Friday, October 24, 2014

Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts by Sharon Taphorn

It is time for your heart to heal, so that you feel safe and allow others to love you. Your heart is the center of the matter - opening and healing can sometimes be a challenge, as the process is so emotional and sometimes painful. It is part of your awakening and when you put it all into perspective, it is a beautiful experience.

The Emotional Body

Awaken your emotional body, as it is part of your body system and a part of your experience in choosing to be incarnate. It will become your barometer as you learn to interpret the vibrations in your energy world. It can also be a part of your guidance system, that helps you choose what the best path is for you.

Your Angel Guidance

Your angel guidance is to get yourself as close to the earth as you can, connect with her energy and ground yourself with the earth. When you connect say,

“I release all negativity and recharge myself! I release any feelings of unworthiness or less than and unforgiveness.  I am ready to heal and open my heart to love.”

and then allow the earth's loving energy help you heal.

Love Yourself

Today can be a new beginning and a new opportunity to love yourself and your life even more. The more you love yourself, the more love you see all around you and the more love you have to give to others. Try to see love in the most difficult places and you will learn about unconditional love. To help you feel unconditional love, look for it in the actions of others. See the love that a dog has for its human companion and you will know unconditional love. Once you have felt this love, you will see more in your life and all around you in others.

This is a Successful Time

This is a successful time so cherish the moments and the opportunities that are available for you and make new ones for yourself. The energy is ripe for healing and creating. Nurture and develop the qualities of love, openness, compassion, generosity, dedication and honor. These are all virtues that are worthy of your grandness.

Affirmation: "The more love I feel for myself and my life, the more love I see around me and in all that I do." 

Your Relationships are Changing

As you change, heal and grow, your relationships with others will change. As you experience spiritual growth, you will see yourself in a  different light and view others with a higher perspective. Now is the time to release any unfulfilled expectations from the past. It is time to open your heart to a greater and deeper love that is part of the natural order. As you expand your heart, all of your relationships change. Some will drift away, others will find new heights and depths.

Your Truth

Your moral code and compass are set for no one but yourself. It is up to each person to find their way when they are ready. Sometimes this is hard to understand when you see others act in ways that seem unkind or unloving. At times it may seem that efforts are sometimes rewarded or applauded for behaving badly. It is part of the process for each of you. Everyone has an opportunity to do something differently than you might have done before. It is you who chooses your truth, your actions and dares to be different when it doesn’t feel good or right to you.

Emotional Awakening

This is a time of emotional awakening and that is not an easy task, as you learn to work with the new sensitivities of your emotions. Continue to support each other and find like minded mentors, groups and friends that are similar in spiritual philosophy. Remember that you will grow and change at different rates, just be there for one another. Keep balance with your emotions as much as you can and know that this kind of awakening offers you heightened sensitivities and abilities to help to guide you.

You are a Part of the Universe

Everyone and everything is part of the vast energy that connects us all to the rest of the universe and each other and as you strive to consciously feel this connection, you realize the magnitude, power, and awesomeness of this earthly experience. Recognize your interconnectedness with each other, animals, plants, trees, stars and do what you can to strengthen this connection.

Strengthen Your Connection

As you nourish and strengthen this connection you begin radiating peaceful, positive and loving energy to those around you. Ask your guides and angels to help you forge a bond between your soul and the higher selves of those in your life or ones in need of love and support. This action helps you understand others motives, feelings and attitudes. You are then better able to respect and care for them instead of judging them by the illusions of past thoughts and those of others.

Let your Light Shine

Your angel guidance is to let your light shine and radiate your warm and wonderful energy to others. As you shine your light, you draw to you others that are of a similar vibration of beautiful, positive and supportive energy.

Light the spark of the Divine within you and ignite it with your special brand of uniqueness and let your loving presence shine forth into the hearts of everyone around you.

Affirmation: "I am at one with all humanity, the Earth, and all that Is. As I align myself to the loving presences of the Divine, my spiritual energy burns brighter and helps to light the way."


Sharon Taphorn, is a Channel, Teacher and Healer. Author of Angels, Guides, and other Realms and Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily channelled angel messages, workshops, monthly articles, Private Sessions and her weekly radio program Angels, Guides, and other Realms

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