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Angelic Assignments with Sharon Taphorn ~ The Bare Necessities

Your mission - Should you choose to accept it is: Look to see that your basic needs are being met and if there is an area that is lacking, think of positive ways to improve your outlook.
Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life

The bare necessities of life will come to you
They'll come to you!”  The Jungle Book

As I was getting the feel for today’s assignment, I usually get a download of images and begin trying to make sense of how to put it all together when I heard Baloo singing the bare necessities from the movie “The Jungle Book,” and googled the lyrics. I was actually amazed at the message in the song and how appropriate it is to today’s topic which was going to be called Basic Needs. I much prefer The Bare Necessities as it adds the lightness that is so necessary in life.  

Looking to see that are basic needs are being met is important. As an evolving human we want to make sure we master our 1st three chakras. If one is struggling with keeping their home, career, and/or finances all the time, they are out of balance in their basic needs.  That is not to say that all things need to be perfect in order for you to evolve, it means that mastering working with them is important. Sometimes all that is necessary is a mental adjustment and then things begin to flow more smoothly. In some cases there is a bit more work involved.   Either way, or even though it might not be fun at first, the relief in not having to carry this burden is huge.  

Since our heart is to become our base chakra as we evolve, I like to think that by blending love with the lower 3, we are not really losing them; we are actually blending them into one. Doing so opens up the next 3 after our crown chakra.  These upper 3 new ones are the ones that are currently awakening in many, and allow for a clearer connection with other dimensions and awareness’s.  There is nothing to fear, that is the necessity of the love that is required to awaken these new awareness’s. 

Our root chakra represents our physical world. When I scan myself right now I can immediately see that there is cloudy red mixed in. I know what they are and what the source is. What I need to do is spend time each morning and evening focusing love and receiving guidance as to what is the best way for me to rectify these imbalances and get that energy flowing smoothly once again. 

I know not all of you believe that you can do this and get answers you understand, however you are all capable of working towards opening these channels. Keep at it and keep trying and, as if by magic, it will happen. 

For a more mental body approach, (and it is important to look at your physical world from all perspectives), we will begin by looking at how we see and think about our material world, then we will look at how we feel about our physical world, and lastly, how we can transform any thoughts and feelings to help create a more desired outcome and bring balance back into our base needs. 

How each of us thinks and feels about ourselves greatly affects how other people think and feel about us. We give off the vibration of who we think we are.  So let us begin by examining how we see ourselves. Take a few minutes and jot down on a piece of paper, a few sentences about how you see your basic needs being met right now. How is your work/career/school? How is your home life? How are your finances? All of us are going to have completely different answers even if we made the exact same amount each month.  Each of us has our own set of what is a necessity in life. And, each of us has our life experiences that shape that outlook.  However, regardless of where you’ve been or what path you have taken, the same fundamental truths apply, and with a little introspection, all things can be transformed. 

After you have made your lists, really look at what you deem as important and what you would like to work at and transform first. Take things one step at a time. You didn’t get here in one day, so be patient, kind, loving and gentle with yourself as you transform. 

Take a look at how you feel about each area in your life previously listed.  Your feelings represent your emotional body. How you feel is also part of the vibration you send out to the Universe. If there is any area where you feel lacking, the focus on that increases and you get more of the same.  Our thoughts and feelings become the affirmations we reinforce when we think or feel them.  We all use affirmations and prayers, we just aren’t always aware of the affect they really play out in our lives. 

Our subconscious mind has no idea what is real and what is not. It picks up what we see with our physical eyes as well as our psychic eyes, or our thoughts and our feelings as well. So let us take the time to use the power of these thoughts and affirmations to create desired results.  Creating mantras and affirmations that are helping us transform our thoughts and therefore our lives and bringing balance back to our physical worlds.  

Trust is important. If you don’t believe you can create something different, you won’t.  Imagine if you will, there is a Fairy Godmother (known as FG ) standing behind you right now. She is invisible to most, however she is very aware of everything you say, do, think and feel. There are no secrets between you and this most loving being. Her entire mission is to help you create what you believe, and she is but an extension of you that is not grounded to time and space. Your FG stands, wand ready to help you create anything you choose. The difference between you and FG is that she does everything from a perspective of love. She does not see things as good or bad, wanted or unwanted; she helps you create scenarios that give you what you ask for.   So now remember, FG is ready and waiting for the next thought that comes and helping you create that in your life. Any thought you have, she is helping you to create as the fantastic assistant that she is.   By creating desired affirmations and mantras, your FG will go to work, wave her wand and begin transforming your life to those of your dominant thoughts.  

Create affirmations on recipe cards so you can easily carry them with you to look at any time you need a boost or have some extra time waiting for something.  Read them morning and night, and anytime in between. Post them in places where you are reminded each day. (My son doesn’t like it when I put them on the bathroom mirror; however I have never let it stop me.)  When I want to work on something else, I either tear it up then release the card or if it is more of a generic one, I put it in a recipe box to reuse again.  

Writing affirmations can be tricky. Remember FG gives you what ask for. I often receive ones from people who are actually canceling out what they are trying to create. Keep them simple, keep them positive and keep them on topic. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, you are a work in progress and it takes time. Think only gentle and loving thoughts about yourself and others. Really, we all want the same things in life. To live a happy and comfortable life, surrounded by love, whatever that means to each of us. 

Take the time each day to visualize your success. See yourself doing the best you can each day.  Remember your best will change from moment to moment and day to day, just keep trying to the best you can with what you have to work with at each moment and keep moving forward. See yourself doing well in a particular situation and trust that a positive outcome will occur. See everyone happy and satisfied with the outcome and realize there are other choices available, even if you can’t see them yet. Begin to expect the best and the best will come. If at first you don’t succeed, or view it as a success, don’t give up, as that is what often blocks the process of creation. If doubt should sneak in, just replace with your new thoughts and keep your heart and mind on what you want to create. You cannot wish ill or less than on another person or situation during this process, as this will reinforce the belief that there is not enough, therefore creating lack and not enough.   The more you spend holding these desired thoughts, the more open you are to ideas and inspirations that help you in the action steps for creating what you desire. 

Remember to write your affirmations from the aspect of already having it as a characteristic or its essence being a part of you. For example, “I am now making a great living doing what brings me joy, and happiness.”  I am not stating that I need a new job, or new career and hopefully when I think about what I am doing, I am feeling happiness and joy.  Be open to all the possibilities and expect miracles. That is the best way to create them. 

Meeting your basic human needs is important. Trusting that you can create them is important.  Keep working at it and it will get easier. You don’t always choose what thoughts come into your mind; however you always get to choose what thoughts stay there. If you feel yourself slipping into an old habit, immediately send it off with love and replace it with another thought.  Be conscious of the words you use and change them any time. After a while, it becomes 2nd nature and a part of the new you.   Once these needs are met, there is more time and energy to focus on other earthly and spiritual pursuits, and whatever grand adventure is coming your way next. 

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn. All rights reserved.

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