and offer you friendship and support. Know that some of the ones who you felt disappointed you or let you down also are a part of your tribe and agreed to come and shake things up a little to get you going in the best and fastest direction to help you grow and expand. And sometimes, you can be so surprised by the ones that are on your side even when you didn't feel it at the time. If there is someone you struggle with in your life, ask spirit to help you better understand. It can be astounding how the answers come. The solutions are already there in the realms outside of time and space, it is up to us to find them here. Look for and expect acceptable alternatives or solutions to arrive.  

Your dreams are worth pursuing and might even lead you into something you had never even thought of before that is part of why you wanted to forget your light and magnificence and come and do this crazy wild earth experience. Thanks for joining me! 

Love and Blessings, Sharon

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