Sunday, April 1, 2012

Incredible moving Orbs in the Sekhmet Temple - Karnak

Watch the Incredible Moving Orbs in the Sekhmet Temple, Karnak Egypt on YouTube at
What you are seeing is LIGHT WAVES and ORBS in the Sekhmet Temple in Karnak, Egypt. These images were taken just after dawn on March 16th, 2012. The blast of energy turned us all into mush as soon as we entered the temple. We had many powerful instantaneous healings that are still on going. It was as if Sekhmet was waiting for us. We were shocked when we took video and captured the energy we were feeling. The energy manifested as amazing light waves and orbs! Note . . . The red glows on the statue and flashes of light are others in the group taking photos. But pay close attention to the light waves. They change direction all over the place. The Orbs do as well. We feel this is important to share with you as photography does capture some of the energy. P.S. Being overly enthused about this event, I used the same iphone camera, on the same mode, exactly as we did here in the Sekhmet temple in every other temple that we entered. I was hoping to capture this energy in other sites. But over the entire Egypt pilgrimage, I did not capture any other light waves or orbs.
Enjoy, sit back, and feel the energy . . . then share this with others.

P.S. Watch in a dark room to see the energy light show better.

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