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Experience is your Teacher and Wisdom is your Guide with Mary Magdalene

Experience is your Teacher and Wisdom is your Guide with Mary Magdalene

January 13, 2013 with Sharon Taphorn

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to work with my light and trusting that there is so much more than you have been taught of the past. Those of you who journeyed with us know of what I speak for within you is the memories of that time. Anytime there is a huge event on the earth plane, those who choose to come forward and reincarnate on the planet carry the cellular memories of those momentous times. You do not always understand these feelings however you know that they are there. When you reach a similar advancement or situation in your time, these feelings become more palpable and oftentimes need to be healed so that you can move forward as you were meant to be and do.

There are significant life events happening on earth that have been a long time in coming and these powerful revelations will lead to the changes that you have been dreaming of. They are happening with each event you deem a disaster, with sadness and sometimes horror. They are happen for those of you who find love and forgiveness and seek greater knowledge and understanding. It is paramount that you each find this in yourselves as this is the path of the awakening ones. It is not a path outside of you, but an inner journey. Be sure to find ways to be of service to your fellow man as you are embarking on these changes. You, the lightworkers, are the ones who lead the way and are the way showers for those that follow.

Expect many wondrous things to happen and as you expect, you will receive. Be prepared to do the work that leads you where you want to go as that is also a part of a finite experience. Learning to work with your natural magic is truly a part of the human expression and all of you are magical creators waiting to take your power. Spend time nurturing and honing your skills and expanding your senses as that is what brings magic to your world, as you do this, the world around you changes and you will see things from a different view and light.

Decide now what it is you want or how you want your life to look or you might feel as if outside forces are conspiring against you. Trust that they are not; they are just trying to help you decide what it is you desire. We wish to remind you that you are always aware at a soul level what is transpiring for you and each night when you enter into your dream times, you can rewrite the scripts and begin again in morning. Each day is truly a new day in which to create. Should you find yourself in a sleepless night, dream of good thoughts and positive changes to begin to manifest them in your world and the longer and more often you can think of these, the closer they become.

Celebrate each victory, no matter how small you deem it. Feel the love and joy in all that you do and make room to have more fun no matter what is happening or what you are doing. It helps to add creativity and openness which brings in inspirations and ideas that will help you find alternatives that you had not previously thought of. It gives your guides and angels opportunities to connect and let you know they are near.

Find your childhood innocence and let it be an active part of you as you are seeing the world through new eyes as you awaken your sensitivities and learn to trust your intuition and your guidance. Have patience with yourselves as it a process that is unfolding as it should. Think carefully and consider what you are wanting and then begin the action steps that are necessary to create this in the your physical word and you will feel joy, contentment and gratitude for a job well done knowing that it will be.

A pause in action often means that you are needing to let the timing of everything to fall into place. Take this time to review everyone’s motives including your own and be sure to honour each other’s truth. Speak your truth with kindness and understanding as you deal with all challenges or obstacles, and use this time to discover the most sensible approach that works for you.

When your seeds are planted, nurture them and they will grow. Trust that when everything is just right, they will sprout forth and begin to grow. Such is the way with your life. Worry not, as that will bring you more of what you do not want. Trust that your garden will bear fruit and provide you with all that you need or desire. When the time is right to harvest your garden, you will know and then it will be time to move on once again, as there is something more that will follow. When you feel a temporary pause in what is happening in your life, it means things are getting ready for the next stage and all aspects are finding their place. Be prepared for action, it will come swiftly when the time is right.

Know that you are moving on to greater thing through your personal and spiritual growth. You will be drawn to new things and sometimes completely different paths than you had envisioned for yourself. Your likes, loves and even your dislikes will change. How you see yourself and your place in the world is shifting and so very soon how others see you will be anew. Keep up the good work and keep going. Job well done and so it is time to begin again at this wonderful level of love and understanding that is awakening within you.

Mastery is the path you seek and good news is on the way. The years of hard work and honing of your skills will bring about the recognition or awards that you seek. Do not rest upon your laurels as there is much more to be done. Expect the best and let that be your self-fulfilling prophecy. Heal what needs to be healed and take the time to find you footing and get right back up and assert your independence and creativity for the next project in your development.

You are each on a path to enlightenment of a great aspect and awareness of who you are. You are beautiful and powerful beings of God Light and a particle of this energy dwells within all of you. Nurture and feed that particle so that it begins to glow bright and brighter until it is visible all around you and as you do this, you will know great love, understanding, and wisdom. You will begin to understand there is so much more than you can possibly imagine and that indeed a transformation of conscious understanding is taking place and you are expanded your view of yourself and your world.
Many events happening right now are powerful opportunities that lead to change on mass and that is why they are put upon the path. Change your life to be in balance with your visions now and you will be making the most of those opportunities to advance your awakening and initiation into the higher levels of light and love.
The need for spiritual balance is important, so find the path that leads to moderation, co-operation and sometimes even compromise. Balance your emotional and mental energy so you can speak your truth with confidence and clarity. Do not let competing goals stand in the way of your progress as this will lead to tests of spirit that may require you to seek out professional advice or at the very least, time to recover to find your footing once again. Trust that love will help you find the answers and guide you where you need to be and let the experience be your teacher and your guide.
Finding that place of peace inside you is a most desired state. Especially when there seems like too much is going on all at once and you might perhaps lose your mind, if there was anything left to begin with. Consider a more playful approach that helps you view things from a different perspective. See the humour and the gift, as this vital for keeping your sanity and away from stress-related concerns or illnesses. Accept help from others, or delegate what needs to be done so that you can find the time to get your bearings and to feel safe and secure in the decisions you make. Finding your spiritual balance requires you to look at all four bodies, the physical, emotional, and mental to lead to the spiritual evolution you desire.
Let yourself find the balance that works with your integrity and your own moral compass. This is your truth and it is ever so important for you to find this place of peace within you. Be the spiritual aspirant, be the seeker of the light and with this comes the 'seers' initiation into higher realms of light, peace and balance. Renew your love of life and let all of your concerns fade away as your wishes, dreams, and desires come true.
The sun always rises again in the morning, regardless of the night, so have confidence that a new day is dawning. Let your brilliant new ideas be reflected all around you and lead you to the success that you seek. Trust the power of your creativity to help you end any difficult situations so that you can be up and off onto another journey at this new level of love, understanding and enlightenment. A new trip awaits your journey.
A need to Release that which no longer serves you will come with each cycle. You are nearing the end of a phase in your spiritual transformation and it is important for you to ensure that you have brought an end to a difficult situation so that you can move forward to this next phase that is ready for you now. It is just waiting for you to step up and do the completions at hand. It is time to move forward and every cell within your being knows and feels this and sometimes it even feels like there is a cellular revolution going on inside, and well, there is.
As you release any ties that bind you to the past, you will experience the freedom you have been longing for. You will find the magic in every little thing in your life as you expand your understanding and embrace the change that is happening all around you. This is what is helping you create the home life you desire and to see the manifestations of your dreams and desires. Expect things to get better now and they will. You are indeed creating heaven on earth.
Evaluate and review. It is time for an assessment of the facts, figures and feelings that have been created as you begin to move on in this new direction. There is a desire to search for something more meaningful for you in your spiritual and emotional work. This is the time to call upon your guides and angels that are part of your entourage of light beings to help you make objective decisions from the higher perspective of spirit. Clear away what no longer serves you as it is time to move in this new direction right now and we await your arrival.
Feeling as if you have too much work or any unnecessary worry about what you are creating or what is manifesting can lead to stress related illnesses and health concerns that are not a necessary part of your journey. When you feel these feelings, immediately release them and realize that there are others who can help you do the work and you can get your life back into balance. It is always most important for you to be in that place of peace, balance and harmony with your world so that you can know that you are at your best and highest use and service to the Creator, the Universe and all that is.
I am honoured to be called into service to and for the people. I offer you my wisdom with love, understanding and strength and to assist you in becoming the High Priest/Priestess's that you are each becoming on your path to creating you’re a brave new way. I thank thee my beloveds, Mary Magdalene
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Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.

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