Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Being in Your Purpose by Sharon Taphorn

Being in Your Purpose

We are experiencing growth and expansion on a grand scale and that is part of the journey of being human. This opportunity is for those who choose to walk the path, seeking something more meaningful for yourself and your life and much is available to you if you are brave enough to seek it. Are you ready to embark on this next stage of your journey? Are you ready to bravely go forward, consciously, focused and with your heart open? 

What are you longing for?

What project, experience or adventure speaks to your heart? This is the opportunity for you to do something that you would love in the area of your career or perhaps a creative endeavour. You are starting a new aspect of your life with an emotional perspective that preciously seemed unavailable. You are receiving great intuitive insights that are helping you be more in your purpose. Be open to the messages from your spirit self and trust that the guidance you receive is appropriate for you and take action towards your dreams and desires as you feel guided.

Be Creative

This is a successful time, so confidently accept the opportunities that are coming your way. You have the ability, talents and skills to get done what you want to do. This is the perfect time to begin new projects, start new partnerships or sign contracts that are a part of you working in your passion and mission for being incarnate at this time. Open your eyes, heart and your mind to possibilities and know there is always much more to come.

Express Yourself

Express your true feelings and begin to live your life more in your truth. Do something creative such as draw, paint, sing, dance, write, take pictures and enjoy the beauty that is all around you. As you do this you may find the key to your life's purpose and the ideal path for your life and career. You have the ability to turn your projects into something more, so take that leap of faith and delve into letting your creative expression unfold. Enjoy the results with abundance and satisfaction that comes from providing an outlet for this energy.

Keep your Thoughts Positive

Keep your thoughts flowing, directed and positive. Release yourself from what is holding you back from seeing the results you desire. Unnecessary worry can lead to a lack of self confidence. As you make your decisions, you can then systematically remove the obstacles. Remember that those obstacles are usually self created beliefs that can easily be uncreated.

Take Action

It is time to take action and allow your enthusiastic, courageous and confident self to come forward. Trust your inner wisdom as you know what to do, what is best and right for you and take your steps from there. You are emerging into a new way of being and as you mature into your natural state, you will find that you naturally make life more beautiful. Be open to wise and practical advice from others, as it is available to you.

All Challenges can be Resolved

You have the wisdom, the information and the ability to resolve any challenging situations or relationships. Withdraw from the drama of others and have love and patience with yourself, those around you and the outcome. Divine timing is always in play. It is up to you to do your best and your part - let others do their part as well.

Your Wisdom is your Guide

Let your wisdom and objectivity help you to stay in your integrity - be honest and open. Communication is the best path to get you where you want to go. It is important to have balance and make sure you take adequate time for fun and enjoying the process - as this is  how you get your own thoughts out of the way and bring forth inspiration and ideas.

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