Friday, October 24, 2014

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts by Sharon Taphorn

It is time for your heart to heal, so that you feel safe and allow others to love you. Your heart is the center of the matter - opening and healing can sometimes be a challenge, as the process is so emotional and sometimes painful. It is part of your awakening and when you put it all into perspective, it is a beautiful experience.

The Emotional Body

Awaken your emotional body, as it is part of your body system and a part of your experience in choosing to be incarnate. It will become your barometer as you learn to interpret the vibrations in your energy world. It can also be a part of your guidance system, that helps you choose what the best path is for you.

Your Angel Guidance

Your angel guidance is to get yourself as close to the earth as you can, connect with her energy and ground yourself with the earth. When you connect say,

“I release all negativity and recharge myself! I release any feelings of unworthiness or less than and unforgiveness.  I am ready to heal and open my heart to love.”

and then allow the earth's loving energy help you heal.

Love Yourself

Today can be a new beginning and a new opportunity to love yourself and your life even more. The more you love yourself, the more love you see all around you and the more love you have to give to others. Try to see love in the most difficult places and you will learn about unconditional love. To help you feel unconditional love, look for it in the actions of others. See the love that a dog has for its human companion and you will know unconditional love. Once you have felt this love, you will see more in your life and all around you in others.

This is a Successful Time

This is a successful time so cherish the moments and the opportunities that are available for you and make new ones for yourself. The energy is ripe for healing and creating. Nurture and develop the qualities of love, openness, compassion, generosity, dedication and honor. These are all virtues that are worthy of your grandness.

Affirmation: "The more love I feel for myself and my life, the more love I see around me and in all that I do." 

Your Relationships are Changing

As you change, heal and grow, your relationships with others will change. As you experience spiritual growth, you will see yourself in a  different light and view others with a higher perspective. Now is the time to release any unfulfilled expectations from the past. It is time to open your heart to a greater and deeper love that is part of the natural order. As you expand your heart, all of your relationships change. Some will drift away, others will find new heights and depths.

Your Truth

Your moral code and compass are set for no one but yourself. It is up to each person to find their way when they are ready. Sometimes this is hard to understand when you see others act in ways that seem unkind or unloving. At times it may seem that efforts are sometimes rewarded or applauded for behaving badly. It is part of the process for each of you. Everyone has an opportunity to do something differently than you might have done before. It is you who chooses your truth, your actions and dares to be different when it doesn’t feel good or right to you.

Emotional Awakening

This is a time of emotional awakening and that is not an easy task, as you learn to work with the new sensitivities of your emotions. Continue to support each other and find like minded mentors, groups and friends that are similar in spiritual philosophy. Remember that you will grow and change at different rates, just be there for one another. Keep balance with your emotions as much as you can and know that this kind of awakening offers you heightened sensitivities and abilities to help to guide you.

You are a Part of the Universe

Everyone and everything is part of the vast energy that connects us all to the rest of the universe and each other and as you strive to consciously feel this connection, you realize the magnitude, power, and awesomeness of this earthly experience. Recognize your interconnectedness with each other, animals, plants, trees, stars and do what you can to strengthen this connection.

Strengthen Your Connection

As you nourish and strengthen this connection you begin radiating peaceful, positive and loving energy to those around you. Ask your guides and angels to help you forge a bond between your soul and the higher selves of those in your life or ones in need of love and support. This action helps you understand others motives, feelings and attitudes. You are then better able to respect and care for them instead of judging them by the illusions of past thoughts and those of others.

Let your Light Shine

Your angel guidance is to let your light shine and radiate your warm and wonderful energy to others. As you shine your light, you draw to you others that are of a similar vibration of beautiful, positive and supportive energy.

Light the spark of the Divine within you and ignite it with your special brand of uniqueness and let your loving presence shine forth into the hearts of everyone around you.

Affirmation: "I am at one with all humanity, the Earth, and all that Is. As I align myself to the loving presences of the Divine, my spiritual energy burns brighter and helps to light the way."


Sharon Taphorn, is a Channel, Teacher and Healer. Author of Angels, Guides, and other Realms and Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily channelled angel messages, workshops, monthly articles, Private Sessions and her weekly radio program Angels, Guides, and other Realms

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharon's Take Update ~ Increased Shift Symptoms

We have had quite a week of solar activity with numerous M-Class flares, and an X Class flare and several Geomagnetic storms just to make life a little more interesting. We are still in mercury retrograde as well so if you are finding issues with your communication devices and or your communications with others a bit strained, try to keep grounded, present and remain calm. Not always easy, but it is worth it for your own sanity.  *UPDATE* We have also had 2 more M-Class flares and X Class in the last 24 hours... Take a deep breath ...

One of the things I have noticed in the past week is that I am exceptionally tired. I was doing readings at a psychic fair this weekend and had passed on the message of shift symptoms to several of my clients and it wasn't till the 3rd night of sleeping more than 7 hours straight (one night even 9) that it occurred to me that I too am going through some. (I normally sleep about 5 hours a night). Twice I checked to see there was a mass leaving as often I sleep more when that happens. 

When going through these shift symptoms, I am reminded to drink plenty of water, meditate a bit more, spend some time outside and grounding myself as well as eating the most nutritious food possible and sleep when I feel I need to. It isn't always possible to take a nap however it will help you to process through it. I have also noticed that I have  had a headache over the past week. 

Also pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and journalling can also help to bring you clarity and understanding. You should notice some changes in your perception and sense as you process through this and come out the other side. Remember that taking care of yourself is important and it also will speed up the process as well as require less down time. It is when you ignore it and don't take time out to let it process through your physical body (the most dense of your bodies and therefore takes the longest to process through it) that you can find yourself in bed for several days with a flu or a cold. 

We are entering a time of change and this is our new normal. The faster we process the shifts and changes, the faster we get on with this great shift. Celebrate these times as they are indeed the ones we have been asking for so we can get on with the show! 

Universal Copyright ©2014 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

Sharon Taphorn, is a Channel, Teacher and Healer. Author of Angels, Guides, and other Realms and Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily channelled angel messages, workshops, monthly articles, Private Sessions and her weekly radio program Angels, Guides, and other Realms

Friday, October 17, 2014

Angels, Guides, and other Realms ~ Guardian Angels 10/16 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

On Today's show we will talk about working with your guardian angels, take a journey to the angel realm and have some mini sessions with the angels. 
Let Sharon Taphorn be your guide each Thursday as she shares messages of love, transformation and healing from the Angels, Masters and other Beings of Lights. 6pm pacific/9pm eastern
Each week features different angels, guides and other beings of light from other realms and how they can assist us and working with their energy. Discussions, meditations and spiritual guidance. questions are always welcome, and please come and join us in the chat room.

Angels, Guides, and other Realms ~ Guardian Angels 10/16 by Shifting Times Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sharon's Take October 2014 ~ A New Beginning

Sharon's Take October 2014 ~ A New Beginning
Re-Birth and Awakening of a New Era

This has been a particularly busy time for me and many others that I talk with in the spiritual realm and that is exciting. It isn't another hurry up and be patient talk and that is long overdue for many of us. 

We started September with flares and storms and we ended it with flares and storms and I am not sure about you but when there aren't any, the quiet seems kind of ominous lol. I like the feeling in the air and I know not everyone feels that way by the responses of those I encounter. It is funny what happens when the truth rears its ugly head so to speak. Expect more truths to come to light in the coming months and while they are much awaited, they don't always feel fun at the time, especially for those going through some of them. This always means big changes and that isn't always comfortable. 

During this next phase, take a look at what is being mirrored to you and also decide if it is yours, a learning experience or if you are meant to be an observer in the process of gaining a greater understanding of those around you. All are really the same and yet they are not. As you come to understand the greater truths, you also develop a new level of compassion for you must in order to see the bigger picture. Those around you will mirror to you what you need to see, so pay attention but also do not assume it is all about you, be open to what it is showing you and delve deeper for the true meaning. 

This is a time for growth and illumination, a time for awakening and renewal, and also a time of reaping the rewards of the last cycle as you prepare for the next one. Do not sit idly by resting on your laurels, as there is still much more left to do and you will enjoy creating in this new energy. This is the time to decide what you wish to renew your interest in regards to the aspects of your spiritual, mental and emotional realms. Decide what it is you want to grow in the future by the seeds you are planting now. As well as preparing for what lies ahead, it is also important to ensure you have projects brewing right now that are almost ripe for the picking. It is a delicate balance that you are creating and trusting that there will always be enough is important. 

You are being prepared for living in the higher, finer energies for planet earth and it is here now. Cleanse the old, release what needs to go, get really clear on what is important to you, and prepare to re-birth this into being and as you integrate it all together you will see the magnificent results manifesting for you in your life. 

A reminder that Mercury is retrograde (October 4 to 25th) so this is the perfect time to review, release, recycle, retreat, reread, revive, re anything. You don't need to take any baggage with you anyway so this is perfect for right now. Many of us are doing things that are different than we imagined a few years ago and yet still on course and plan, it is funny how things start to turn out. 

I am offering readings this month at The Psychic and Wellness Fair at the Hobbit House in Williams Lake October 17 & 18th (250-392-7599). I am also going to be offering healing sessions through "It's All About Her" 2 evenings a week and on 2 Saturdays a month. Stay tuned for the starting date and phone number to book sessions. It is all kind of exciting as it is different to be out and about so much mixing with different people. 

Also have an article in the winter edition of Issues Magazine  which should be updated soon on doing a walking meditation. 

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Sharon Taphorn, is a Channel, Teacher and Healer. Author of Angels, Guides, and other Realms and Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily channelled angel messages, workshops, monthly articles, Private Sessions and her weekly radio program Angels, Guides, and other Realms

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Earth Medicine ~ Playing in the Dirt is Therapeutic

This is my dream garden/outdoor space
I've had a wonderfully productive day today and enjoy probably the warmest day we will have for the rest of the year. It was over 30 C out there today and I mowed and trimmed the lawn and planted some new seeds for next year that I hope take as well as extended my front flower garden and added another day lily. I have 3 in the front one at each end and one in the middle and they are all different colours. I also planted some poppies accidentally all over the neighbours lawn too when my bag of seeds blew away in the breeze, oh well, a gift from mother nature.  I so look forward to see what blooms and grows when the springtime comes. I planted some poppies and a variety of hollyhocks of various colours all over as well as a wonderfully smelly one with white flowers that I hope take and grow. I planted some lilacs and some rhubarb and even some mint for the girl next door who says she is a terrible gardener and mine are so beautiful. In the springtime I plan to make some palate beds and cover them with chicken wire to keep the deer out as best I can.  It is nearly the first day of Autumn and here I am planning for spring. What a forward thinker lol. I guess the farmers do that too as the work is never done. 

This is my indoor dream kitchen 
It is so therapeutic to play in the dirt and each year I am trying to add more garden space and grow more vegetables as I learn what and how to grow things. I have enjoyed fresh lettuce and kale most of the summer and only now am having to buy it from the farmers market or co-op and since I so prefer it to store bought organic I have bought a small covered greenhouse and shall attempt to grow some greens and tomatoes in my front window this winter. It gets sun all day and because it is covered and secure, PepĂ© should keep out of it ( off it might be a challenge lol) and not use it as his litter box. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen and will be setting that up next week. It is as close as I can get this indoor dream kitchen lol. 

The girls played outside for about 3 hours while I gardened so they got plenty of grounding time as well. Animals need to touch the earth as much humans do, so make sure that your fir babies get plenty of outside time while they can. Pixie is so cute and has no fear of machines which make the weed eating part a bit challenging as she wanted to be right there and play with it lol. I did manage to get it done without any injuries so this is good. Bella keeps a healthy boundary between and any equipment for some reason lol. 

I also managed to get a lot of writing done and submitted my article for the predictions edition of the Sedona Journal. As well I have an article coming out in the next Issues Magazine which is kind of cool as it was a surprise. I thought she wanted something for the issue after that as this one is coming out very soon. Nice when it is unexpected  and easy too.

All is well and all is good. It is sometimes hard to keep your focus and your drive when there is a lot of energy floating around out there in the world and when you take the time to play in the dirt, it is not only very grounding, it is healing. 

Universal Copyright ©2014 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

Sharon Taphorn, is a Channel, Teacher and Healer. Author of Angels, Guides, and other Realms and Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily channelled angel messages, workshops, monthly articles, Private Sessions and her weekly radio program Angels, Guides, and other Realms

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Being in Your Purpose by Sharon Taphorn

Being in Your Purpose

We are experiencing growth and expansion on a grand scale and that is part of the journey of being human. This opportunity is for those who choose to walk the path, seeking something more meaningful for yourself and your life and much is available to you if you are brave enough to seek it. Are you ready to embark on this next stage of your journey? Are you ready to bravely go forward, consciously, focused and with your heart open? 

What are you longing for?

What project, experience or adventure speaks to your heart? This is the opportunity for you to do something that you would love in the area of your career or perhaps a creative endeavour. You are starting a new aspect of your life with an emotional perspective that preciously seemed unavailable. You are receiving great intuitive insights that are helping you be more in your purpose. Be open to the messages from your spirit self and trust that the guidance you receive is appropriate for you and take action towards your dreams and desires as you feel guided.

Be Creative

This is a successful time, so confidently accept the opportunities that are coming your way. You have the ability, talents and skills to get done what you want to do. This is the perfect time to begin new projects, start new partnerships or sign contracts that are a part of you working in your passion and mission for being incarnate at this time. Open your eyes, heart and your mind to possibilities and know there is always much more to come.

Express Yourself

Express your true feelings and begin to live your life more in your truth. Do something creative such as draw, paint, sing, dance, write, take pictures and enjoy the beauty that is all around you. As you do this you may find the key to your life's purpose and the ideal path for your life and career. You have the ability to turn your projects into something more, so take that leap of faith and delve into letting your creative expression unfold. Enjoy the results with abundance and satisfaction that comes from providing an outlet for this energy.

Keep your Thoughts Positive

Keep your thoughts flowing, directed and positive. Release yourself from what is holding you back from seeing the results you desire. Unnecessary worry can lead to a lack of self confidence. As you make your decisions, you can then systematically remove the obstacles. Remember that those obstacles are usually self created beliefs that can easily be uncreated.

Take Action

It is time to take action and allow your enthusiastic, courageous and confident self to come forward. Trust your inner wisdom as you know what to do, what is best and right for you and take your steps from there. You are emerging into a new way of being and as you mature into your natural state, you will find that you naturally make life more beautiful. Be open to wise and practical advice from others, as it is available to you.

All Challenges can be Resolved

You have the wisdom, the information and the ability to resolve any challenging situations or relationships. Withdraw from the drama of others and have love and patience with yourself, those around you and the outcome. Divine timing is always in play. It is up to you to do your best and your part - let others do their part as well.

Your Wisdom is your Guide

Let your wisdom and objectivity help you to stay in your integrity - be honest and open. Communication is the best path to get you where you want to go. It is important to have balance and make sure you take adequate time for fun and enjoying the process - as this is  how you get your own thoughts out of the way and bring forth inspiration and ideas.

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