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Sharon's Take October 2014 ~ A New Beginning

Sharon's Take October 2014 ~ A New Beginning
Re-Birth and Awakening of a New Era

This has been a particularly busy time for me and many others that I talk with in the spiritual realm and that is exciting. It isn't another hurry up and be patient talk and that is long overdue for many of us. 

We started September with flares and storms and we ended it with flares and storms and I am not sure about you but when there aren't any, the quiet seems kind of ominous lol. I like the feeling in the air and I know not everyone feels that way by the responses of those I encounter. It is funny what happens when the truth rears its ugly head so to speak. Expect more truths to come to light in the coming months and while they are much awaited, they don't always feel fun at the time, especially for those going through some of them. This always means big changes and that isn't always comfortable. 

During this next phase, take a look at what is being mirrored to you and also decide if it is yours, a learning experience or if you are meant to be an observer in the process of gaining a greater understanding of those around you. All are really the same and yet they are not. As you come to understand the greater truths, you also develop a new level of compassion for you must in order to see the bigger picture. Those around you will mirror to you what you need to see, so pay attention but also do not assume it is all about you, be open to what it is showing you and delve deeper for the true meaning. 

This is a time for growth and illumination, a time for awakening and renewal, and also a time of reaping the rewards of the last cycle as you prepare for the next one. Do not sit idly by resting on your laurels, as there is still much more left to do and you will enjoy creating in this new energy. This is the time to decide what you wish to renew your interest in regards to the aspects of your spiritual, mental and emotional realms. Decide what it is you want to grow in the future by the seeds you are planting now. As well as preparing for what lies ahead, it is also important to ensure you have projects brewing right now that are almost ripe for the picking. It is a delicate balance that you are creating and trusting that there will always be enough is important. 

You are being prepared for living in the higher, finer energies for planet earth and it is here now. Cleanse the old, release what needs to go, get really clear on what is important to you, and prepare to re-birth this into being and as you integrate it all together you will see the magnificent results manifesting for you in your life. 

A reminder that Mercury is retrograde (October 4 to 25th) so this is the perfect time to review, release, recycle, retreat, reread, revive, re anything. You don't need to take any baggage with you anyway so this is perfect for right now. Many of us are doing things that are different than we imagined a few years ago and yet still on course and plan, it is funny how things start to turn out. 

I am offering readings this month at The Psychic and Wellness Fair at the Hobbit House in Williams Lake October 17 & 18th (250-392-7599). I am also going to be offering healing sessions through "It's All About Her" 2 evenings a week and on 2 Saturdays a month. Stay tuned for the starting date and phone number to book sessions. It is all kind of exciting as it is different to be out and about so much mixing with different people. 

Also have an article in the winter edition of Issues Magazine  which should be updated soon on doing a walking meditation. 

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