Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sharon's Take November 2014 And the Crazy lives On...

That was quite a grand finale we experienced at the ending of October and I am sure the first few days gave you a bit of respite from all the solar energy/manic energy that was bombarding our planet. Hopefully you are weathering the storms or at the very least, had some protection from the nuclear fall out of other peoples dramas. Never before in the years I have been watching our flares and storms have I seen anything like that last few weeks of October, it was one flare after another and like 9 in a 2 day period...only a short time ago we were having only 3 a year lol...makes for some very interesting times indeed. 

Expect November to be much the same although a little less of the one hit after another we experienced in October. Shift symptoms seemed to be prevalent without us working on anything in particular... opportunities for quantum shifts for those who are brave enough to take that leap of faith and jump feet first. This can mean bouts of the vibrational flu, lessened by watching what you eat and taking care of yourself and of course, having a spiritual practice that includes meditation, journalling and contemplation. 

Stuff is coming up for people, especially the emotional stuff, and those things that one has tended to shove down with a sharp stick and plug up any holes in hopes of it never escaping stuff is coming to the surface to be dealt with ...ready or not... best to be ready and armed with all your spiritual techniques and arsenal of defence as there is no stopping it now and well really it is time to deal with it anyway, why not now, there is no time like the present anyway. The faster we get done with the junk, the faster we can move on to the good stuff anyway. 

Remember that endings always lead to new beginnings, so set your intent to have some amazing new ideas, projects, and opportunities to come your way. It is a good time to plan some of the intentions you have for yourself for next year now so that you are planting the seeds you wish to sow for the next year. Think big and don't put limits on your creations, just trust that it will be so and let no one set you different.

And of course as always, keep your sense of humour...now more than ever as things will turn out anyway, so you might as well have some fun along the way.

Remember to take some time and think before you respond right now. It seems that there is a lot of decisions being made that are mental/emotional - knee jerk reactions instead of well thought out plans and while sometimes it is good to get the ball rolling, we don't always need to be harassed into expansion. It truly is a journey to love and we are all here just trying to find our way.

I will be teaching an Intuitive Workshop for 6 2 hour classes at The Hobbit House in Williams Lake in December and am looking forward to sharing with enquiring minds. We will focus on reading cards - any kind and I will work on developing an online course as well for the new year.

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