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Angelic Assignments with Sharon Taphorn ~ Shield Yourself

Angelic Assignment ~ Shielding Yourself

This week your mission – should you choose to accept it is: practice how you feel when you work with a shield. Play with it and see what works for you right now.

There are times when we humans want to shield ourselves, either because we are at a point in our spiritual growth when we are becoming sensitive and we are not confident in our own ability to work with or differentiate the energy, or we find ourselves in more dense, lower vibrating energy, or perhaps we just plain feel we need it to boost our energy and spirit.

I prefer to avoid words like protection since we are always safe and protection implies that some might feel they are not. Each of us has different definitions and understandings based on who we are and what our life experiences are. Try to always think of the actions you take in love. Meaning, when I add a layer of energy around me that is made of love, it feels entirely different to me and anyone who is around me than if I added a layer of protection to keep me safe from negative energy and malevolent forces. If my focus is on the later intention, those around me are going to feel all this heavy, negative energy, even though I might feel safe in my bubble, by my focus on negative energy and the Law of Attraction I have just called all that energy to me.

As you practice working in the higher vibrations of love, you will find that you require a lot less shielding as well as learn to do it naturally when you need it. It becomes a part of your spiritual practice when you require it.

It is important to remember to balance yourself before you shield, however if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you suddenly feel you need to shield yourself from harsh or fear-based energies, envision a cocoon of white light surrounding you. Say, “White light, white light, surround and protect me now!” or think the words. Your guides and angels hear your thoughts; however I always feel words are more powerful, it isn’t always practical to say it out loud. This will immediately surround you in white light. If feel this is sufficient and you can continue on. If you require more information, or you plan to stay in the cocoon for awhile, it is important to take some time to be sure your own energy within this cocoon is balance as you are locked in with energy for several hours while it wears off or until you remove the shield. Since right now we are all in a shield of white light from reading these words I will use an example I normally wouldn’t. Let us imagine that you have witnessed a horrific assault in a road rage incident. When the scene is first registered and you are invoking your shield of protection as you are hit with a violent wave of energy, it hits you right in the solar plexus and that energy is now locked in with you in the shield. So let us take a few moments after the police and ambulance arrive to balance ourselves and send some healing love and light to all parties involved. Let us imagine that you are now surrounded again in a loving light. Those reading this that are particularly sensitive and open to energy will create and feel all of this, and I would not want to leave you in it. Those of you who think you are not sensitive are also surrounded in all of this energy too; it is just that you don’t always know how it affects you on a conscious level.

To balance yourself before you shield is much the same as doing it after you are already in the shield. It is important to remember to release any energy from your cocoon or transform it with the violet flame and make it beneficial energy for you.

As soon as I become aware that there is a disturbance in the force (I am in some shifts in the energy), I try to check in with the energy, if I know what it is, say there is a fight between two men in the courtyard in front of my apartment, I will immediately beam soft pink and blue light into the situation to try to defuse the anger, and bring down the energy. Sometimes it works right way, and other times I have brought the energy down with my words, mostly so they realize they are not alone and hopefully come back to reality of this unnecessary outburst. Sometimes you have to let the earth authority take control when they aren’t picking up the subtler love energy or the assistance of the unseen entourage I have invoked. The most important thing is to keep yourself balanced, centered and safe first. I have been known to not consider the whole aspect of my safety in situations, however I do try to be less of a warrior for the justice for all and do it more with love and light.

Love and Blessings and have fun, Sharon

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