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A Message of Love with Jeshua Ben Joseph

Working with Jeshua: This is one of the masters that most of us have worked with in the western the world as he is the Master Jesus. When I work with Jeshua, I feel great love. My heart chakra almost feels like it will explode or I will implode, I am not really sure which. It is immense love and if you just let it flow all around you get a wonderful healing. All energy healers should call in Master Jesus for healing sessions and be a conduit of this light, you will both receive a wonderful healing experience. He is patient; however he does expect you to take action when you request his help and assistance. Call him at any time you need to feel support or love and you will feel it if you open yourself up, no matter where you are or what you are doing.
A Message of Love December 25, 2012 through Sharon Taphorn

I am Jeshua Ben Joseph as I was known then. I was the first child for Mary and Joseph. It was a time of a great shift not unlike the one you find yourselves in at this time. Many of you are the masters that walked with me at that time and I am always here to be your guide as I walk with you, side by side for this one.

Today, as so many of you celebrate my birth, I am honoured. I am humbled by the love and devotion that you feel for me and I return it to you a hundredfold. It is indeed a grand journey that you undertake as a human and you know and trust that I have walked the path you are on. I have such great love for you, the lightworkers, as you continue the work we started so very long ago. Many of you of that time are here now, playing out new and yet similar roles to raise the consciousness of love. Know I walk beside you with every step you take and that I am indeed with you and a part of your journey.

Fall in love with the journey that is your life and walk the path with your enhanced intuition and your spiritual growth as an important aspect of your journey. Spend time developing and trusting them as they are your guidance system. Human relationships and understanding them are a part of the path of the finite human and so embrace them, do not fear them. They can be the most magnificent of gifts when you trust that it is love that builds the energy of home.

See the beauty and the gifts that are all around you, as there are many. Look for those with beautiful hearts open wide and loving, for these are the messengers of spirit, these are the harbingers of peace, love and healing. These are the ones who are taking great leaps on the path we began more than 2000 years ago and the quickening is astounding for us to watch over as you go places in your growth that we have not gone before. There is great love for you all and let hope spring eternal for you as you find your mastery and take your places and play your parts. There is no grander play than that which is the book of your life. Play it well, as that is your gift back to spirit.

Take this time to be the student and learn what skills you want to develop and follow the path that feels right and good to you and you will then trust your connection to spirit to always be there and always be available to you. It takes work and discipline to reach the levels of growth you are shooting for so aim high and keep your focus, you will get there. It is those that have the discipline for their growth that will reap the rewards they seek. There is great love for you here for the path is not always the easiest to follow, however your hard work and dedication will be rewarded in so many more ways than you could possibly imagine. Become the spiritual aspirant, become the next masters and be ready for undreamed of evolution for humanity in re-remembering who you truly are.

Keep the faith. Keep the flame of hope alive and burning in your core. Know that you will succeed and that your angels are working with you and leading you towards the answers to your prayers. Take the time to listen and look deeper if you are unsure of what feels right and good. It is not a race to the finish; it is a journey over time and space meant to be savored and enjoyed. It is all right to wait until you feel brave enough to take that next step, however it is also good to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone as that is how you grow. Remember that you can do it and we are here supporting you and cheering you on.

You are shifting to the paradigm of Unity consciousness and will be seeing great change within traditional methods, viewpoints and religious organizations. You will also see this within the spiritual organizations as there is still old energy wanting the old ways. There must be a release of the EGO or the power of one within the healers and teachers of the new ways. If you cannot make it work with a small group, it is not ready for the masses just yet. And so we ask the solitary practitioners to finding like-minded friends and colleagues to work with that share a similar level of integrity and love. Some will be the mentors, healers and teachers, or if you will the disciples of this coming age. Support the ones that empower you and give you strength. Support the ones that believe there is enough for all. Support the ones who walk their talk in sharing and are at one with where they are and where they are going. Stick by your convictions and trust in yourself to see it happen and it eventually will.

Your angels and guides communicate with you most often by giving your signs through dreams and sudden inspiration or insight. Trust your intuition, trust that quiet voice within you, and let your heart be your guide and that which you filter through all of your thoughts and ideas. You will know what feels best for you and then you will be acting from a firmer foundation and you will see the rewards that you seek. Take small steps as you begin to trust if you must and know that it is all perfect in the divine timing and you have not missed anything by taking your time. When you have clarity and focus you will see that what you desire manifests more quickly.

Keep charging ahead and keep your focus. You will get there and expect that miraculous solutions will appear and they will. Every time you have a success, celebrate it, and then expect more. Every time you experience a disappointment, celebrate that it is over and now you can move on to something new. See the gift within the experience and you will move to a higher vibration. As you move to a higher vibration, you have access to greater wisdom and understanding and there will be more and then again you will shift and raise your vibration and start the cycle again, rising to a higher level with each one you take.

Affirmation: "I understand and act upon the guidance I receive and I am doing my best; I am open to receive miracles in my life and I do."

Be compassionate with yourselves and others. Look to understand others points of view. You all see the world from a different perspective because you all have different life experiences, teachings and soul experiences. The very old soul has an easier time with this since they are very old, the very young are still learning. Compassion doesn't mean you agree with another or that you condone an act you see as a misdeed, it means that you are willing to love them anyway and offer them an alternative so they can find a better way. Many truly compassionate people have overcome much adversity to get to that place of peace and harmony within and yet, they still found their way. Others will work on it again in their next lifetime or the one after that. Concern yourself not with their soul’s growth, but with your own as that is the most important task on your journey.

With Compassion you learn to use the power of love with the mind to bring things back into balance, to find a logical, harmonious state of being and acting in fairness in all that you say and do. It is about having personal integrity for yourself in all your dealings with others so that you are the example of that which you wish for your world. This is developing a higher dimensional love and compassion and the expansion of using your high heart as the tool you use as the filter for your thoughts and actions. Learn to love regardless of outward appearances and focus on being that love for yourself and your world. There is a gift for everyone involved in any experience and that is why you choose them. All the players know their parts in their hearts.

Affirmation: "I am developing my spiritual love and understanding for everyone and everything, including myself; I am love and see love everywhere around me."

There is a great sadness in the hearts of some that will take its time to heal. Since the time of the crucifixion and the resurrection, those who played their parts have carried a great sadness with them for they feel it is because of them that the shift was delayed. They have carried this energy with them for many, many lifetimes and it is time to let it go. Trust that all is exactly where it should be and that human evolution is farther than any of us every dreamed and the shift is exactly on course. Release harsh judgments, about yourself and others and replace them with forgiveness and compassion at a cellular level and in all dimensions of time and space. See a healing that can only begin at this level to then take off exponentially as each of you join in and become a mass explosion of healing.

Feel the Christ Light. Feel the great strength that lies within you. Feel the love that is within each ray as it penetrates you and every cell of your being. Cultivate this light within yourself and then let your light shine forth for all to see. Wear your colours proudly as you have earned them dear lightworkers. You are needed to shine your light and love upon the earth and on all her beings. That is the path. You are experiencing such tremendous growth right now that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. It is in those hours that you should connect with your guidance and then you will know what to do. You will feel their love and respect and hope for you on the success of your journey and you will know an energy that feels right and feels good. This energy can become your guide. This energy can become your moral compass upon which to live your life and your credos to a better way. This is truly what the 2nd coming is all about, coming into this energy on your own. Feeling the Christ Light emerge within you and become your guiding force. Empowering yourselves to so much more than you could have possibly imagined for yourselves. It is grand, it is inspiring and it is happening.  

Feel the peace and the love that is so palpable during this time of year and send love to your beautiful earth, and give to others with your whole heart. "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." Ask your angels to help you remember to love without judgment, and be compassionate in all that you do. Remember that everyone deserves love and respect regardless of outer appearances and circumstances and remember for there but by the grace of god go I. Honour those that walk beside you as you are all masters in the making, just as I was. Be at peace in your mind, heart, body and soul and then you become the divine channel of love and peace that we tried to bring to earth so long ago.

My beloved brothers and sisters be that which seek for that is what you truly are. You are loved beyond measure and we are so very proud of the progress you have made in remember love in all of its forms and aspects. Be at peace with yourself and where you, always, for it is through you that I continue my work, and watch it come to life, And so it is, my greatest of love to you all, I am your humble servant, Jeshua Ben Joseph

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Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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