Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharon's Take Update ~ Increased Shift Symptoms

We have had quite a week of solar activity with numerous M-Class flares, and an X Class flare and several Geomagnetic storms just to make life a little more interesting. We are still in mercury retrograde as well so if you are finding issues with your communication devices and or your communications with others a bit strained, try to keep grounded, present and remain calm. Not always easy, but it is worth it for your own sanity. http://www.n3kl.org/sun/noaa.html  *UPDATE* We have also had 2 more M-Class flares and X Class in the last 24 hours... Take a deep breath ...

One of the things I have noticed in the past week is that I am exceptionally tired. I was doing readings at a psychic fair this weekend and had passed on the message of shift symptoms to several of my clients and it wasn't till the 3rd night of sleeping more than 7 hours straight (one night even 9) that it occurred to me that I too am going through some. (I normally sleep about 5 hours a night). Twice I checked to see there was a mass leaving as often I sleep more when that happens. 

When going through these shift symptoms, I am reminded to drink plenty of water, meditate a bit more, spend some time outside and grounding myself as well as eating the most nutritious food possible and sleep when I feel I need to. It isn't always possible to take a nap however it will help you to process through it. I have also noticed that I have  had a headache over the past week. 

Also pay attention to your thoughts and feelings and journalling can also help to bring you clarity and understanding. You should notice some changes in your perception and sense as you process through this and come out the other side. Remember that taking care of yourself is important and it also will speed up the process as well as require less down time. It is when you ignore it and don't take time out to let it process through your physical body (the most dense of your bodies and therefore takes the longest to process through it) that you can find yourself in bed for several days with a flu or a cold. 

We are entering a time of change and this is our new normal. The faster we process the shifts and changes, the faster we get on with this great shift. Celebrate these times as they are indeed the ones we have been asking for so we can get on with the show! 

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