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Sharon's Take September 2014 ~ RED ALERT Shields Up and Prepare for Big Shifts

Sharon's Take September 2014 ~ RED ALERT Shields Up and Prepare for Big Shifts by Sharon Taphorn

So I did a post a quick update yesterday to keep you posted on why the world might seem to have gone mad, or perhaps you just thought it was you - yourself! 

You have not and you are not alone. September has been quite a ride so far and my life has been so busy that I have barely had time to sit at the computer and write, I have had some wonderful sharing experiences and know that I am doing what great work in the process. 

It has been a tremendous growing experience as I learn to juggle all the aspects of my life right now learning to deal with people other than those that are a part of my spiritual energy already and still be true to myself. I had forgotten that humans still live in the world of the ego and me mentality and that many still don't understand the power of supporting each other. I am so very glad that I don't need to live in the world of fear of ones station or livelihood or the world of only one of us is going to make it. I had forgotten that there is still a muggle world because I have been living in the world of possibilities for so long. I am reminded that we are of both worlds and that it is important for me to live in this one too. 

We are entering a new cycle in the equinox of the fall for north and so you will find some completions are at hand. We have our last mercury retrograde coming up in October (October 4th to October 25) so it is best to begin to prepare right now. 

All of the solar activity has been astounding this week with 3 M-Class and and X-Class flares, Huge Solar Geomagnetic storms and yet more M-Class Flares in just a few days, these next few weeks should bring with them a bit of shifting opportunities. Expect that there might be some sudden truth revealed or some big wave of change that you have been waiting for and it might not come in the form that you were expecting, but it will be there. 

There are the times of thinning in the veil as well so expect that you might have visitors around you more evident to your awareness that ever before. (they are always there, you just aren't always aware that they are there. Choose to become more consciously aware of your environment and tune in during this next phase of the moon and you will enjoy the enhanced experiences. 

Grounding might also help you as well as remembering to use your shields and be aware of others during this time as the muggles are easily distracted and the more you are conscious of that, the safer it will be all around. Choose to be an observer during this energy bombardment and not an active participant in the dramas that are unfolding all around you.  

We have a great year of opportunity coming up and so embrace the challenges that have been bringing about the changes as these can lead you to divine inspiration and fulfilment of your dreams. 

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