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Assignment: Human Angel

Assignment: Human Angel                                         May 6, 2012
Human Angel

Your mission...
Should you choose to Remember is... 
Is to evolve your light, open your heart and stand in your power. It is time!  

Human Angel is time to awaken and evolve.
You are a Lightworker and a Human Angel...Now What?  
 Eons ago, you accepted a contract. A mission to boldly return should man reach a stage in their evolution for a great shift. That time is here and that time is now.

Welcome to Assignment: Human Angel.

As you step fully into this contract you have begun to question your reality as you remember there is more. As you begin to awaken your inner knowingness and remember you are more than just a physical being have a physical journey, life as you know it begins to change.

Welcome lightworker, welcome Human Angel!

I first heard the term Lightworker in the late 90's from Doreen Virtue's book "The Lightworker's Way". It is an awesome book that I encourage anyone just beginning to give it a read. I felt much less strange knowing that there were more of us. This is her journey of awakening her healing and clairvoyant powers. I first heard the term Human Angel at a Lightworker workshop with Steve Rother, author of Re-member and several other wonderful books. Chances are if you are reading this article, you are a lightworker and a Human Angels.

When I began the Angel Assignment mail out it was to help the listeners of Calling all Angels with prayers, affirmations, and homework from the angels. I had to stop putting it out as typing had become a challenge. Recently I have felt guided to start it up again and it seems to be taking on a transformation very quickly. The angels are such great coaches when we open up ourselves to their guidance. As I am trying to work smarter with the ideas they drop into my consciousness, I find that they are helping in wondrous ways.  So, now this will be known as Assignment: Human Angel. It will contain teachings to help us evolve with more ease and compassion as we we traverse these shifting times together. If there is a topic or area you would like more information about, please send us an email.

Opening your heart is not always easy, especially if you have felt let down or hurt by others. However when you do allow for yourself to love and be vulnerable, it is a journey worth taking. Holding our hearts only hurts ourselves. It makes the world seem dark and unsafe and nothing is further from the truth. As a lightworker, you have come to Earth at this time to teach about love. It when you open you heart that you truly understand the grandness of this mission and the importance of your becoming a role model of peace. The key to teaching about love is to feel it for yourself and your life first. Spend some time contemplating what you like about yourself. Make of list of these aspects. Don't be shy, this is only your list and no one else needs to see or understand it. Next, change the word to love in every sentence and create cards with these affirmations on them. For example, one of the things I like about myself is "I like that I can create space to let others know they are not alone on this journey." when I convert that statement to Love. It is so much more powerful. "I love that I can create space to let others know that they are not alone on this journey."

As you continue to do this for every aspect in your life, you will find that you are more frequently in a state of centeredness, love, compassion, and peacefulness than in any other state. You will also, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, attract more of that energy to you, and create a circle of friends of a similar vibration. You will act like a beacon to help teach others about peace, which is a Divine mission indeed.

Love and eternal Light, Sharon
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