Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Earth Medicine ~ Playing in the Dirt is Therapeutic

This is my dream garden/outdoor space
I've had a wonderfully productive day today and enjoy probably the warmest day we will have for the rest of the year. It was over 30 C out there today and I mowed and trimmed the lawn and planted some new seeds for next year that I hope take as well as extended my front flower garden and added another day lily. I have 3 in the front one at each end and one in the middle and they are all different colours. I also planted some poppies accidentally all over the neighbours lawn too when my bag of seeds blew away in the breeze, oh well, a gift from mother nature.  I so look forward to see what blooms and grows when the springtime comes. I planted some poppies and a variety of hollyhocks of various colours all over as well as a wonderfully smelly one with white flowers that I hope take and grow. I planted some lilacs and some rhubarb and even some mint for the girl next door who says she is a terrible gardener and mine are so beautiful. In the springtime I plan to make some palate beds and cover them with chicken wire to keep the deer out as best I can.  It is nearly the first day of Autumn and here I am planning for spring. What a forward thinker lol. I guess the farmers do that too as the work is never done. 

This is my indoor dream kitchen 
It is so therapeutic to play in the dirt and each year I am trying to add more garden space and grow more vegetables as I learn what and how to grow things. I have enjoyed fresh lettuce and kale most of the summer and only now am having to buy it from the farmers market or co-op and since I so prefer it to store bought organic I have bought a small covered greenhouse and shall attempt to grow some greens and tomatoes in my front window this winter. It gets sun all day and because it is covered and secure, PepĂ© should keep out of it ( off it might be a challenge lol) and not use it as his litter box. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen and will be setting that up next week. It is as close as I can get this indoor dream kitchen lol. 

The girls played outside for about 3 hours while I gardened so they got plenty of grounding time as well. Animals need to touch the earth as much humans do, so make sure that your fir babies get plenty of outside time while they can. Pixie is so cute and has no fear of machines which make the weed eating part a bit challenging as she wanted to be right there and play with it lol. I did manage to get it done without any injuries so this is good. Bella keeps a healthy boundary between and any equipment for some reason lol. 

I also managed to get a lot of writing done and submitted my article for the predictions edition of the Sedona Journal. As well I have an article coming out in the next Issues Magazine which is kind of cool as it was a surprise. I thought she wanted something for the issue after that as this one is coming out very soon. Nice when it is unexpected  and easy too.

All is well and all is good. It is sometimes hard to keep your focus and your drive when there is a lot of energy floating around out there in the world and when you take the time to play in the dirt, it is not only very grounding, it is healing. 

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